Hump Day Hotties – EyeCandy Wednesdays

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A new feature that I’ll be doing is Hump Day Hotties every Wednesday ;) Just a lil something to get us through the rest of the week.  Feel FREE to chime in with some of your favorite eye candy candidates so that I can show them off in future weekly installments.  ENJOY!

Daniel Sujata

This guy could “Rescue Me” any day of the week!! He is the very definition of yummy.  I can’t even stop looking at him!

Lance Gross

His last name may be Gross but he’s ANYTHING but!  This gorgeous man is the stuff that dreams are made of, just look at him!  MMMM MMM MMM

Daniel Henney

His face is just so pleasing to the eyes!   I think that Daniel Henney is majorly gorgeous with a fine fine FINE body to boot! all the way!

Who do YOU think belongs on the Hump Day Hotties list?

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Sexy Buxom Lips Giveaway

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Hey loves!  It’s giveaway time again 😀  Plump, full, sexy lips are ever popular and I want to be your fairy godmother of sorts, gifting you with an enviable pucker.

Bare Escentuals has debuted their “Buxom” line and the lip products are divine!  I felt like a kid in a candy store while at Sephora, applying the creamy lipstick to my hand to try out the colors, testing out the lipgloss and finding that it’s tingly and provides great shine while plumping up your pout for purely kiss worthy lips!  So to share the wealth, I am giving away TWO Buxom Lip Glosses to some lucky readers of mine 🙂

The colors that I have are “Melonie” which is a sheer hot pink and “Margarita” which is a sheer raspberry.

To win, leave a comment letting me know which of the two colors you’d want to have AND you must do the following:

-Follow this blog, via Bloglovin’ or with the email subscription button in the column to the left (let me know you’ve done that in the same comment where you say which color you’d like)

Easy right?  You can also tweet about this contest and get an EXTRA entry if you’ve done the above! “Enter the Sexy Buxom Lips lipgloss contest at compliments of @socialitedreams ”

Good luck beautifuls and I hope that you enjoy the lip gloss!  Contest ends Thursday August 12th at 11:59 cst


Goal Oriented

Now that I have a fabulous trip to NYC planned and tickets to the see the glorious Diana Ross (that’s MISS ROSS to you) the hunt is on for the perfect dress.  As I was browsing through site upon site of glam, sparkly, chic dresses cool enough to be worn in Miss Ross’ presence, I thought about the fact that I’d look even better with major weight gone so that I can fit the more sexy numbers.  I’m already on a weight-loss mission that I’ve talked about here, here, and here, with 15 lbs gone since June 7th and practically no exercise.  Imagine what I could do if I weren’t being such a lazy bum?  So now the race is on, no excuses about not wanting to work out, so that I can possibly lose 30 lbs by the trip in September.  I’ve found the dress that will be my inspiration, the super cute little number that I’d love to get my body into shape for:

TFNC Scatter Sequin Open Back Dress

Now of course I know that I won’t be HER size, nor do I want to be, but I feel that I could probably knock down some major inches in two months if I put my mind to it.   Maybe get to a size 8 (I’m a 12/14 now).  Do you find that you have to have concrete goals in mind to get anything accomplished or are you disciplined  enough to say that you are going to go for something and then get it done?  What’s your crutch when it comes to losing weight?

body inspiration: Gabrielle Union

House of PlumRed Giveaway!

Socialitedreams is teaming up with the fabulous House of PlumRed to give you, the lucky readers, a chance to win a chic item from their fashionably affordable inventory.  Up for grabs is this versatile, always in style sweater dress below!

The Sweater Dress

To enter, have a look at the House of PlumRed website and tell me in the comments what your favorite item is from their website.  (U.S. residents only at this time, sorry global fashionistas)

For ADDITIONAL entries you can do any of the following:

1. Sign up for the House of PlumRed newsletter on their home page and comment that you’ve done so

2. Become a subscriber to this blog on the left side of the page. Leave a comment letting me know when you do.

3. Follow me on twitter and leave a comment here saying that you are now following me @socialitedreams

4. Follow @HouseofPlumRed on twitter and leave a comment that you’ve done so.

Each comment stating that you’ve done any of the above will be an additional entry for you!  Contest ends Tuesday July 13th and the winner will be announced by that Friday July 16th.  Good luck!

What I love about a sweater dress is that it can be dressed up or down, depending on the accessories and makeup, which House of Plum Red owner Michaella agrees with me on.  This will be a great addition to any lady’s wardrobe because fall is right around the corner (I know, I know, don’t want summer to end)!  Celebs love sweater dresses too:

Megan Fox sweater dress

Alicia Keys sweater dress

Meet the House of PlumRed

I’ve had the pleasure of being in communication with Michaella of the House of PlumRed, an online boutique that has stylish clothing at awesome prices which is oh so important for the budget fashionista who wants to look like she broke the bank without actually doing so.

