Chicago Natural Hair Meetup Part 2

Saturday May 15th from 11am – 2pm there will be another natural hair meetup in Chicago at The Little Black Pearl, hosted by Leila of again!! ¬†I can’t wait to see my fellow naturals ūüôā ¬†If you read my previous post about the first meetup, you guys know that it was a good time and I hope that anyone in the Chicago area will come to join us to share hair care info, beauty products, hair products and much more ūüôā ¬†Check us out!

I’ll be there selling wonderful products by such as diva gloss, mineral eye shadows, body butter and more ūüėÄ ¬†The owner is a fellow Chicago natural sporting gorgeous Locs, so we have to support our peeps! ¬†Bree of will also be in attendance and she always has fly jewelry, so have those wallets ready for everything! ¬†I’m sure there’ll be goodies all around.

Biotin Supplements

I’ve decided to start taking a biotin supplement in order to help my hair continue to thrive. ¬†Any of you ladies take biotin and if so, what dosage? ¬†The pills that I’ve acquired¬†are 600 mcg, which I figured was a good number. ¬†They had 1000mcg and 5000mcg, but that seems a bit high to start off, right? ¬†When choosing new supplements, it is always good to start low and WORK up to a higher dosage than to start high and feel sick or have an adverse reaction. ¬†They are Solgar Biotin tablets that I will take once daily and maybe double if I find that they work well and that I have no side effects. ¬†Biotin is said to aid hair and nail growth, so the results should be quite interesting in the beauty realm of things. ¬†Article on biotin found here. Please be sure to leave some comments about your experiences with the supplement! ¬†I’m curious ūüôā ¬†Jenell of kinkycurlycoilyme has been raving about it and I’d heard good things before, so please share your experiences with it as well!

It is suggested that a good multivitamin also be consumed with the biotin and I’d run out of my multivitamin anyway, so I purchased Rainbow Light multivitamin/mineral daily pill with probiotics. ¬†I’m bad with my nutrition, so having a good supplement for it is always a plus. ¬†I know that it’s just that, a SUPPLEMENT aka addition to proper diet, but will work on improving my food diet. ¬†This one is supposed to support digestive health, has nourishing hormone balancing herbs for women, and contains vegetable juice complex. ¬†Sounds like win all around!

Washed the hair with Trader Joe’s Tingle Tree Shampoo for the second time tomorrow and must say that I find the tingly scalp feeling after the wash to be highly invigorating. ¬†I’d allowed some lady to put a pomade on the side of my hair while at the Proud Lady Beauty and Hair show and it turned white and felt ENTIRELY too gummy, so I needed more than a cowash to insure that my hair would be clean and healthy. ¬†This shampoo did the trick! ¬†Felt clean and smelled deliciously of peppermint ūüôā ¬†I give the product an A and ingredients include rosemary, peppermint oil, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil for clean smelling yummy hair. ¬†I could see this feeling DIVINE in the summer after a hot/humid day because it’s so cooling and tingly, like a minty mojito for the scalp ūüėÄ

To follow up the shampoo, I used a moisture replenishing combination of the new rich and thick Suave Almond and Shea conditioner. ¬†For the low price of about $3, you get a HUGE 32oz bottle of creamy goodness. ¬†It felt nourishing on its own, but i added olive oil while in the shower so that I could make sure to impart enough moisture into my hair since I washed with shampoo and didn’t just cowash. ¬†The conditioner contains no ‘cones and has ingredients like Shea butter, jojoba oil, rosemary oil, and sweet almond oil. ¬†Nom nom! ¬†I’ll update when I do a cowash with it so that you know how it fairs on its own ūüôā

Hair Hero: the beautiful Tracie Thoms

Skincare/Hair Products Reviews

As promised in my previous skincare posting, I am now updating with reviews of the products used.  For the most part, I am quite happy would recommend the products, but there were some blips and changes to a couple.

Kiss My Face brand citrus cleanser:

This cleanser is mild and wonderful, not much of a smell surprisingly. ¬†I thought that it would have a strong citrus aroma (which I’d love, since I like citrus) but it’s soft and creamy without being overbearing. ¬†Honestly, while using it, can’t smell at all and only can if I shove my face into the container. ¬†The skin is not at all left feeling stripped or dry, in fact, VELVETY is the way that I would describe my skin afterwards. ¬†Plush and supple skin is wonderful to have, wouldn’t you say? ¬†I give this product an A+ I have normal to dry skin, so it works well and according to this review, it even works wonderfully for oily skin types! ¬†Because of the wonderful experience with the face cleanser, I would quite like to try out the citrus lavender moisturizer

Invigorating Face Wash by Himalaya

This face wash has the texture of most body washes, gel type with a pick-me-up scent so it is quite invigorating! ¬†I like it for the morning because the scent wakes me up and this too doesn’t leave the skin feeling stripped. ¬†The cinnamon is the main scent and is quite pleasant. ¬†I give this product an A as well. ¬†Clean skin that isn’t left dry or irritated!

