Post Braids Healthy Hair Regimen

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A few days ago I took down the cornrows because they were a bit back heavy and giving me a headache.  No good, right?  Especially seeing as to how I started a new job (YAY!!) and needed to have my wits about me, not worrying about an aching head.

A good start that I followed so as not to have tangles from dead hair build up and dirt from the braids was to comb through with my fingers and then a wide tooth comb as I took down every braid.  This is VERY important to do BEFORE washing your hair post braids because let me tell you, it is NOT fun or a pretty sight to step into the shower and get the hair wet only to have it turn into massive dreadlock -type balls of tangled hair, dirt, and product build up.  My mother had braids for the first time a couple of months ago and she did not detangle well before getting in the shower (I wasn’t home to tell her this vital step, she thought she could just hop into the shower and wash her hair as normal) and let’s just say her thoughts about doing a big chop and going natural like me became a reality a LOT quicker than she’d imagined.  She emerged with matted clumps of hair that even her stylist couldn’t detangle, so chop chop and now my mama is officially a natural diva like yours truly.   It just so happened that she had a somewhat short haircut anyway, likes short hair and planned to chop at some point, but BE CAREFUL because there won’t be that silver lining for you if you had no plans to cut your hair and then NEED to.

Mama's new haircut

After detangling well, I deep conditioned to soften my hair by applying Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner, olive oil, and coconut oil for approximately 30 minutes.  This step is great because it pampers your hair after being tucked away for a while, moisturizes, and like I said, it makes it soft and lush for the washing aspect.  This was followed by Trader Joe’s Tingle Tree shampoo because I wanted to get my scalp all invigorated and clean.  I love the fact that it actually does make your skin tingle!  Wash well to get any residue from having those braids and then smooth lots of conditioner through the hair (I used a combination of Aubrey Organics GPB and Suave Almond and Shea Butter).  Let this work its magic while you shower as normal and maybe do a body polish/scrub.  Use a shower comb and gently comb through while the conditioner is in the hair to make sure that there are no matted or tangled bits (there shouldn’t be any if the other steps were followed correctly; my hair was so easy to handle by this point).

Voila, soft healthy hair post braids!  No need to chop off sections or cry because of the nightmare of trying to detangle a matted ball of curls. Just diligently work with it as you go and then there’ll be no horror movie ending for your tresses.  I then dried my hair some by plopping a t-shirt on my hair to soak up some of the water so that I could twist my hair while damp and not sopping wet.  Using Qhemet Biologics Olive and Honey balm, I made small twists all over my head as a protective style.  I left these in for a couple of days, pinning back the front in a cute style for work and then untwisted and fluffed for the weekend (I can wear my hair in a twist out for work, I just wasn’t going to untwist them that soon since it takes me a while to twist because I have bad shoulders).  Easy peasy, hair is healthy and growing.

Hopefully this is helpful for those who are thinking about getting braids!  These steps made the post-wash and detangle session a breeze.

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Aubrey Organics

I deep conditioned last night with Aubrey Organics GPB for the first time!  My hair is usually wanting for moisture more than anything, but since I’ve never done a protein based treatment, figured that I’d give it a go just because and see how it turned out.  The smell is pleasant, has a spice-y type vibe, maybe star anise?  Something out of a spice rack, which is fine by me!  That type of product isn’t listed in the ingredients, but I got a spice vibe from it, nevertheless.

It has the same creamy, wonderful consistency as my beloved Honeysuckle Rose conditioner by them, so that is a plus.  After sitting under my heated cap with it for 20 minutes then rinsing out, my curls were very defined!  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but popping curlies wasn’t it!  I would love to do that treatment again once the weather is nice so that I can have a lovely wash and go with it, but I ended up doing the usual twists.  My amla/olive heavy cream came in handy after the wash so that I could make sure that the hair stays moisturized.  This morning, sprayed with my aloe grow and sealed with coconut oil, felt lush, so overall I give the protein treatment an A+ and look forward to using that again.

Me being slow, I didn’t even get photos of it after the treatment!  Wow, curls popping and there is no photographic proof 😦

hair hero: curly afro wearers

Hair Loving

When I did the twists the other day, I just felt that the twist out would be epic, just have great definition…..boy, was I right!  Spirals are POPPING!  Gooooo blended beauty curl styling butter!  That stuff made the twists way better and defined!

Well the proof is in the pudding, so to speak, so here’s my pretty twist out 😀

YEAAAAAH BOOOOOYYYY  😀   lol, I’m happy with that stuff, have a great nice tub of it left and will do more twists later.

In other, sad news, Alexander Mcqueen, the fabulous designer, committed suicide 😦  I’m really sad about that, he had immense talent that was so unique and visually appealing.  What a tragic loss!  This was his new spring collection, how awesome is it??!! Sigh, RIP to another great….

