Sexy Buxom Lips Giveaway

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Hey loves! ¬†It’s giveaway time again ūüėÄ ¬†Plump, full, sexy lips are ever popular and I want to be your fairy godmother of sorts, gifting you with an enviable pucker.

Bare Escentuals has debuted their “Buxom” line and the lip products are divine! ¬†I felt like a kid in a candy store while at Sephora, applying the creamy lipstick to my hand to try out the colors, testing out the lipgloss and finding that it’s tingly and provides great shine while plumping up your pout for purely kiss worthy lips! ¬†So to share the wealth, I am giving away TWO Buxom Lip Glosses to some lucky readers of mine ūüôā

The colors that I have are “Melonie” which is a sheer hot pink and “Margarita” which is a sheer raspberry.

To win, leave a comment letting me know which of the two colors you’d want to have AND you must do the following:

-Follow this blog, via Bloglovin’ or with the email subscription button in the column to the left (let me know you’ve done that in the same comment where you say which color you’d like)

Easy right? ¬†You can also tweet about this contest and get an EXTRA entry if you’ve done the above! “Enter the Sexy Buxom Lips lipgloss contest at compliments of @socialitedreams ”

Good luck beautifuls and I hope that you enjoy the lip gloss!  Contest ends Thursday August 12th at 11:59 cst


Driving Me Plum Crazy

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Well, more violet actually. ¬†I am in LOVE with the lipstick in this photo and have been on the hunt for a couple of days for a compatible shade since I can’t read what the exact lipstick is:

Is that not just DIVINE? ¬†It’s so cool and totally different from the normal light pink that I see the average lady walking around with. ¬†For my own sanity, I MUST have some gorgeous violet lips. ¬†It is my favorite color anyway, may as well partake!

To create the look, I’ve purchased the following from Sephora and will review them when they arrive:

-Make Up For Ever’s new line of lipstick called Rouge Artist Intense in color #14 (Pearly Dark Violet)

-Sephora Collection Lip Attitude in the color Audacious Violet 11

Hopefully one of these two will do the job so that I can regain my wits!  Must have, must try, so much want! Lol

Is there a makeup look or product that just drove you wild, made it so that you just HAD to have it?  Dreamed about it, blogged about it, dare I say cried about it?  What was it?  Did you ever get it?

Right now there are awesome things on sale for 75% off at Sephora! So go ahead and check it out because they may have that beauty find to help you create that look you’ve been lusting after ūüėÄ


Mall Fun and Reviews

Long time with no posts! ¬†Sorry, I’ve been parts busy and parts uninspired to post. ¬†Shame on me, I know, I’ll be better about it! ¬†Promise!

So this weekend has been inspiring as far as wanting to post, because there’s been lots of beauty fun and deals! ¬†Can’t go wrong with that, right? ¬†On twitter I was chatting with @jadorebrittanie about what she uses to get her eyebrows to look like perfection and she suggested Revlon Colorstay brow enhancer. ¬†Can I just say, this stuff is totally awesome? ¬†It’s easy to use, just dark enough, looks natural, AND comes with a highlighter on the other end all for below $8! ¬†Now I just want to get the eyebrow stencils from Anastasia Eyebrows from Sephora and I would be all set with creating perfectly sculpted eyebrows everyday. ¬† I tried on a stencil yesterday at the store and the petite one fit my eyebrow but I’m curious what I’m supposed to do with the other 4 or 5 that come in the kit? Ration out to others as Christmas gifts? ¬†They should have it where you could buy ONE shape for a much cheaper price. ¬†The $20 tag is killing me for an eyebrow stencil. ¬†We’ll have to see lol, I may be free drawing by hand!

I was asked by another twitter pal @MzTamz to help her find a good makeup look for her college graduation coming up (congrats babe!) because she liked my makeup from when I graduated:

UMiami Graduation

So we met at Sephora and giggled like school girls (oh wait, she IS a schoolgirl) over the vast array of products. ¬†So much to look at! All the things to see, all of the colors, all of the variety. ¬†Loves that place. ¬†Readers, we found the DEAL OF THE CENTURY and I suggest you go grab a kit too! ¬†There was a Smashbox Cosmetics kit called the Master’s Class Beauty Breakthroughs that included an eyeshadow palette with 5 great colors, a wax pencil for the brows, a mascara with little wand for getting all lashes, a concealer type undereye corrector/enhancer, berry cheek stain, AND some o-gloss for the phenomenal price of $39!!! ¬†Come on, one eyeshadow trio for Smashbox is $28! ¬†You get FIVE here WITH other stuff! ¬†It’s an amazing deal, I suggest you snap it up, we couldn’t believe it and thought we’d get to register and be told “Oh no you silly girls, it’s $99 not 39, can you read??” ¬†But alas, we walked away with dignity intact and wallet not screaming bloody murder.

