Style Cravings

Working retail, especially in a mall, can be a real pain because it’s more sales driven than anything, but I so love when I get to help the customers plan outfits and accessories.  I want to work at a smaller boutique so that I can focus more on doing that, the styling.  I don’t like having to sell people on the store credit cards and all of that, i want the simple pleasure of style consultations.  Too bad there’s no where around here to work at that would let me thrive in that.  So regular retail it shall be until I probably move to Los Angeles.  I wish a mall around here at least had a Nordstroms or something so that I could work my way up to being a personal shopper!  Damn these “average” stores around here 😦

My birthday is Wednesday 😀  I can’t believe a whole year has passed; man, time flies!  I’ve turned 21, graduated, gotten published more, so some good has happened the past year.  Got fatter though, lol, so I need to get that baggage off of me!  Wonder what this 22nd year of my life will hold. 

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