Sea Tonic Toner with Rosewater and Aloe

Zia toner is pleasant, I spray onto a cotton ball and use it after either cleanser. ¬†Skin is balanced and I can’t complain. ¬†I also have some Skinceuticals dry skin formula, which also works well for me. ¬†Toner can be left out of the regimen, I just happened to see the normal/dry skin formula and picked some up, but it’s really just like refreshment that isn’t necessary so don’t feel that it’s required.

Burt’s Bees acne solutions spot treatment

I give this product an F. ¬†The scent is VERY overpowering, smells like black licorice and pine sol or something! ¬†NOT what I want to put on the face, but then I said fine, I’ll choke a little bit if it can clear up my face. ¬†Turns out the complete opposite happened, it broke me out and I’m not sure from which ingredient but perhaps salicylic acid and I don’t agree?? ¬†Even if I were perfectly fine with salicylic acid, the smell is bad enough and strong enough to get a huge veto. ¬†I returned it because I wasn’t liking any bits of it. ¬†F-

So instead, I went to buy Neutrogena on the spot Acne vanishing cream with benzoyl peroxide and that stuff is wonderful! ¬†It doesn’t smell at all let alone overpoweringly so, is a nice cream that doesn’t feel harsh, and best of all is clearing up acne so I give this product an A+ Some products can make the skin feel tight and dry when it’s doing it’s work, but this doesn’t have that effect and I am GRATEFUL. ¬†It promises maximum strength effectiveness while being gentle and it lives up to this claim. ¬†Every time that I wash my face/tone, ¬†I add some of this afterwards and before moisturizing, also sometimes if I am just sitting at home during the day.

So far it has been a week of this regimen and the only blip was the awful experience for 3 days with the Burt’s Bees. ¬†I tried to give it a chance, thinking that maybe it gets worse before it gets better, but it ADDED acne, irritated my skin, BURNED on application, and nearly knocked out my sense of scent along with causing coughing fits. ¬†The only thing that I feel is missing from the program is something that fades dark spots because I have many from past acne. ¬†The products I am using now will perhaps keep the skin clear and smooth, but what about the hyperpigmentation NOW? ¬†I need to find something amazing for that, that works for brown girls, and that doesn’t cost my first born child.

Now on to hair. ¬†I experimented a bit this week with products, adding honey to my line-up as a pre-poo treatment before I shampoo’d with my new Trader Joes Tingle Tree Shampoo.

What is a pre-poo treatment, you may ask and it’s a valid question. ¬†Pre-poo’ing is the process of using oils or other nourishing ingredients to deep condition the hair before washing with shampoo, which can sometimes strip the hair. Using a pre-poo imparts extra moisture and protects strands. ¬†My pre-poo was a mixture of honey, coconut oil, and olive oil which I then let saturate under a heat cap for 40 minutes. ¬†Upon removing the cap, I was mortified, lol! ¬†The hair was sticky and hard with honey so I was terrified that I’d used too much and that it would have an effect like when someone gets gum stuck in the hair, so I thought that I’d ruined everything. ¬†I hurried and hopped into the shower and you can not even imagine my relief when the water hit it and the hair became soft and manageable! ¬†So don’t feel scared or worried if after conditioning with the honey that the hair SEEMS to be a hot sticky mess, because really it worked well. ¬†I’d been warned that shampooing with the tingle tree could leave the hair feeling stripped and dry, but once the honey mask mixture was applied it protected the hair and there was no overly dry/stripped feeling! ¬†Bravo ūüôā ¬†Generally, I cowash my hair which is washing with conditioner instead of shampoo because it is so moisturizing and can clean also if the scalp is paid attention to, but sometimes I like to shampoo with a mild, natural shampoo just to be sure that my scalp doesn’t develop scabs or sores from product build-up.

New Routine Cometh

As Spring and eventually Summer approaches, I can’t wait to transition my natural hair care routine from harsh winter protective styling and thick products to light products and simple styling! ¬†Finally able to wear my hair out without worry of cold winter winds, no hats to remember!

In the warmer weather with more humidity in the air, humectant products will come in handy. ¬†Humectants absorb moisture from the air/atmosphere, imparting it into the hair to create lush well-moisturized locks. ¬†Honey is a natural humectant and I am just chomping at the bit to try out Oyin’s Honey Hemp Conditioner ūüôā ¬†I’ve heard all good things about it and can say that I like the ingredients list: purified water, organic aloe vera gel, behentremonium methosulfate (emulsifier derived from colza oil), honey, virgin hemp oil, , coconut oil, vegetable glycerine, hydrolized silk, citrus essences, fragrance, optiphen (preservative). ¬† I adore the Frank Juice that I have by them, so why not test out another Oyin product? ¬†Have you utilized their line? ¬†What’s your thoughts on the products?

