Good start to new year

This new year is starting smashingly ūüôā ¬†Went to dinner on new years eve at Spiaggia and it was AMAZING. ¬†So yummy! ¬†Appetizer course was¬†mozzarella¬†drizzled in a honey type sauce with some type of fruit (kumquat?) chopped next to it and amazing prosciutto. ¬†I felt like the movie Ratatouille where the mouse had the flavors exploding in his mouth in bursts of jazz and colors! ¬†It was THAT good. ¬†Pasta course was a butternut squash filled pasta with fried sage and amaretto sauce, also incredibly delish and my mom’s favorite part of the meal. ¬†Steak ¬†with morel mushrooms and smashed potatoes followed, finished by the creamiest tiramisu ever put together. ¬†WHAT a dinner to start off the night’s activities! ¬†I was already incredibly happy with my makeup and hair, felt good in my outfit, and had on my fly headpiece, lol. ¬†EVERYONE was stopping me and saying that it was gorgeous and that they wanted to party with me because I must be fun, lol. ¬†That was so cool.

Then went to the Signature Room at the John Hancock building’s lounge. ¬†There was a hilarious lady there who was fun and an instant friend. ¬†She was crazy and cool, seated next to us. ¬†I heart her, we clowned hard and didn’t even know each other! ¬†Then there were gorgeous fireworks outside the window which overlooked gorgeous Navy Pier.

Next up, party at our hotel! ¬†We stayed at the Westin that night and finagled our way into the hotel party they were having there. ¬†THAT was pure hilarity, because they were SO wasted! ¬†Some chick fell under her table trying to reach for something, another fell through a sign at the elevator then tried to argue that she wasn’t drunk, barely able to keep her eyes open. ¬†I had too much fun there, cracking the eff up and dancing with my Phy-Phy. ¬†Great new years eve! ¬† ¬†Spent the next day shopping and lounging around the Four Seasons hotel where we stayed the next night. ¬†I’m all about luxe surroundings! ¬†Drinks in front of the lounge fireplace was oh so nice, even saw a HOT guy at the bar, but I looked all of 15 with my hello kitty jewelry and yellow sweater, so um yeah, not approaching him! haha. I promise next time to dress for the¬†occasion¬†so that I can have something better to update ūüėČ

I had to do another cowash and twist out when I got home last night because feathers and glitter were in my hair, cramping my style ya know ūüėČ ¬†Woke up today, took it down and WHOA, best twist out ever! ¬†Okay, well I went a little happy with the marula oil spray the night before so it was a tad oily, but other than that? ¬†Your girl was FLY. ¬†It was moisturized, super curly, fun! ¬†My cousins even complimented me on it and they are SO not about natural hair ūüôā

snapped on my new lace bow clips and sashayed my happy self out the door to church where I played with my cutie pie god daughter. ¬†She is LEAVING me ūüė¶ ¬†Her mom is moving them back to Alabama, I am heartbroken. ¬†I love that lil chocolate drop, she’s so sweet and fun with her fat cheeks. ¬†NEVER cries, just a doll.

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