Hump Day Hotties – Wednesday Eyecandy

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A new feature that I’ll be doing is Hump Day Hotties every Wednesday ūüėČ ¬†Just a lil something to get us through the rest of the week. ¬†Feel FREE to chime in with some of your favorite eye candy candidates so that I can show them off in future weekly installments. ¬†ENJOY!

This week I’m showing off three of my favorite hunks from my television line up, 2 guys from Leverage on TNT and one from White Collar on USA. ¬†Must See Tv INDEED!

Matt Bomer – Neal Caffrey “White Collar

He is just so smooth, with his sexy self. ¬†On the show, he is an expert thief and forger who oozes class and coolness. ¬†Always in a tailored suit, this man is the definition of “hubba hubba”. ¬†YES PLEASE, I’ll take some of THAT.

Aldis Hodge – Alec Hardison on “Leverage

This yummy dude is the “geek” of the show, providing them with all of the intel and hacks to pull of their cons. ¬†There’s something very sexy about a “nerd” who looks anything but! ¬†He’s buff, he’s cool, sarcastic, and looks damn fine cleaned up in a suit playing like he had a British accent for a con-job! ¬†Yowza, why weren’t all geeks like that?

Christian Kane – Eliot Spencer “Leverage

He’s the tough bad ass of the crew, beats up anyone who gets in their way during a con. ¬†Buff, brooding, yummy! ¬†Did I mention that he can sing? ¬†Loves it!

Who do YOU think belongs on the Hump Day Hotties list?

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