The Princess and the Frog

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I went to see the Princess and the Frog with my best friend and must say that I was very pleased!  The drawing and imagery was BEAUTIFUL, just gorgeous.  There’s a light path part of the movie that is just so well done, the lightening bug parade so to speak.  Just beautiful.

Storyline wise, I liked the hard working Tiana and her bubbly loud mouth blonde best friend, Charlotte.  Tiana is working hard, with no time for anything else at all, in order to buy a building to build a restaurant.  Throughout the story, she needs to learn that she should enjoy life a bit more too.  Prince Naveen has arrived, but he needs to learn some responsibility and acts like a typical rich frat boy stereotype.  He’s gorgeous, but his arrogant selfish ways weren’t too cute!  He has to go on a character building journey as well.

I liked the songs, but none stood out that made me sing out of the theater like “A Whole New World”, “Part of Your World” or “Hakuna Matata”.  The jazzy upbeat tunes are pleasing to the ear definitely, but as for iconic?  Not thinking so, but I’ll hear them again before I judge too greatly.  The sidekicks/secondary characters are also fun.  I HATED the lightening bug in the previews and stuff, but during the movie he was one of my favorites and a great ally.  The gator was also fun and just wanted to be accepted, lovely character.  The bad guys were quite scary, I mean whoa.  The shadow demons were quite terrifying, especially in the end.  if i were a young child i’d be having some nightmares, honestly!

Overall I give it an A-  I’ll add it to my collection as a favorite, wish that it had a stand out song to it though (or like Aladdin, Little Mermaid, and Lion King: MOST of the songs are stand out songs in those movies, lol)

Welcome to the Disney Princess’ Clique, Tiana.  You’ll fit in fine!  Beautiful, strong, good character, definite role model 🙂


Princess Tiana


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