As well, Suave makes a humectant conditioner that sounds pretty boss. ¬†For $2.50, REALLY can’t go wrong trying that out! ¬†May use that for cowashing and the honey hemp for deep conditioning. ¬†I can just feel my hair swelling up with moisture as I type, just at the thought ūüėÄ

Spring also is the time for great accessories!  With our hair being out more, can rock gorgeous headbands, cool flowers, and other creative pieces.  I look forward to supporting Boutique de Bandeaux by buying up plenty of girly hair accoutrements.

Now that my hair is getting pretty big/long, can have much variety on the different looks created. ¬†I want to try out fro hawks, learn how to flat twist, and experiment with different products for my wash and go such as curl creams to emphasize definition. ¬†Oh the possibilities! ¬†I love Spring, just breathes new LIFE into things ūüėÄ ¬† ¬†What are some of the hair/looks ideas that you want to try out for the upcoming season?

hair hero:  Jordan Richardson

Aubrey Organics

I deep conditioned last night with Aubrey Organics GPB for the first time! ¬†My hair is usually wanting for moisture more than anything, but since I’ve never done a protein based treatment, figured that I’d give it a go just because and see how it turned out. ¬†The smell is pleasant, has a spice-y type vibe, maybe star anise? ¬†Something out of a spice rack, which is fine by me! ¬†That type of product isn’t listed in the ingredients, but I got a spice vibe from it, nevertheless.

It has the same creamy, wonderful consistency as my beloved Honeysuckle Rose conditioner by them, so that is a plus. ¬†After sitting under my heated cap with it for 20 minutes then rinsing out, my curls were very defined! ¬†I wasn’t sure what to expect, but popping curlies wasn’t it! ¬†I would love to do that treatment again once the weather is nice so that I can have a lovely wash and go with it, but I ended up doing the usual twists. ¬†My amla/olive heavy cream came in handy after the wash so that I could make sure that the hair stays moisturized. ¬†This morning, sprayed with my aloe grow and sealed with coconut oil, felt lush, so overall I give the protein treatment an A+ and look forward to using that again.

Me being slow, I didn’t even get photos of it after the treatment! ¬†Wow, curls popping and there is no photographic proof ūüė¶

hair hero: curly afro wearers

First ACV Rinse

Did an apple cider vinegar rinse for the first time! ¬†Combined water, acv, and tea tree oil in a water bottle, hopped in the shower, then soaked my head in it while making sure to pay attention to the scalp. ¬†Felt really good, so I’d do it again definitely. ¬†My scalp has been acting up lately and I don’t know why…. so I need to get to the root of the problem. ¬†Perhaps it was from product build up, so that’s why I used the acv rinse.

Did great two strand twists with the blended beauty curl styling butter. ¬†That stuff makes them more defined than the amla olive cream I discovered, the roots are less puffy and the blended beauty smells so good like vanilla frosting. ¬† I’m sure that I’ll have an epic twist out when these come down!

hair hero of the day, Erykah Badu

Sucked in by Honeysuckle Rose

Okay, count me IN on the honeysuckle rose bandwagon!¬† This stuff is LUXE, so rich and creamy and smells delightful, not overpoweringly floral like I feared.¬† It smells like sweet candied roses, lol, whatever that would smell like.¬† I hate floral scents, so if I’m loving this, then it definitely is good!¬† lol

the great, natural ingredients are: coconut fatty acid cream base, aloe vera, shea butter, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, honeysuckle oil and a host of other natural yummy for the hair things ūüėĬ†¬†¬† I added olive oil as well and sat with it on my hair under a shower cap for an hour while I watched something.

When I took the cap off, holy sweetness, it was so soft and lush! ¬†Definitely definitely definitely like this conditioner! ¬†Hopped my happy self into the shower to rinse it out then cowashed with my organix coconut conditioner. ¬†I’ve been finding that when I rinse it out with water as cold as I can stand, that it really does make curls pop more, so I did that. ¬†Applied Kinky Curly Knot Today and coconut oil, then sprayed with concoction that I made and talked about in previous post. ¬†After that, it was experiment time where I tried out the new technique:

Results: ¬† well, I don’t know….it’s okay. ¬† Pretty much figured out that she and I don’t have the same type of hair, lol! ¬†Mine does not look like hers, but ya know at least I tried something different. Pretty much an afro with some curlies popping somewhat, decent look, but I’ll stick to my twist outs or roller sets. ¬†Just more my speed! ¬†I used Fantasia IC gel instead of ecostyler and am glad that hair isn’t crunchy even though i used a truckload of gel. ¬†I’ll probably wash this out in a couple of days and maybe roller set my hair since I bought new rollers today.

edit: ¬†i look all of 12 years old in these pics, lmao….i swear, i’m of age and legal, for all you who may have naughty thoughts looking at me and my fro goodness and glasses ūüėõ ¬† It looks different in real life, looks better….i dont know why hair never shows up right in pics for me!