Tammy ecstatic with her find

What a fun day! ¬†Lol, and it only got better, as we walked out the store to chit chat about the great find and decide on what to do next, an innocent looking blonde haired blue eyed little boy walked by with his mother holding his hand and proceeded to reach out and caress Tammy’s booty! ¬†We looked at each other shocked and his mom apologized because she thought he’d only bumped into us, then he looked back over his shoulder like “Yeah, I grabbed it AND WHAT??!” ¬†We died laughing, like did you REALLY get felt up by a 3 year old? ¬†Oh Tammy, you must reign in that sex appeal babe, have them going wild! ¬†Pure hilarity.

My makeup look for the day was a soft smoky eye and red lip.

I used Korres Wild Rose foundation mixed with my Make Up For Ever Cognac foundation because the Korres was too orange and the MUFE was too dark, but mixed together and it’s the PERFECT color ūüėÄ ¬†I’m a happy camper. ¬†I’m noticing that the Korres doesn’t photograph as well though, it reacts with flash to have that white ash look. ¬†Notice by the hairline? ¬†MUFE alone doesn’t do that, but it’s formulated to be HD for the camera. ¬†Hmmmm, good thing I’m not a model then with my face in the camera all day! ¬†Eyeshadow was from two L’oreal H.I.P duos, Sassy and Dashing. Used the sassy lighter color all over lid (is more brown in person, looks pink in the pic online), the darker color on lids, then the black from Dashing in the crease and outer corners. ¬†Followed with Diorshow Mascara, of course the new Revlon brow enhancer to fill in and sculpt brows, ¬†and Make Up For Ever lipstick that I just LOVE in blue red. ¬†Get so many compliments on that lipstick and the blue in the red makes teeth sparkle white ūüėÄ ¬†Win-Win all around!

As well, went for a manicure/pedicure and I would HIGHLY suggest any Chicago readers to check out Angel Nails and Waxing in Oak Forest, Illinois. The owner is so funny and cool, not to mention the most detail oriented nail tech! ¬†You get hot towels on feet, massage, precise coloring, pampering for a low low price, only $15-20 for a PEDICURE! ¬†And she has coupons that she always gives out. ¬†Since no one was there when I went because it was raining and an off hour, I got to feel like a spoiled princess with 3 of them doing my mani-pedi, one on each hand and one on feet. ¬†She also has the most massive array of nail polishes, mainly OPI and China Glaze, so there’s a color for everyone. ¬† Go get spoiled!

Reviews, Reviews: read all about it

Today my wonderful package of Sephora goodies came and I am ecstatic because I haven’t bought any new makeup in a long minute! ¬†Added to my collection today were the following:

MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation

My skin is wonky, so a foundation with good coverage is totally necessary because I have dark spots that won’t seem to go away. ¬†Yay for acne blemishes! ūüė¶ ¬†The color is #177 and called cognac but I think that it may be a bit dark so I am going to the Sephora store tomorrow and testing out the Caramel and Amber colors ūüôā ¬†I like the coverage though, it is rich, creamy, and easily blended. ¬† Below is a photo showing my skin with it on, little to no dark spots showing. ¬†The foundation looks good with the camera flash and seems to match, but in person, it’s def darker than my chest and hands, etc.

MAKE UP FOR EVER¬†Lipstick¬†–¬†Blue Red 205

This right here, is HEAVEN!! I reallllly like the MUFE lipstick. ¬†It’s uber thick and luscious, long lasting (was a mofo trying to wipe off), and heavily pigmented. ¬†And this pigment is PERFECTION for a red lip. ¬†This lipstick is best applied with a lipstick brush and precision, two things that I didn’t bother with while applying just to test it out, lol. ¬†In person it is a hint more cranberry than the color portrayed, richer. ¬†Not sure why in the photos it doesn’t show true to life, but whattaya gonna do? ¬†As well, blueish reds make the teeth’s white stand out, so that’s a win too! ¬†You see those bad boys sparkling??:

SEPHORA COLLECTION¬†Maniac Long Wearing Lipstick¬†–¬†05

This lipstick turned out to be kind of 80s pink. ¬†I’m an 80s girl through and through, but I’m not sure that I’ll keep it because it resembles VERY closely a Victoria’s Secret lipstick that I already have. ¬†Now, if it actually looked like what it does in the photos which appears peachy pink, I’d love it and want to keep. ¬†But as it stands, the color in person is definitely quite barbie.

SEPHORA COLLECTION¬†Rouge Cream Lipstick¬†–¬†It Girl 06

This color is pretty fun, it’s like an orange coral. ¬†Will be great in the summer with a gold and bronze eye and my Nars Taj Mahal blush.

So yay, fun lipsticks to get me through the spring and summer.  I want to buy up many more Make Up For Ever brand lipsticks, those are definitely now an hg (holy grail) brand and I highly recommend!

Now for a bit of hair/skin product fun: ¬†Tropical Traditions was kind enough to send me a bottle of Coconut oil to try out and review. ¬†Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. ¬†Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.¬†¬†It feels good and creamy when I mix it with my rosemary oil, aloe vera, and tea tree oil for a facial concoction. ¬†As for my hair, I use it after my aloe grow spray to seal in the moisture and impart shine and it does the job well. ¬†It doesn’t seem as greasy as the last coconut oil that I used, which is nice, but the smell of the other was better to me because it smelled like coconut macaroon cookies. ¬†This doesn’t smell bad at all, smells like a cracked open coconut and FAINTLY of mayo (??).