Simply Ruffled

Michaella was lovely enough to send a crisp white ruffle-front blouse that adds a touch of posh secretary to my wardrobe.  The actual shirt is pictured above on a House of RedPlum model.  What I adore about this type of shirt is that it can be paired with skinny jeans, heels, a bag big enough to carry a small child, and bangles for an “I’m ENTIRELY too cool for the rest of you mere mortals” look, OR it could be worn with a sexy pencil skirt, red lips, winged tip eyeliner, shiny pumps, and a fierce clutch for va-va-va-voom sex appeal!

Lauren Conrad Ruffle Blouse Outfit

Oh so lucky readers, you too can own something totally cool from the House of PlumRed because we have teamed up to host a great giveaway!  HOWEVER that giveaway will start soon with all details in the next post, THIS post is an introduction to the company and the sweetly marvelous owner, Michaella.  Her customer service is TOP NOTCH because all orders are super speedy and she is amazingly personable and easy to get in contact with for any questions, suggestions, etc.  Let’s get to know her a bit, shall we?  Please enjoy the following interview:

– Tell us about the origins and idea for how the company came about:

I had been working in telecommunications after I had graduated from UC Santa Barbara.  Although the technology field really intrigued me, I had a secret passion for arts and fashion that never really went past my closet or backyard canvas.  As I spent more time being exposed to other entrepreneurs around me,  I think that is when I became compelled to write the business plan for the House of PlumRed.  My family is filled with business owners as well as very stylish fashionistas, and it only felt right to start an online boutique. I, myself, am a bargain shopper, so I knew I wanted to provide affordable fashion.  What I wanted to add was a personal touch and class to the clothing I sell.   Since then, we created the House of PlumRed which dresses the confident Plum-Red lipstick wearing fashionista…both feminine and bold. Who knew my shopping addiction could actually do more that take up space on my credit card!

-What’s your motto/philosophy?

As hard as it is to have a personal touch over the internet, that is what I like to bring to every customer.  Our customers are absolutely number 1 to our business, and our entire boutique is built of giving our followers the best quality and style under one site.  We carry very low quantities of every style to ensure CONSTANT change on our site.  All e-mails are responded to within minutes, and you can ask us about anything from prices to what you should be wearing for a Sunday night date to the park.

Our philosophy with our clothing collection really stands on the belief that confidence and fashion go hand in hand, and you shouldn’t have to break the bank to flaunt or grow your confidence. We want our customers to think FASHION first, without worrying about the price tag.

-What’s your favorite item that you have right now in the store?

Although this is an EXTREMELY hard question for me to answer 🙂 ….my favorite item in the store is this leather jacket!

Modern Sexy Zipper Jacket I think I have paired this with almost everything we have in the store.  I know its hot during the summer, but you best believe at night I love to pull this baby out :).

-Describe your style personally…classic? trendy? girly? fierce? etc..

Honestly, I don’t think I have a specific style that I wear everyday.  For me, it depends on my mood and the season really.  I love to be versatile and love expressing my feeling in the outfit I wear.  For example, one day I might feel relaxed and playful and wear a pair of classic buckle flats with high waisted pleated shorts and an off the shoulder top, and another day I might feel fierce and wear a full lace dress with booties.  🙂

-Do you have a signature piece that you are known for? perfume, article of clothing, piece of jewelry, etc

We have one dress that is currently in HOT demand…sold out but we are now taking orders for the batch that will arrive in a couple weeks. It is a one sleeve off the shoulder top.  It’s gorgeous, feminine, and completely versatile for the summer!

-What’s a bit of fashion advice you’d give?

My fashion advice to anyone would be wear what you feel.  As corny as it sounds, fashion really comes from within and you can’t be scared to express yourself!

-How important do you find makeup and accessories to be for an outfit?

Changing up or adding makeup or accessories I believe does more than completes the outfit.  Having a few pieces of jewelry to pick from and changing up your eye shadow can either dress your outfit down or dress it up.  That is the best thing about accessories!  A plain v-neck is the blank canvas, add a scarf with jeans for a picnic, or add some long heavy necklaces with a pencil skirt and you’ve got another chic look.

And there you have it!  Look out for the next post, which will be a giveaway/contest for something fun from the House of RedPlum!