First ACV Rinse

Did an apple cider vinegar rinse for the first time!  Combined water, acv, and tea tree oil in a water bottle, hopped in the shower, then soaked my head in it while making sure to pay attention to the scalp.  Felt really good, so I’d do it again definitely.  My scalp has been acting up lately and I don’t know why…. so I need to get to the root of the problem.  Perhaps it was from product build up, so that’s why I used the acv rinse.

Did great two strand twists with the blended beauty curl styling butter.  That stuff makes them more defined than the amla olive cream I discovered, the roots are less puffy and the blended beauty smells so good like vanilla frosting.   I’m sure that I’ll have an epic twist out when these come down!

hair hero of the day, Erykah Badu

Knots and locks

I keep finding single strand, or fairy, knots in my hair which is super annoying.  I’d done a wash and go for my ‘fro a couple of days ago, because I simply didn’t feel like twisting it after washing and am coming to the conclusion that my hair out so much is no good for my ends.  Even when I do a twist out, I still get some single strand knots, probably from when I sleep and my hair may move with me under my satin cap.  Oh what to do?

Last night to keep my hair from doing that, I did dry twists with my new Amla and Olive Heavy Cream.  Can I say, this stuff is like caviar for the hair, soooo rich and luxurious 😀  AND I got it on sale for 20% off.  It’s amazing, so creamy and delicious, smells and looks like my coconut lime body butter from bath and body works, just a lighter scent.  I smoothed some on my dry hair on each twist before I twisted, brushed through slowly with a denman-esque brush (worked well, didn’t have to tug at my hair and only like 2 strands came out in the brush. Yay for tangle free hair!) and twisted medium and small twists throughout.  The cream made it soft and smooth while brushing, so I highly recommend and give the product an A+.   I look like a reject cast member from Bebe’s Kids, but if it’ll keep my hair healthy I’ll do it!  Not like I planned on going on some hot date with it like this anyway, lol.  I suppose it can stay in these twists for a couple of days while I try to finagle someone into cornrowing my hair 😉

What have you done to minimize single strand knots?  Any suggestions?  I’ve just come across a great post on about how a mother grew her type 4 child’s hair down to her waist, simple regime and emphasis on LOW MAINTENANCE, so I’ll have to adapt that by learning how to braid and twist much smaller twists so that they can last.

hair hero: beyonce’s afro (i know it’s not natural, but it’s damn cute!)

Good start to new year

This new year is starting smashingly 🙂  Went to dinner on new years eve at Spiaggia and it was AMAZING.  So yummy!  Appetizer course was mozzarella drizzled in a honey type sauce with some type of fruit (kumquat?) chopped next to it and amazing prosciutto.  I felt like the movie Ratatouille where the mouse had the flavors exploding in his mouth in bursts of jazz and colors!  It was THAT good.  Pasta course was a butternut squash filled pasta with fried sage and amaretto sauce, also incredibly delish and my mom’s favorite part of the meal.  Steak  with morel mushrooms and smashed potatoes followed, finished by the creamiest tiramisu ever put together.  WHAT a dinner to start off the night’s activities!  I was already incredibly happy with my makeup and hair, felt good in my outfit, and had on my fly headpiece, lol.  EVERYONE was stopping me and saying that it was gorgeous and that they wanted to party with me because I must be fun, lol.  That was so cool.

Then went to the Signature Room at the John Hancock building’s lounge.  There was a hilarious lady there who was fun and an instant friend.  She was crazy and cool, seated next to us.  I heart her, we clowned hard and didn’t even know each other!  Then there were gorgeous fireworks outside the window which overlooked gorgeous Navy Pier.

Next up, party at our hotel!  We stayed at the Westin that night and finagled our way into the hotel party they were having there.  THAT was pure hilarity, because they were SO wasted!  Some chick fell under her table trying to reach for something, another fell through a sign at the elevator then tried to argue that she wasn’t drunk, barely able to keep her eyes open.  I had too much fun there, cracking the eff up and dancing with my Phy-Phy.  Great new years eve!    Spent the next day shopping and lounging around the Four Seasons hotel where we stayed the next night.  I’m all about luxe surroundings!  Drinks in front of the lounge fireplace was oh so nice, even saw a HOT guy at the bar, but I looked all of 15 with my hello kitty jewelry and yellow sweater, so um yeah, not approaching him! haha. I promise next time to dress for the occasion so that I can have something better to update 😉

I had to do another cowash and twist out when I got home last night because feathers and glitter were in my hair, cramping my style ya know 😉  Woke up today, took it down and WHOA, best twist out ever!  Okay, well I went a little happy with the marula oil spray the night before so it was a tad oily, but other than that?  Your girl was FLY.  It was moisturized, super curly, fun!  My cousins even complimented me on it and they are SO not about natural hair 🙂

snapped on my new lace bow clips and sashayed my happy self out the door to church where I played with my cutie pie god daughter.  She is LEAVING me 😦  Her mom is moving them back to Alabama, I am heartbroken.  I love that lil chocolate drop, she’s so sweet and fun with her fat cheeks.  NEVER cries, just a doll.


I hope you all stay safe and well bringing in this 2010!

