Biotin Supplements

I’ve decided to start taking a biotin supplement in order to help my hair continue to thrive.  Any of you ladies take biotin and if so, what dosage?  The pills that I’ve acquired are 600 mcg, which I figured was a good number.  They had 1000mcg and 5000mcg, but that seems a bit high to start off, right?  When choosing new supplements, it is always good to start low and WORK up to a higher dosage than to start high and feel sick or have an adverse reaction.  They are Solgar Biotin tablets that I will take once daily and maybe double if I find that they work well and that I have no side effects.  Biotin is said to aid hair and nail growth, so the results should be quite interesting in the beauty realm of things.  Article on biotin found here. Please be sure to leave some comments about your experiences with the supplement!  I’m curious 🙂  Jenell of kinkycurlycoilyme has been raving about it and I’d heard good things before, so please share your experiences with it as well!

It is suggested that a good multivitamin also be consumed with the biotin and I’d run out of my multivitamin anyway, so I purchased Rainbow Light multivitamin/mineral daily pill with probiotics.  I’m bad with my nutrition, so having a good supplement for it is always a plus.  I know that it’s just that, a SUPPLEMENT aka addition to proper diet, but will work on improving my food diet.  This one is supposed to support digestive health, has nourishing hormone balancing herbs for women, and contains vegetable juice complex.  Sounds like win all around!

Washed the hair with Trader Joe’s Tingle Tree Shampoo for the second time tomorrow and must say that I find the tingly scalp feeling after the wash to be highly invigorating.  I’d allowed some lady to put a pomade on the side of my hair while at the Proud Lady Beauty and Hair show and it turned white and felt ENTIRELY too gummy, so I needed more than a cowash to insure that my hair would be clean and healthy.  This shampoo did the trick!  Felt clean and smelled deliciously of peppermint 🙂  I give the product an A and ingredients include rosemary, peppermint oil, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil for clean smelling yummy hair.  I could see this feeling DIVINE in the summer after a hot/humid day because it’s so cooling and tingly, like a minty mojito for the scalp 😀

To follow up the shampoo, I used a moisture replenishing combination of the new rich and thick Suave Almond and Shea conditioner.  For the low price of about $3, you get a HUGE 32oz bottle of creamy goodness.  It felt nourishing on its own, but i added olive oil while in the shower so that I could make sure to impart enough moisture into my hair since I washed with shampoo and didn’t just cowash.  The conditioner contains no ‘cones and has ingredients like Shea butter, jojoba oil, rosemary oil, and sweet almond oil.  Nom nom!  I’ll update when I do a cowash with it so that you know how it fairs on its own 🙂

Hair Hero: the beautiful Tracie Thoms

Unintentionally on Trend

Lush red and playful coral lips seem to be the trend for this spring and wouldn’t you know it, those were the colors that I stocked up on without nary a glance at a runway, magazine, nor web trend alert page.  It tickled my fancy, because this isn’t the first time that it occurred, could I perhaps be a trend-psychic??  Le gasp 😉

zoe saldana

Check out this wonderful Mac Cosmetics video for steps on applying a perfect red lip:

My holy grail lipstick as of late is the wonderful Make Up For Ever brand, especially the blue red that I talked about here.  That color is so rich in person and definitely will draw hot male attention (okay, ugly males too, but let’s not focus on them).  I want to try out their full color glosses, because if the lipstick can be so divine, the gloss has to be cloud 9 to the ultimate power!

Rihanna's glowing complexion is on trend

Creamy, pigmented pouts are all the rage, with shimmering glowing complexions and fluttery long eyelashes.  To incorporate glow into your routine, Smashbox Artificial Light and Nars the Multiple could be used.

Both would add that certain je ne sais quoi quality to the wearer, making for longing glances of envy and compliments galore.  I use Victoria’s Secret shimmer powder, because honestly, who doesn’t want to look, smell, walk, wear a bikini like, live the life of a Victoria’s Secret Angel?  Marketing, you have snared yourself a willing victim!  I too want to be Adriana Lima hot.  Check out their shimmer-ful products by clicking the highlighted blue link.

For the aforementioned fluttery eyelashes, a healthy coating of Dior Show never hurt anyone.  Bold dark lashes full of volume and sex appeal, surely can’t go wrong there!  Adding a couple of falsies first also can help fellow stumpy eyelash club members such as myself.  Get those eyelash curlers out, girls, and make those eyes irresistible.

Beyonce Lashes

Well that’s the beauty forecast, have fun!  I know I will, with plenty of pics along the way 😉  Besos!

New Routine Cometh

As Spring and eventually Summer approaches, I can’t wait to transition my natural hair care routine from harsh winter protective styling and thick products to light products and simple styling!  Finally able to wear my hair out without worry of cold winter winds, no hats to remember!