Needed Tools of the Trade

What are some beauty must haves you want for this summer? I want to rehaul all of my makeup, I really do. Not that I don’t like my stuff, just that I want to buy more things and wherever would I put it? Lol. And I need the right tools to boost perfect skin and perfect makeup let’s do it

To start, I need a fab makeup case:

this thing should house my stuff and keep it organized. And it’s a cool metallic pink, fine by me!

I’m practically chomping at the bit to have this Clarisonic skincare brush set. Not only is it supposed to make skin tremendously improved, the proceeds from the pink set goes towards Breast Cancer Awareness. I can haz please?? Does anyone have one? I’d love to know opinions on it and the cleansers that come with it or what you’ve found to be the best cleansers to use with it. It can be bought at Sephora.

Anyone who loves makeup needs a good kit of brushes. I could use a new brush set and this one looks pretty cool. (everything in this post is pink…i did NOT try to do that, lol)

This Daisy by Marc Jacobs kit would be awesome too. Both would be handy additions to any girls repertoire. Includes a powder brush, blush brush, eyeshadow brush, brow brush and smudge brush.

This MAC 239 Brush was recommended as one of the best brushes to use for eyeshadow application and blending by Temptalia in her “how-to” post on eye makeup application. She always does a beautiful job, so I may have to check that brush out! Anyone have it? What do you think of it?

Flawlessly Illuminated

I’ve been using my Too-Faced magic wand illuminating foundation and I must say, that stuff is AWESOME!¬† I have it in carribean cocoa or something like that and it gives me a wonderful glow and doesn’t look like I’m wearing anything.¬† I love that it has the brush built in.¬† So far, I definitely would rebuy it!¬† Go check it out ūüôā

Magic Wand Illuminating Foundation buy here

I’m totally in love with the sephora brand blush I bought as well.¬† Great color depth for my complexion with a light sweep.¬† Glowing cheeks are totally mine!

Sephora Blushbuy here

Graduation; from thug to prep makeover; Too-faced Review

Bonjour good people ūüôā¬† So yeah, can’t believe i GRADUATED….granted, it was last thursday so I should have posted then, lol, but it’s so wild to me….cool beans….still looking for a job in the magazine world in Chicago or online, so if you know of anything, let me know por favor!

¬†Went shopping with the family while we were in Miami and I am getting the immense pleasure of helping my brother in his makeover!¬† We’re taking him from average to stylish…no more sloppy baggy clothes, big tee shirts, lame gear ūüôā¬† he has a great figure, I’m glad he’s not hiding it anymore under horrid clothes.¬† Here’s some of the things we bought:

Logo Script Thermal Crew Logo shirt from A/X (
Denim Lab M11 Boot Cut<br><i>Plutonium</i>Multitype Graphic TeeJeans and tee from express ( .¬† I’ll probably be getting him some more tees at least for xmas ūüôā¬† Glad that he’s maturing!¬† Nice new start for college.

Also while shopping, I stopped at MAC to check out getting some new blush.¬† I tested out “breath of plum” by MAC, since I’m always trying weird colors.¬† It’s a rather lovely purple, I’m considering getting it.¬† (¬† Then I made my way over to Sephora and of course you guys know i was in heaven!!!¬† Had to get some things, here’s my goods (

Pure Skin SupplementsMurad skin supplements to help clear out my complexion…I think it’s working!

Lash InjectionVERY good mascara…plumps them up, great volume, dark, lovely lovely lashes…Kind of a pain to get off though….oh well, at least they are worth the effort!¬†

Professionnel Unique Cream Makeup Removerpretty good makeup remover with the texture of vaseline.  cheap too, only like $2 (maybe $4)

Blush Me! Mono¬†after testing out the mac blush, i bought a rose blush to appease myself, but I still want to go back and get the purple, it’s more unique.

well that was my foray into shopping ūüôā¬† I’ll have more things coming my way soooooooon

Nars for cheeks

During the summer I fell in love with Nars blushes.¬† I was at the mall with my mom, got bored while she shopped, so I wandered over to the makeup counters as I always do.¬† Anyway, the first one that caught my eye was Taj Mahal.¬† It’s this bright orange, so I was like wow, who would look good in that??!¬† Well guess what, I do!¬† The makeup artist got me to test it out, and I couldn’t believe the warm beautiful glow it gave to my caramel skin.¬† I’m not sure how it would look for fair skinned people, but it’s FABULOUS¬†for us girlies with darker tones.

Nars Blush

reposting this photo so that you can see with the blush on:

Now, I was perusing through as I always do and happened upon the news that Nars now has a cream stick called the multiple in their cult hit color, Orgasm.¬† I mean, seriously, how can you go wrong with a blush/highlighter named ORGASM? lol…..I don’t know which is more funny, that or their color deep-throat.¬† They can be bought at:

Nars Orgasm

Have you tried any of their products?¬† Let me know all about it!¬† later, darlings….*MUAH*

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