My first twist out turned out really cute!  I’m very happy with it.  Moisturized, curly, really good style that I will do all of the time 🙂

jazzed up and did my makeup.  Yellow on inner corners, pink on crease, royal blue shimmer over whole lid.   Too faced magic wand foundation, lash blast mascara, l’oreal H.I.P. shimmer powder, NYX yellow shadow, covergirl pink in crease.

Anyway, hope you guys have an amazing New Year!  Let me know what you do!

Trying new things

See this pretty hair here??  It’s going to be mine very soon 😀  It’s a WIG and a very very good one at that…..Looks awesome and real to me 😀  woot, can’t wait!  Debating if I should get dark brown or jet black.  decisions, decisions.  I’ve had plenty of wigs before, but never curly, always straight.  Well, one was a bit wavy, that I talked about in my Halle Berry hair post, but mostly just straight wigs.  I’ll do an impromptu photoshoot with my new powershot when i get the wig! 😉

Did my hair today, twisted my whole head by myself 😀  goooooo me!   I first washed with my Pure Life Aloe shampoo/conditioner, saturated my hair in olive oil and my new BWC Moisture plus conditioner, then used the Giovanni leave in conditioner and coconut oil.  Twisted the hair with blended beauty and sprayed with the Qhemet Karkady tea mist.   Whew!  I didn’t do it in any special neat way, just grabbed hunks of hair and twisted.  I’m not planning on wearing my hair like this, want to do a twist out tomorrow with my sparkly happy new year head piece!  For now it’s just under my satin bonnet saturating in moist goodness 😀

Okay, reviews:

BWC moisture plus conditioner:  Not impressed, honestly.  I absolutely HATE the smell.  Oh my goodness, I was in the shower just suffering, and I have a MASSIVE bottle of the stuff 😦  For all of you people who enjoy floral scents, you may like it, it’s like straight lavender scent and I can not STAND floral scents, just NO.  DO NOT LIKE.  😦  Wasn’t much slip either, so really no reason to stock up on it.  I mixed with the olive oil and it turned out pretty soft, but I’m not super impressed with the conditioner.   Overall Grade: C-

Karkady Tea Mist:  No strong scent, just wet good moisture!  I give it an A, it does what I want which is spray moisture onto my hair.  I like it enough, but I’ll probably just use the bottle afterwards for water to resaturate my hair when I am styling it and stick to Oyin juices for moisture simply because I love the scents of them 😀  Both are same price, $11 so no biggie.  It’s great for having in braids though, easily moisturizes the hair and the nozzle is boss!

Giovanni leave in:  also not impressed.  It just seemed to sit on my hair, white and wet with the water.  Maybe if my hair were more dry?  I used it instead of the Kinky Curly Knot Today because kckt didn’t seem to play well with my blended beauty cream when I tried to do fingercoils.  Didn’t feel all that moisturized with it either 😦  Hair felt dry when I had to keep rewetting to twist.  So….I guess this gets a D until I try again.

Here’s pics after the twist job.  I just grabbed and twisted, so some places have bigger patches of scalp showing, i’m not balding! lol

Hair is growing nicely, I stretched one lock at back of head and here’s were it’s at:

I’ve created a monster!

I can’t keep my hands out of my hair….I’m in love….:weeping:  I know that in order for it to be healthy and growing, I need to not have my fingers in it all day which can cause knots, I KNOW this, but if it’s not covered, i can’t help but play in the soft curls!  I want to pat and coil and play and rub…is that so bad?

Also, I need to learn how to DO my hair.  I did the finger coils myself and thats a cool idea (if i can ever 1. get to do my whole head without being tired, lol and 2. learn to do them tighter and smaller myself), but I want to learn how to braid and do twists, both flat to my head and individual all over.  I have my work cut out for me!  This is the girl who kept my weekly hair appointment and just let a stylist do whatever she wanted!  Until now I never really attempted to do anything to my own locks, other than flatironing sometimes or spiraling with curlers.  I suppose I’ll have to get my mom to teach me the art of braiding and twists! (guess I should have learned that a good 10 years ago).

The next time that I wash my hair (couple of days, trying to let the rodded curls last but i keep PLAYING in them!), i may attempt to twist my hair…yikes, we’ll see!

hair heros:

Holiday hair plans

Christmas is only two days away and that means holiday hair!  What are your plans to be pretty and festive for the upcoming parties, family dinners, etc?

I’m going to start preparing tonight by coating my hair in extra virgin olive oil and virgin coconut oil and sleeping with that under a shower cap and my bonnet.  That should infuse some good moisture, and I’ll massage my scalp well to stimulate it.   Then tomorrow, Christmas Eve, my friend is going to come over and help me flat twist or braid the front and then roller set the back.  It should be a totally adorable little hairstyle, something I used to wear a lot back in the day in high school.   Just now I’ll be doing it at home with natural hair instead of at the beauty salon with relaxed hair for $35-50 😀

I’ll be sure to post pics of it after all complete.  So what’s your hair plans?  Let’s hear all about it!

hair inspiration:

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