I can not believe how quickly graduation is approaching!  My internship supervisor sent out my resume yesterday so that it would come from the agency to a magazine that I really want to work for, and it just solidified that I will be really looking for a job, not just an internship, not just for a break, but a career.  How daunting! 

 Anyone know of any model agency/magazine job openings in Illinois or for online magazines?  I can’t believe my time as a student is almost up 😦  Real world, here I come….ready or not


My day has been all about models….had to get to the internship bright and early, then straight away was bombarded with books to upload, comp cards to sort through, sites to get together, and portfolios to organize.  THEN we had our open call with a bunch of short fuglies showing up….I mean seriously, why are you 5’2 and think you can model?  Short in the modeling world is 5’7, not normal world short!!!  Get over yourself.  “So, I can’t just do commercial?”  No, not in THIS agency you can’t! 

 Now, I’m watching America’s Next Top Model, and it is so ghetto to me now…Why must the black ones always be ignorant, ghetto biotches?  I watch because I like the creativity of the photoshoots, but it’d almost be better on mute.  STFU Bianca!  With a horse mouth like that, ghetto red hair, and hoochie mama walk, you’re not as amazing as you think you are!  Not by a long shot.  WTF is this show coming to?

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