My Ideal Movie Cast

So I’m sitting here writing on my book and thought that it would be very fun to plot out which celebrities would be perfect for each role.  As I get it finished, I’ll tell more about it plot wise and you guys definitely will be first to know when it’s published!  I can’t wait to have a hard copy in my hands.   Don’t you always read and say “hmm, if this were a movie, such and such would be PERFECT!”  I know that I always do that and hey, if my book is ever turned into a movie (fingers crossed!) here’s who I’d love to play the characters:

Jasmyn Precor:  main character, wardrobe stylist, pretty and creative, lives in LA

-Kelly Rowland would be Jasmyn come to life, honestly.  She looks just like I imagine Jasmyn.  Now can she act well enough?

If Kelly happens to be busy or *gasp* doesn’t want the role, Gabrielle Union is a close second

Jesse Knight:  Jasmyn’s love interest, actor

-Cam Gigandet would be a great Jesse.  As long as he’s blonde, he’d be a hot, good actor to play him.  Mmm, mm

Kimber DeMarco: Jasmyn’s best friend from college, Sexy model/designer/vixen, half Italian half Cuban, lives in Miami

-Eva Mendes allll the way embodies Kimber.

if Eva couldn’t do it, then looks wise I wouldn’t mind Megan Fox because she’s like the most beautiful girl in Hollywood right now and has a saucy sexy look.  However, I want someone with more of latin vibe, who has an accent.  But if she can convincingly do it, i’m all for it!

Natalie Monroe: Jasmyn’s hard working good friend in LA.  Has the best intentions but ends up betraying Jasmyn

-i’ve switched so much on the look of Natalie that I still don’t solidly have “her” in mind like I do with the other characters.   Right now, Jada Pinkett could be a good match as mentor/know it all older friend

Or Jennifer Lopez would make a great Natalie Monroe as well

and last but not least, Laura Lisle.  She’s Jesse’s current girlfriend, pretty hollywood perfect golden girl.

-Hayden Panattiere would be perfect for this role.  She has just the right look

The Other Boleyn Girl

Other Boleyn Girl

Okay, so I can not praise this movie enough! I’m such a buff for history, scandal, royalty, good names, etc that this was right up my alley.  Come on, what’s better than elaborate outfits, scandalous romances that change the course of history, and hot men like Eric Bana?  A girl couldn’t ask for anything better to watch on a Saturday evening with her mummy, I tell you.  I know, I know, the movie isn’t COMPLETELY historically accurate, but it was still a fun watch 😀

Scarlett Johansson Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman played her role well, the devious little minx!  I loved her as the scandalous Anne, she did the role justice.  Scarlett wasn’t bad either, as the sweetheart Mary, but as most sweethearts go, she isn’t the one that history remembers.  We do love the bold ones, huh?  Eric Bana earned my lust with his portrayal of King Henry VIII.  What a horny dog he was; jeez he let that girl change the course of England forever!  Go Anne!  And I’m not spoiling anything, not my fault if you don’t know your history; this DID happen 500 years ago.

It was exactly what  I hoped, in line with my love of stories like “Push Not the River” by James Conroyd Martin and “A Woman of Passion” by Virginia Henley.  Now I simply MUST go read the book “The Other Boleyn Girl“.  Books usually are better than the movies and my god, I’ll be captivated surely if this one lives up to that!

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