Biotin Supplements

I’ve decided to start taking a biotin supplement in order to help my hair continue to thrive.  Any of you ladies take biotin and if so, what dosage?  The pills that I’ve acquired are 600 mcg, which I figured was a good number.  They had 1000mcg and 5000mcg, but that seems a bit high to start off, right?  When choosing new supplements, it is always good to start low and WORK up to a higher dosage than to start high and feel sick or have an adverse reaction.  They are Solgar Biotin tablets that I will take once daily and maybe double if I find that they work well and that I have no side effects.  Biotin is said to aid hair and nail growth, so the results should be quite interesting in the beauty realm of things.  Article on biotin found here. Please be sure to leave some comments about your experiences with the supplement!  I’m curious 🙂  Jenell of kinkycurlycoilyme has been raving about it and I’d heard good things before, so please share your experiences with it as well!

It is suggested that a good multivitamin also be consumed with the biotin and I’d run out of my multivitamin anyway, so I purchased Rainbow Light multivitamin/mineral daily pill with probiotics.  I’m bad with my nutrition, so having a good supplement for it is always a plus.  I know that it’s just that, a SUPPLEMENT aka addition to proper diet, but will work on improving my food diet.  This one is supposed to support digestive health, has nourishing hormone balancing herbs for women, and contains vegetable juice complex.  Sounds like win all around!

Washed the hair with Trader Joe’s Tingle Tree Shampoo for the second time tomorrow and must say that I find the tingly scalp feeling after the wash to be highly invigorating.  I’d allowed some lady to put a pomade on the side of my hair while at the Proud Lady Beauty and Hair show and it turned white and felt ENTIRELY too gummy, so I needed more than a cowash to insure that my hair would be clean and healthy.  This shampoo did the trick!  Felt clean and smelled deliciously of peppermint 🙂  I give the product an A and ingredients include rosemary, peppermint oil, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil for clean smelling yummy hair.  I could see this feeling DIVINE in the summer after a hot/humid day because it’s so cooling and tingly, like a minty mojito for the scalp 😀

To follow up the shampoo, I used a moisture replenishing combination of the new rich and thick Suave Almond and Shea conditioner.  For the low price of about $3, you get a HUGE 32oz bottle of creamy goodness.  It felt nourishing on its own, but i added olive oil while in the shower so that I could make sure to impart enough moisture into my hair since I washed with shampoo and didn’t just cowash.  The conditioner contains no ‘cones and has ingredients like Shea butter, jojoba oil, rosemary oil, and sweet almond oil.  Nom nom!  I’ll update when I do a cowash with it so that you know how it fairs on its own 🙂

Hair Hero: the beautiful Tracie Thoms

Wonky Weather

We’ve been having some crazy rain episodes here in Chicago that take me back to my wonderful times of blowing in the wind and facing imminent doom during a Miami Hurricane. With all of the annoying rain, a girl has to stay cute! With that said, I need some summer rain gear. Hmm, what’s a chica to do?

this Coach coat is so cute to me, but i prefer the trench coat version, with the double gold buttons and belt. SO what i need in my life to keep nice and dry 😉

I’ve never owned any, but these kick ass Ed Hardy boots made me want to run out and grab a pair of galoshes!

how could you not feel like a total bad ass in those? So cute!

What I Covet This Summer

What are some things that you are craving for this summer?

Here’s a list of things that are topping my “must get” list for the summer:

NARS glow set: buy here

Nars body glow this duo gives a golden glow to any summer tan! I so want to try it, because I’m tired of glitter and all that messy stuff, i want a beautiful, built in glow.

this sexy, sassy dress from Bebe for when I hit up Miami so that I can party it up in VIP in style! Utilizes the trendy color blocking and the hot color that is Raspberry: buy here

bebe dress

a new Coach Wallet: buy here

coach wallet

Coach Earrings

coach earrings

This OH SO FABULOUS Marc Jacobs bag with the beautiful quilting and lovely periwinkle coloring: click here to view/purchase

Makeup Forever Lipstick in Orange Rust 217. This summery apricot orange should compliment many complexions, especially with the warm tan of the Nars Glow duo 😉 : Click here to buy

I would DIE if i had the new Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy…i think that it is absolutely gorgeous:

louis vuitton watercolor speedy

louis vuitton watercolor speedy

and last, but not least, the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Speedy for a classic: Click Here to Buy

louis vuitton handbag

summer in Chicago

the lazy days of summer are in full effect and I am loving it. New brilliant shade of lipstick from MAC called Girl About Town, which will be my staple. It’s like a rich fuschia raspberry, and makes my lips wonderfully kissable! I loves it, check it out next time that you hit up a MAC counter or the online store.

Beyonce in \beyonce with “Girl About Town” lipstick..i don’t use gloss on top of it, I’m not trying to have ultra-glow-in-the-dark lips, but that’s the color

Went to the taste of Chicago for the first time in like 3 years. I get tired of the crowd and this year was no different (granted, we always go on the 3rd, which is the BUSIEST day there) The watermelon at the Dominicks counter was to die for, it was so sweet and delish. That made the whole day worth it!

Bought cute new clothes at Forever 21, you all should check out the sales! Loads of comfy, stylish summer dresses. I plan on building my whole wardrobe this summer with dresses because they are so easy. Throw on, it’s a done deal!

forever21 dress got this dress in green and purple, for $13.50! Also scored a divine sweater at Filene’s Basement that was originally $108 and I got it for $15 and it fits like a dream! I never even go in that store, but it must have been meant to be because it was the only one open. What a stroke of luck!!

Happy shopping, girls!

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