Her Royal Flyness

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For anyone who may have taken my card today at the Natural Hair Meetup Chicago at the Little Black Pearl and wanted to know where I purchased my super fly t-shirt, here is the link:

Bathing Beauty

This evening was to be a nice night of luxurious relaxation because I wanted to go for a spa feel since I had a batch of new products to try out.  I know I know, WHY do I have new products you may ask…..well…..I’m a beauty-holic, okay?  There, I said it, leave me alone!  😛

Victoria’s Secret was having a good sale on their new Naturally Victoria’s Secret line and I just had to check it out.  Not to mention I was carrying around a “get $10 off your purchase” card and the products were already buy 2 get 1 free so realllly, how could I pass that up? Check out their site because MANY things are on sale:

The Naturally Victoria’s Secret line consists of body polish scrubs, lotions, fragrance mists, and body washes in the following scents:

-Goji Berry and Mango

-Hibiscus and Yumberry

-Acai Berry and Magnolia

-Vanilla and Sandalwood

-Grapefruit, Lime, and Mint

-Violet and Jasmine

-Honeysuckle and White Patchouli

I chose the grapefruit/lime/mint body polish, goji berry/mango body lotion, and the acai berry/magnolia body lotion.  Here are my reviews:

This body polish smells DIVINE!  It’s invigorating alright, perked me right on up.  I’m a sucker for citrus and this smells so fresh and lovely, quite clean.  Worth it for the smell alone, but WOW the effects of it.  I used it in a hot shower and skin turned to silk!  It turns into a white thin cream when rubbed vigorously into the skin and slips and slides over the body.  Wonderfully luxe!  It makes you feel smooth and pampered 🙂

The lotions are a bit more runny than I would like.  Rich and creamy is more my thing, so body butters for the collection would be really nice, but the thinner consistency is okay since it’s summer time and not winter.  If it were winter, this girl’s skin would LAUGH in the face of this lotion.  They have a light delicious smell and are a delight to put on because of the quick absorption.  Skin still feels soft and ripe for the caressing  😉

I would give the line an A-, only because I wish that there were body creams.  Hope that you enjoy the line as well!  Check them out

Shopping Spree Madness

On Wednesday morning I leave for Jamaica and knew that I pretty much need a whole new summer wardrobe, for the trip and just in general for summertime.  So what did I do?  Lost my mind this weekend apparently, lol, and shopped til I dropped (well until the handle on one bag broke!).  So I wanted to show my summer haul and tell me what is something that you must have this summer in your wardrobe or any new addition that you just looooove 🙂

New York and Company is having a great sale, with shorts for $15, shirts $10, jeans $24, and other awesome deals, so I had to rack up.  Go check out the store or the website!  What I bought from there:

Streetwear Linen Blend Crop Pants

comfy linen crop pants

The Bryant Park Tee Dress - Mosaic Print

this cool dress for going out for drinks in Jamaica

Denim Boyfriend Shorts, Hawthorn Wash

these casual boyfriend inspired shorts

The Gramercy Short - Solid

black cute shorts

Denim Flap Pocket Shorts, Rinse Wash

little denim shorts, flirty fun to show off my thick thighs 😉

Pretty swirly watercolor-like shoulder bag

gorgeous watercolor-like skirt

dreamy t-shirt with the image of a lady and butterflies (can you tell that I love dreamy, watercolor type images? lol)

That’s the New York and Company haul….now below is the Express haul:

Their graphic tees are on sale for $19.50 so I grabbed 3 of them. Sequin Purple Flower, Sparkle Flowers, and Love Express

Faux jean mini skirt and the same skirt in black

super fun wrist handbag

From Forever 21:

Purples and pinks together are my favorite combo, so pretty.  This dress instantly caught my eye and my good friend Kamari gave it to me.

This coat is totally chic, like a french fairy tale coat 🙂  I love it!  My bestie Kennedy gave it to me, such a nice gift.

fun striped tunic

Pretty necklace

Other items from miscellaneous places:

Fun colorful dress for laying around the beaches of Jamaica with some rum runner and conch fritters 😀  nom nom!

Sexy sky high heels that I bought for my recent birthday.  They are surprisingly comfortable and by the brand Gen. E. Ration from Bare Feet store.  I wish that I could find this shoe in gold and silver, I’d be truly set for going out shoes.  Though they may not look it, they are easy to wear and that’s coming from a girl who does NOT wear heels because I hate making my feet hurt.

Okay peeps, this is my haul….what’s your favorite thing from it?  What’s some things that you are looking forward to owning yourself this summer?  Let’s hear it!

Hair Envy…in Church…BLASPHEMY

*edit: We have a new home!

I was at church today and I was filled with SO much hair envy…that has to be a sin, right?    :weeping:

There was this woman in the choir with her hair in a headband and big beautiful fluffy curly hair that was so awesome.  She had hair just like KCurly from newly natural.


