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Creamy Lips

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The hunt was on for a perfect creamy beige lipstick, after being inspired by my friend and fellow blogger at when she posted this photo:

I’d never been able to find a great color that would work on me because most seemed to just look ashy and being the twin of crackhead Tyrone Biggums was NOT a goal of mine.

Mac was my first stop because I’d seen many beautiful looking colors on their website for lipsticks that may be able to fit the bill.   Problem was, I couldn’t just go ordering any ole thing off of the website without trying it on, expecting to NOT have the same problem of ashy looking lips that I’d been previously having.  Why is it that things in person never look like they do in photos/online?  Colors that I’d written down the names of turned out to be the totally wrong choice once I was at the Mac counter, so it’s certainly a good thing that I tried it on first instead of blindly ordering and hoping!

After trying on no less than 15 lipsticks/cremes/lipglasses I came across a smooth and rich duo that fit my bill perfectly!  Welcome to my makeup family, Mac Fresh Brew and Viva Glam V lipglass!

Here’s photos with it on:

It’s rich and luscious on the lips, feels good because it’s a part of their lustre line. The lipglass has a good shine, which I can appreciate.  What I really love is that because it’s part of the Viva Glam line, then the full proceeds go to Aids research/support via the !!!  Giving back and getting glam, win win!

The rest of the makeup is my Big Girl Cosmetic’s dual foundation compact in #45 , Cover Girl Lash Blast for the mascara, Revlon brow enhancer for the eyebrows (loooooving this stuff!  it makes perfectly filled in, neat eyebrows a reality), and Jordana Easy liner in seagreen on the lower lash line.

Loving Beyonce’s makeup and nude lip here:

By the way, hair is getting big 😀  Check out the fierceness:

“Makeup” for lost time

Bonjour, bonjour!  Today I wanted to post some makeup looks that I’ve done the past couple of days.  Mainly a visual post and I’ll tell what makeup was used 🙂

This look called for Make Up For Ever foundation in Cognac, L’oreal H.I.P. compact duo in Riotous which is the bright lime on the inner corners of the eye and the dark green over the whole lid.  Next, L’oreal compact duo in Showy is the bright teal in the middle of the lid.  Just a clear gloss on the lips 🙂

This was a fun bright look that I did to welcome in the warm weather 😀  NYX in Chick (a lemony type yellow) was used on the whole lid, L’oreal compact Showy is the teal blue on the lid, the purple is Mac Nocturnelle, and Smashbox in Green Room is on the outer corner.  The blush is Revlon Berry Daring from the Golden Affair line, and the lipgloss is Bling Diva by Big Girl Cosmetics.

Revlon Colorstay Brow Enhancer in Blackened Brown/Taupe was used on the brows to make them filled in and crisp, the eyeshadow is all Nars.  I had it done at sephora by a lovely sales associate, so I’m not sure what colors they used because I said have fun with it and surprise me.  I should have written it all down because I really enjoy the eye look that they created.  I’m sorry that I’m useless with the product names 😦

Face is bumpy because I realized that the Make Up For Ever foundation was too thick for me apparently or something, because it clogs my pores and makes me bumpy.  Which is sad, because it gives me a flawless complexion in photos colorwise, but that’s a moot point if it makes me an acne ridden mess!  So I’ve replaced it with foundation from Big Girl Cosmetics and so far it works well and provides me with a good complexion.  Will post makeup looks with it when I do some.  As for the eyes, Smashbox in Champagne was put all over the lids, Urban Decay in Heat is the red color, and the black from the L’oreal dual compact Dashing was used in the outer corners.  Stila eye kajal liner in black was put in the waterline and across upper lashes and the look was finished with a coating of Diorshow mascara.  The blush is Victoria’s Secret blush in Love Life which is a peachy pink natural flush.

Overall I would recommend Make Up For Ever foundation if your skin isn’t too sensitive and acne prone, it provides great coverage and is amazing if you plan on being photographed lots 🙂  Diorshow mascara is now a staple, Big Girl Cosmetics lip gloss is a definite favorite because it has vitamins A and E and is not sticky (i hate those gloopy lines that some glosses give when you open your mouth, YUCK! this doesn’t do that, so i love it and suggest), L’oreal H.I.P. duos are a staple as well because they are richly pigmented and CHEAP 😀  Usually buy one get one free or half off, so look for those deals at CVS or Walgreens.

Well those were some makeup looks 🙂  Hope that you enjoyed and try out some fun creations yourself!  Summer is the time for bright fun, get out there and experiment.

Don’t Believe the Hype

This post is inspired by Afrobella’s post concerning the hype around Carol’s Daughter products. We all have favorite products, often times purchased because we heard our favorite celebrity has it or know bloggers who rave about it, or the company just has a strong following *cough* MAC *cough*.

