Cornrows for the Win

My best friend came over and gave me cornrows; I’m so grateful since I can’t do them myself!  They aren’t for style right now, just wanted a protective style and wearing wigs over them when I leave the house.  Next time that I do them, we’re going to practice with extensions, that should be an adventure, lol.  It doesn’t LOOK hard to do the cornrows with added hair, but we shall SEEEEEEE, verdad?

Cowashed with Organix shea butter conditioner and olive oil, then braided with the amla/olive cream and sprayed with my aloe concoction.  Yay for protective winter styles!  I’ll leave these in for a week or two I suppose, spraying every day with my aloe grow spray and maybe slathering on some coconut oil to seal.

below, pic of me wigging it out 🙂  Easy instant makeover:

Wigging it

Winter is certainly in full effect out here! I’m so over the cold, snow, ice, chilly winds.  Can it be spring already?  To get our minds off of the ferocious coldness, my friend and I were contemplating where we need to take a vacation for next year so that We can have time to save.  Top two trip contenders at the moment are Italy (Rome, Florence, etc)  and Brazil (not sure what city or anything).


Italy Trevi Fountain

I’ve been to Italy, which was amazingly beautiful and historical, great food too so I’ve always wanted to go back, but it’d be nice to try somewhere new right?  In that vein, Brazil would be amazing.  My mom has been there, but I have not, so it would be a fab experience I’d say.  Hell, either of the two beats cold Chicago right now!  Even if it’s cold there, it’d be a change of cold scenery, so good enough for me!  Have you been to either place?  What were your experiences?

hair hero:  watching This Is It movie and anytime I tear my eyes away from Michael I am admiring Judith Hill’s awesome hair

New technique = EPIC failure

Okay, so yesterday I wasn’t all that keen on the new hair style where I sectioned my hair and put gel in to define the curls.  Some curls popped, some was just fluff with a little curl, whatever, but I just thought it looked like a bad afro wig, lol.

Not a happy camper, but I figured it was trying something new and I won’t like all results but I’ll wear it a couple of days because I might as well.  HOO-BOY, that was NOT going to work.  I’d slept in my satin bonnet as usual, woke up and WOOF!  Took the cap off and holy crap batman!  Ever get those ignorant people asking “is your hair rough?  natural kinky hair looks rough, is it like a brillo pad?”  MOST days I would laugh in the face of that blatant idiocy and say no, my hair feels like soft pretty cotton THANK YOU VERY MUCH, but today?  I would have had to sadly put my head down and say yes, yes my hair is just like the texture of a rough wiry piece of dish washing equipment.  :weeping:

Hair was shrunken, hard, wiry, and just overall a complete change from the soft, lush, pretty, want to bury my face in it hair that I’m used to.  So um….yeah….definitely got in the shower asap to wash that crap out with my lovely pure life aloe shampoo (wooo, that stuff is great)  and sat with honeysuckle rose again for about 5 mins.  Detangled my now soft again pretty hair and rinsed out.  I decided to do my own rollerset for the first time, used small blue rollers with tiny itty bitty combs on them and my amla/olive heavy cream.  Sprayed with my homemade aloe juice concoction after all done and voila!

I started at the back and made my way to the front where I got lazy and didn’t make sure that the sections were uniform or wet, so it’ll probably look like a crap spirally bush in the front, but at least i can walk backwards and look fly to death!  lmao 😀

so, to wrap this up, experimentation is good but know all RESULTS won’t be good and now I know that i don’t have easily defined spirally curls everywhere on my head.  Beware overloading on the gel and thank god for just today not having a job because I would have been MORTIFIED if I’d awaken to that head of hair and couldn’t do a damn thing to change it!

Trying new things

See this pretty hair here??  It’s going to be mine very soon 😀  It’s a WIG and a very very good one at that…..Looks awesome and real to me 😀  woot, can’t wait!  Debating if I should get dark brown or jet black.  decisions, decisions.  I’ve had plenty of wigs before, but never curly, always straight.  Well, one was a bit wavy, that I talked about in my Halle Berry hair post, but mostly just straight wigs.  I’ll do an impromptu photoshoot with my new powershot when i get the wig! 😉

Did my hair today, twisted my whole head by myself 😀  goooooo me!   I first washed with my Pure Life Aloe shampoo/conditioner, saturated my hair in olive oil and my new BWC Moisture plus conditioner, then used the Giovanni leave in conditioner and coconut oil.  Twisted the hair with blended beauty and sprayed with the Qhemet Karkady tea mist.   Whew!  I didn’t do it in any special neat way, just grabbed hunks of hair and twisted.  I’m not planning on wearing my hair like this, want to do a twist out tomorrow with my sparkly happy new year head piece!  For now it’s just under my satin bonnet saturating in moist goodness 😀

Okay, reviews:

BWC moisture plus conditioner:  Not impressed, honestly.  I absolutely HATE the smell.  Oh my goodness, I was in the shower just suffering, and I have a MASSIVE bottle of the stuff 😦  For all of you people who enjoy floral scents, you may like it, it’s like straight lavender scent and I can not STAND floral scents, just NO.  DO NOT LIKE.  😦  Wasn’t much slip either, so really no reason to stock up on it.  I mixed with the olive oil and it turned out pretty soft, but I’m not super impressed with the conditioner.   Overall Grade: C-

Karkady Tea Mist:  No strong scent, just wet good moisture!  I give it an A, it does what I want which is spray moisture onto my hair.  I like it enough, but I’ll probably just use the bottle afterwards for water to resaturate my hair when I am styling it and stick to Oyin juices for moisture simply because I love the scents of them 😀  Both are same price, $11 so no biggie.  It’s great for having in braids though, easily moisturizes the hair and the nozzle is boss!

Giovanni leave in:  also not impressed.  It just seemed to sit on my hair, white and wet with the water.  Maybe if my hair were more dry?  I used it instead of the Kinky Curly Knot Today because kckt didn’t seem to play well with my blended beauty cream when I tried to do fingercoils.  Didn’t feel all that moisturized with it either 😦  Hair felt dry when I had to keep rewetting to twist.  So….I guess this gets a D until I try again.

Here’s pics after the twist job.  I just grabbed and twisted, so some places have bigger patches of scalp showing, i’m not balding! lol

Hair is growing nicely, I stretched one lock at back of head and here’s were it’s at:

New purchases

In my former posts about wigs, I was saying how impressed I’d become with them.  Well, today, I went out and bought 2 more!  Woohoo, gotta love new, instant looks.  One, looks just like Halle Berry’s hair here, color and all.  I’ll take pics in it when I get a chance 😉

Halle Berry Hair

The second wig is straight to my shoulders, swoop bangs, drk brown with streaks of a reddish brown.  Pics will be available soon.  It looks SOOO much like my real hair on a great day, I love that one 😉

got some comfy new sweaters from new york and company in purple and pink (buy one, get one free!), a huge, pretty brown handbag, and a small caramel colored handbag.  Still getting new clothes for my new and improved brother, so we got him a cute sweater vest from Old Navy and a lamb’s wool sweater from Express:

Merino V-Neck Sweater in cream for my bro

New look

This weekend I was bored with my look so I went out and bought my first wig 😀  Looks really good; I want to go get more….cute bobs, curls, different colors, etc.



Also felt like looking pretty today, with my new hair and all, so I did my makeup very nicely….I’ll see if this picture shows well…MAC Firespot in the inner corners, L’oreal HIP collection duo in Showy on the rest of the eye


Yikes, excuse the eyebrows! lol…been trying to grow them out thicker so that they can be shaped how they used to be before incompetent waxers chopped them up….don’t mind my little furry caterpillars 😉

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