KCurly of Newly Natural


As if it wasn’t enough to be staring at HER hair the whole service, there was a girl who walked past me when she was leaving and she had a perfect head of hair.  She probably thought I was a crazy freak, staring at her, lol, but omg the hair was PERFECT!  Jet black, big, mid back length, boucy, TOTALLY Diana Ross.


Diana Ross Big Hair


I so can’t wait until I invoke feelings of massive hair envy *crosses fingers* I’ll be ON it with moisture, conditioning, NO HEAT, protective styling.  I mean, I should right?  All of this blog stalking can’t be for naught.  Santa, baby, i’ve been a good girl this year, can I have a beautiful head of hair?

Hair Hero of the day will be Diana Ross, I’ve already posted some of her awesomeness, here’s a few more pics of her being FIERCE


Totally FIERCE



Diana Ross Rawr


A Fitting Tribute

Today the incomparable King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was given a truly beautiful, stunning, wonderful tribute to his life at his memorial.  I was wondering how it would turn out and if it would be truly befitting a legend like that, who will only come around once in a lifetime, and it actually lived up to and exceeded expectations.  Rev. Al Sharpton was poignant, Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy were endearing, and the soft instrumental of “Man in the Mirror” while his casket was being wheeled out was one of the saddest moments in my life.  I cried through the whole thing and was so appreciative that they did such an amazing final farewell for Michael’s and the fans’ sakes.  It was exactly as a memorial should be.

michael jackson

What saddens me the most about everything is that everyone seems to have forgotten his humanitarian efforts; everyone in the mainstream media that is.  Even though he’s made some of the best music and tours, broken all types of records, and had a career that will never be beat, his charitable works are what’s truly amazing.  He’s in the Guiness book of world records as most charitable pop star since he supported 39 charities (those are whats known, he also donated proceeds from many of his concerts or gave anonymously.  it’s thought that he’s given around $500 MILLION in charitable contributions over his lifetime.)  Here he talks about his time spent visiting hospitals and when he met a boy who needed a liver so he found him one and paid for everything:

As well, he broke down racial barriers.  MTV didn’t want to play him because they felt that black music wouldn’t sell or translate well and then lo and behold, Billie Jean took them from some random basement operation into the stratosphere.  Rolling Stones didnt want him on their cover and then he became iconic and they had to have him.  No star, black or white, had gotten an endorsement deal like the one Pepsi gave him for $10 million in the early 80s.  But, no no, let’s ONLY focus on the one thing that is completely unfounded about him. Not the things that we have confirmed proof of…oh no, that would be unamerican! “We Are The World” raised 50 million for famine in africa…ONE song! Let alone all of the other charitable works he did…but let’s just talk about the crappy case from a money hungry sleazeball who tried to kill his kid later and was caught on tape saying he wanted to milk Michael for all he was worth and ruin his life. Read this link for some insight:

Michael was odd, sure, but a lot of it was something to remain in the news and the rest was his coping with a life none of us can understand from starting work at age 5, having no real childhood, shielding his vitiligo skin from sunlight by odd “costumes”, and having body dysmorphic disorder.  I really wish that none of the weird or bad things had happened, so that his legacy could have stood on it’s own as one of the best selling recording artists ever with over 750 million copies sold, world records galore, awards galore, loyal fans, unparalled charity work,  amazingly unique music/videos/tours, and a professionalism mixed with creative drive that is remarkable.  It also seems like he never got to have any great love of his life, which is really quite sad seeing as to how he set so many hearts aflutter and made so many happy.  He deserved better than 2 sham marriages.  Hopefully his children will be happy in life and well adjusted; it was heartbreaking to see Paris break down at the funeral.

I know that I never even met the man, but there is something about him and his childlike smile that makes me want to hug him.  His sensitive and giving spirit speak to me at some deep level, and then there is the tragic aspect of his life with the tabloid nightmare scandals and lack of one great love that makes me wish that I could turn back time and completely change things for his benefit.  I can be a big sap sometimes and the story of Michael Jackson brings out that sap in me because it just seems like so much went wrong when it should have all been right right right.  I cry for the cute little boy he was who had such dreams and at the same time I cry for the sexy gorgeous man he became and didn’t even know just how beautiful he was.  I cry for the painfully shy part of him that was at such a disconnect with the uber confident, crotch grabbing performer side.  I cry that he was surrounded by leeches who didn’t have his best interest in mind and I cry that he turned to plastic surgery and prescriptive drugs for his pain.  I just hope that somewhere in there he had fun and had happiness.  I’ll always “Remember the Times” Michael, and thank you for making them GOOD times.

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