In the warmer weather with more humidity in the air, humectant products will come in handy.  Humectants absorb moisture from the air/atmosphere, imparting it into the hair to create lush well-moisturized locks.  Honey is a natural humectant and I am just chomping at the bit to try out Oyin’s Honey Hemp Conditioner 🙂  I’ve heard all good things about it and can say that I like the ingredients list: purified water, organic aloe vera gel, behentremonium methosulfate (emulsifier derived from colza oil), honey, virgin hemp oil, , coconut oil, vegetable glycerine, hydrolized silk, citrus essences, fragrance, optiphen (preservative).   I adore the Frank Juice that I have by them, so why not test out another Oyin product?  Have you utilized their line?  What’s your thoughts on the products?

As well, Suave makes a humectant conditioner that sounds pretty boss.  For $2.50, REALLY can’t go wrong trying that out!  May use that for cowashing and the honey hemp for deep conditioning.  I can just feel my hair swelling up with moisture as I type, just at the thought 😀

Spring also is the time for great accessories!  With our hair being out more, can rock gorgeous headbands, cool flowers, and other creative pieces.  I look forward to supporting Boutique de Bandeaux by buying up plenty of girly hair accoutrements.

Now that my hair is getting pretty big/long, can have much variety on the different looks created.  I want to try out fro hawks, learn how to flat twist, and experiment with different products for my wash and go such as curl creams to emphasize definition.  Oh the possibilities!  I love Spring, just breathes new LIFE into things 😀    What are some of the hair/looks ideas that you want to try out for the upcoming season?

hair hero:  Jordan Richardson

Spring, Incoming

With Spring rapidly approaching, I am getting excited about the idea of shopping for new items that are popping with colors.  New girly dresses, sexy going out wear, nice jeans, cute flats, pretty jackets, oh my!  I already gushed about some Spring Coach must haves in this post, but of course a girl can’t build an entire wardrobe on handbags (trust me, I’ve tried).

I feel like I haven’t shopped in ages, but I was checking out for the first time and it just got me craving the sweet sensation of money flowing from my account and bags piling up on my bed.  The fact that she looks great and isn’t a stick was also nice to see 😀  I’ve been perusing , nyandcompany, and payless for possible purchases, as well as wishing that H & M would get an online presence for the US.  Here are some spring items that struck my fancy:

For going out, this dress would be oh so fun!  Paired with a cute silver clutch (who am I kidding, I don’t do clutches because I’d leave it there the second that I got a drink in me), it would be so pretty and fab:

This lovely flower shirt is soft and feminine, and I’d like it for my meager t-shirt collection:

For a warm pop of color, this coral dress would be light and simple:

This dress would be totally cute for work:

Sexy/fun forever 21 skirts:  click on the pics below to go to purchase pages

Gold pocket jeans

Now for shoes!


Happy Spring Shopping!!  I’ll update with photos if I get any of the items.  What are some your spring must haves??

Spring Fever from Coach

The Coach Poppy collection is giving me serious spring fever.  I want the days of sunshine and flowers and girly dresses.  Sigh, it can’t get here soon enough and with Chicago’s erratic weather track record, spring probably won’t grace us until May.

Back to the collection, I ADORE the cutesy charm that they’ve utilized for the bags, clothing, and jewelry, with hearts and flowers and afro puff girlies looking ever so cute on all of the products.  A couple of must haves that caught my are:

the glam metallic leather poppy tote

I have a million totes, so really that wouldn’t be something that i NEED, but this one would certainly top all of my totes!  It looks to be a good size and it’s frigging LEATHER, so luxe and pretty with my favorite colors.  I give the tote an A+ for style and functionality, because it looks like I’d be able to carry my laptop and nintendo ds along with a book in there if I ever get a frigging JOB, so that when I have to ride the train I can look tres stylish doing so 🙂

The Poppy Pinky swing pack is the winner for me of the poppy afro puff girls collections, simply because it’s not a tote (i ADORE the other characters tote bags, but really, how many totes does one girl need?  And I’d pick the leather one above out of the collection if i were to get a tote)

It features a poppy pinky afro puff girl, who I find completely and utterly adorable!  I want all of the girls so that I may build a collection, but alas, I am not made of money.  Okay okay, I know that the hair is supposed to be poppy’s on the sides of their heads, but can anyone tell me that those don’t look like afro puffs?  Whatever they are, they are all CUTE!!  Here’s Pinky’s sisters:




and Pinky in Tote form

I wonder why they only made pinky into wristlet and swingpack form?  Curious, curious.  Anyway, all of them can be found here:

I would so rock the t-shirt full of pretty afro puff cuties!

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