Then, once purchased, even if it doesn’t live up to what it should, we often overlook it because we have it so ingrained that it works! Some products that I used to buy, just because I convinced myself that they worked fabulously, are MAC lipglosses…They can be quite sticky and annoying, but just because they were my first introduction to something other than drugstore makeup, I stuck to them for years without even trying other brands. Then, there’s the Great Lash by Maybelline that always wins as consumer choice and makeup artists rave about it, etc etc. That stuff is WHACK. I mean, it’s nothing special, nothing to win accolades. I like the pink and green packaging, but that product is #1 in my book as having completely benefitted from WAY too much hype.

What are some of the products that you think have succeeded from too much hype? What are some that you brainwashed yourself into thinking was awesome, even with all signs pointing to “Oh hell no!”?

Classy Lunch for Two

Went to Chicago’s The Signature Room for a classy lunch with my best friend Kennedy today. Yum yum! I love the food offerings of Chicago, always something fabulous to try. We had steak, baked potatoes, vegetable medley and desserts. I tried a gooey molten chocolate cake (jealous? I would be!) and Kennedy had carrot cake with candied walnuts and caramel raisin sauce.

I wanted to get dolled up, and I’m going to show my look for today:

Stila slate all over lids, MAC Nocturnelle lower lid and middle of upper lids, and MAC Deep Truth on the corners. MAC carbon liner on bottom lash line and Too Faced Lash Injection on lashes

Shopping Extravaganza

Gotta love graduating because I totally racked up the loot!  With it, I went shopping today; haven’t done that in a while….Got such great things, I’m totally cheesing.  You know a girl is at her happiest when she shops….retail therapy ring a bell? 😉 

Anyway, here are the wonderful things I got, I’m stoked to get to use/wear it all!  And hope my boys like their gifts:

Michael’s gift (my brother, who I’m making over)

Conquest Legacy Graphic TeeBound by Courage Graphic Tee(in red)  Shop Express here

Now on to MY gifts for myself!  muhahaha

stopped in sephora so you KNOW I had to get myself a lil sumthin sumthin…what type of girl would I be otherwise?

Magic Wand Illuminating FoundationI love that this has a brush already, nice and easy!  lovely stuff, really

needed some new shoes to fit my shrinking feet (went down a shoe size, size and a half out of nowhere…should I get that checked out? lol)

Johanna Platform PumpCovet Sport Skimmer and some awesome leopard print flats that I can’t find the picture of…..which blows, since they are so de jour.

From H&M, I bought a pink and navy shirt with a denim pencil skirt.  no pics 😦

AMAZING sale at New York and Company!!  50% off of EVERYTHING…check it out here and I’ll show you the things I bought so far 😉 going back for more:

THE LUDLOW PEA COAT       coat for $50 and a silver handbag

Talk about giddy, I’m ecstatic with my bargains! lol…..happy shopping, girls!  until next time

Graduation; from thug to prep makeover; Too-faced Review

Bonjour good people 🙂  So yeah, can’t believe i GRADUATED….granted, it was last thursday so I should have posted then, lol, but it’s so wild to me….cool beans….still looking for a job in the magazine world in Chicago or online, so if you know of anything, let me know por favor!

 Went shopping with the family while we were in Miami and I am getting the immense pleasure of helping my brother in his makeover!  We’re taking him from average to stylish…no more sloppy baggy clothes, big tee shirts, lame gear 🙂  he has a great figure, I’m glad he’s not hiding it anymore under horrid clothes.  Here’s some of the things we bought:

Logo Script Thermal Crew Logo shirt from A/X (
Denim Lab M11 Boot Cut<br><i>Plutonium</i>Multitype Graphic TeeJeans and tee from express ( .  I’ll probably be getting him some more tees at least for xmas 🙂  Glad that he’s maturing!  Nice new start for college.

Also while shopping, I stopped at MAC to check out getting some new blush.  I tested out “breath of plum” by MAC, since I’m always trying weird colors.  It’s a rather lovely purple, I’m considering getting it.  (  Then I made my way over to Sephora and of course you guys know i was in heaven!!!  Had to get some things, here’s my goods (

Pure Skin SupplementsMurad skin supplements to help clear out my complexion…I think it’s working!

Lash InjectionVERY good mascara…plumps them up, great volume, dark, lovely lovely lashes…Kind of a pain to get off though….oh well, at least they are worth the effort! 

Professionnel Unique Cream Makeup Removerpretty good makeup remover with the texture of vaseline.  cheap too, only like $2 (maybe $4)

Blush Me! Mono after testing out the mac blush, i bought a rose blush to appease myself, but I still want to go back and get the purple, it’s more unique.

well that was my foray into shopping 🙂  I’ll have more things coming my way soooooooon

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