New Spray

I made the concoction that I talked about in the previous post.  I put it into the empty 8 oz spray bottle that my marula oil came in:

I poured in about a 1/3rd water, 2/3rd 99.7% aloe vera juice from the organic health food store, then dripped in rosemary oil, peppermint oil, olive oil, and tea tree oil with lavender extract. ¬† Shook it up to mix together then spritz spritz! ¬†Smells good, pretty much like peppermint with a little herb scent too. ¬†Was cool and refreshing since the water I added was some Dasani from the¬†refrigerator so nice and cold! ¬†The peppermint tingles on the scalp some. ¬† So I’ll let you know after using it for a while how it goes! ¬†Pics will always be up to watch hair growing progress!

I’ve been watching some youtube videos today and think that I’ll try this technique ¬†with my fantasia gel in order to get my curlies to POP like popcorn…okay, damn that was corny, please don’t judge me ūüėČ ¬† ¬†She and I have the same texture looks like, so hopefully it’ll work. ¬†I’ll post pics, fail or triumph!! ¬†I’ll probably do it on Monday, when I’ll have time to sit around and do hair.

hair hero: the prettiest model to me, Wakeema Hollis

Knots and locks

I keep finding single strand, or fairy, knots in my hair which is super annoying. ¬†I’d done a wash and go for my ‘fro a couple of days ago, because I simply didn’t feel like twisting it after washing and am coming to the conclusion that my hair out so much is no good for my ends. ¬†Even when I do a twist out, I still get some single strand knots, probably from when I sleep and my hair may move with me under my satin cap. ¬†Oh what to do?

Last night to keep my hair from doing that, I did dry twists with my new Amla and Olive Heavy Cream. ¬†Can I say, this stuff is like caviar for the hair, soooo rich and luxurious ūüėÄ ¬†AND I got it on sale for 20% off. ¬†It’s amazing, so creamy and delicious, smells and looks like my coconut lime body butter from bath and body works, just a lighter scent. ¬†I smoothed some on my dry hair on each twist before I twisted, brushed through slowly with a denman-esque brush (worked well, didn’t have to tug at my hair and only like 2 strands came out in the brush. Yay for tangle free hair!) and twisted medium and small twists throughout. ¬†The cream made it soft and smooth while brushing, so I highly recommend and give the product an A+. ¬† I look like a reject cast member from Bebe’s Kids, but if it’ll keep my hair healthy I’ll do it! ¬†Not like I planned on going on some hot date with it like this anyway, lol. ¬†I suppose it can stay in these twists for a couple of days while I try to finagle someone into cornrowing my hair ūüėČ

What have you done to minimize single strand knots? ¬†Any suggestions? ¬†I’ve just come across a great post on about how a mother grew her type 4 child’s hair down to her waist, simple regime and emphasis on LOW MAINTENANCE, so I’ll have to adapt that by learning how to braid and twist much smaller twists so that they can last.

hair hero: beyonce’s afro (i know it’s not natural, but it’s damn cute!)

Hair Madness

Been researching like a fiend these past couple of days, wanting to soak up everything about going natural with my hair. ¬†You’d think I’d have looked into it BEFORE I chopped it off, lol. ¬†I seem to always do things backwards.

Anyway, have been browsing great natural hair care blogs and it’s making me so excited! I want to take these kinky twists out NOW and play with my own hair, lol. ¬†I absolutely adore the following blogs, they are so informative and nicely written:

Kcurly and — ¬†Nikki and www.curlynikki.comwww.motowngirl.com

the site is great too for some good info, the creator Robin has super long pretty hair and her advice is sound, so why not? ¬†I was planning on doing braids 2 months, hair rest 2 months, etc just so that it can grow out and all. ¬†Right now I have the kinky twists in that are cool, ¬†they should be coming out next month, and then I’ll utilize some of these cool tips that I’ve come across.

Twist outs, curly twa using these steps, headbands, oh my! ¬†ūüėÄ ¬†My buddy has been helping me on this natural journey, providing cool tips and recommendations. ¬†Thanks you hht! ¬†Here’s her blog:

hair hero of the day: Wakeema Hollis. ¬†This girl is breathtaking, look at that FACE! she’s a DOLL….sigh, what awesome hair

Model Wakeema Hollis

Awesome, curly 'fro

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