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“Makeup” for lost time

Bonjour, bonjour!  Today I wanted to post some makeup looks that I’ve done the past couple of days.  Mainly a visual post and I’ll tell what makeup was used 🙂

This look called for Make Up For Ever foundation in Cognac, L’oreal H.I.P. compact duo in Riotous which is the bright lime on the inner corners of the eye and the dark green over the whole lid.  Next, L’oreal compact duo in Showy is the bright teal in the middle of the lid.  Just a clear gloss on the lips 🙂

This was a fun bright look that I did to welcome in the warm weather 😀  NYX in Chick (a lemony type yellow) was used on the whole lid, L’oreal compact Showy is the teal blue on the lid, the purple is Mac Nocturnelle, and Smashbox in Green Room is on the outer corner.  The blush is Revlon Berry Daring from the Golden Affair line, and the lipgloss is Bling Diva by Big Girl Cosmetics.

Revlon Colorstay Brow Enhancer in Blackened Brown/Taupe was used on the brows to make them filled in and crisp, the eyeshadow is all Nars.  I had it done at sephora by a lovely sales associate, so I’m not sure what colors they used because I said have fun with it and surprise me.  I should have written it all down because I really enjoy the eye look that they created.  I’m sorry that I’m useless with the product names 😦

Face is bumpy because I realized that the Make Up For Ever foundation was too thick for me apparently or something, because it clogs my pores and makes me bumpy.  Which is sad, because it gives me a flawless complexion in photos colorwise, but that’s a moot point if it makes me an acne ridden mess!  So I’ve replaced it with foundation from Big Girl Cosmetics and so far it works well and provides me with a good complexion.  Will post makeup looks with it when I do some.  As for the eyes, Smashbox in Champagne was put all over the lids, Urban Decay in Heat is the red color, and the black from the L’oreal dual compact Dashing was used in the outer corners.  Stila eye kajal liner in black was put in the waterline and across upper lashes and the look was finished with a coating of Diorshow mascara.  The blush is Victoria’s Secret blush in Love Life which is a peachy pink natural flush.

Overall I would recommend Make Up For Ever foundation if your skin isn’t too sensitive and acne prone, it provides great coverage and is amazing if you plan on being photographed lots 🙂  Diorshow mascara is now a staple, Big Girl Cosmetics lip gloss is a definite favorite because it has vitamins A and E and is not sticky (i hate those gloopy lines that some glosses give when you open your mouth, YUCK! this doesn’t do that, so i love it and suggest), L’oreal H.I.P. duos are a staple as well because they are richly pigmented and CHEAP 😀  Usually buy one get one free or half off, so look for those deals at CVS or Walgreens.

Well those were some makeup looks 🙂  Hope that you enjoyed and try out some fun creations yourself!  Summer is the time for bright fun, get out there and experiment.

What I Covet This Summer

What are some things that you are craving for this summer?

Here’s a list of things that are topping my “must get” list for the summer:

NARS glow set: buy here

Nars body glow this duo gives a golden glow to any summer tan! I so want to try it, because I’m tired of glitter and all that messy stuff, i want a beautiful, built in glow.

this sexy, sassy dress from Bebe for when I hit up Miami so that I can party it up in VIP in style! Utilizes the trendy color blocking and the hot color that is Raspberry: buy here

bebe dress

a new Coach Wallet: buy here

coach wallet

Coach Earrings

coach earrings

This OH SO FABULOUS Marc Jacobs bag with the beautiful quilting and lovely periwinkle coloring: click here to view/purchase

Makeup Forever Lipstick in Orange Rust 217. This summery apricot orange should compliment many complexions, especially with the warm tan of the Nars Glow duo 😉 : Click here to buy

I would DIE if i had the new Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy…i think that it is absolutely gorgeous:

louis vuitton watercolor speedy

louis vuitton watercolor speedy

and last, but not least, the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Speedy for a classic: Click Here to Buy

louis vuitton handbag

All Things Beautiful

I’m at my happiest when I am standing at a makeup counter, perusing the assorted products and knowing that with a couple swipes of said products, I can be transformed.

There is no better feeling than being dolled up and feeling GORGEOUS. With that said, here are some of my favorite beauty products that help lead towards that feeling of ultimate confidence for me:

All things Beautiful

1. Too Faced Magic Wand Illuminating foundation. This stuff blends well, disappears into my skin, and leaves me with an flawless skin that does not show I have on foundation. Woot Woot!

2. This year, I’m new to blushes and I could kick myself for not tapping into their glowy goodness years ago. I love the warm light that Nars’ Taj Mahal gives me as well as the everday look of MAC Format. MAC Breadth of Plum is cool for something different.

3. Too Faced Lash Injection works AWESOME wonders on my lashes. They look thick and black by the time I am done, which is definitely a plush. Almost look like false lashes with enough coats!

4. Murad Pure skin supplement. While this is not a makeup product, it contributes greatly to glowing, healthy skin. I’ve always been prone to breakouts and this stuff is one of the only things that has helped me to clear up.

Some beauty icons of mine when it comes to makeup are:

1. Pat Mcgrath. This lady can work magic with a product…sweet goodness, she transforms people like no other with her intricate makeup looks. I worship her!

2. Beyonce’s makeup. She works different colors and makeup looks, so I tip my hat off to her. Nothing is more boring to me than someone who wears the “natural” look EVERY FRIGGING DAY

3. Eve’s makeup. Miss lady is not at all afraid to work the bright and bold looks. I love her style!

4.Cleopatra. This original was a trendsetter. I mean really, do I have to say why she is an icon? loves it!

Nars for cheeks

During the summer I fell in love with Nars blushes.  I was at the mall with my mom, got bored while she shopped, so I wandered over to the makeup counters as I always do.  Anyway, the first one that caught my eye was Taj Mahal.  It’s this bright orange, so I was like wow, who would look good in that??!  Well guess what, I do!  The makeup artist got me to test it out, and I couldn’t believe the warm beautiful glow it gave to my caramel skin.  I’m not sure how it would look for fair skinned people, but it’s FABULOUS for us girlies with darker tones.

Nars Blush

reposting this photo so that you can see with the blush on:

Now, I was perusing through as I always do and happened upon the news that Nars now has a cream stick called the multiple in their cult hit color, Orgasm.  I mean, seriously, how can you go wrong with a blush/highlighter named ORGASM? lol…..I don’t know which is more funny, that or their color deep-throat.  They can be bought at:

Nars Orgasm

Have you tried any of their products?  Let me know all about it!  later, darlings….*MUAH*

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