Fall Desires: The Must Have List

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Who else can’t believe that it’s the middle of August? And therefore THAT much closer to fall?  The good thing is that fall FASHIONS will now be more prevalent and this girl loves sweaters, jeans, boots, nice coats, and fall nail colors 😀  Let’s check out some must have items of the upcoming season, feel free to add some of your own!

Asos 2-in-1 Knitted Lace Dress $70.77

This dress is so pretty and girly, great for a fall date wouldn’t you say?  The touch of lace on the bottom does it for me, pair this with a long necklace and some boots,  I’d be ready to conquer the day.

Chic Suedette Wedges $27.80

These boots are SUPER cute!  They’d be great for work, weekend, a date, ANYTHING! Being a nice neutral grey helps in their versatility as well.  Must have! (They come in taupe and black as well)

Navy Studded Crossbody Bag $26

Navy is such an awesome color for the colder months.  The gold studs/hardware are so up my alley because they provide an amazing POP of detail for the eyes to feast on.  Lovely, right?

Suedette Ankle Bootie $34.80


Look at these beauties!! The heel is something serious, isn’t it?  Love them for a sexy fall date look or martinis with the girls after work.  What do you think?

Draped Knit Dress (the lbd) $32


Blue Denim-Knit Jeggings with Military Buttons $18

These jeggings have a cute military detail at the bottom of the legs that I can appreciate and as I said in my previous post, picking some pants that will stay ON will be a plus, so jeggings and leggings are total win.

Over the Knee Black Boots $68

Warm legs, warm feet, what’s not to fancy about some over the knee flat boots?  I could see these becoming a winter staple for sure!  Slide them over jeans/jeggings and wowza.

Vila Faux Fur Coat $101.10

This jacket is my favorite thing on the list.  I have wanted a cute fur/faux fur jacket for two winters now, must add one to the closet!  The imitation chinchilla look with the inner sleeve detail is beyond hot!  I’d rock that jacket so well *gazes adoringly*

This Tarte Palette has some amazing fall friendly colors, wouldn’t you say? $44 and LOOK at the chic purple case with the gold studs!!

Jessica Simpson “Fancy Nights” perfume because it’s supposed to be sexy and spicy, I love those types of fragrances for fall/winter!  It’s composed of warm notes of bergamot and Egyptian papyrus blended with Indonesian patchouli, Bulgarian red rose and night-blooming jasmine.

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SO FAR, SO CHIC – Miss Laura Wheat

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Let’s meet the fabulously fun Laura Wheat, the brains behind SO FAR, SO CHIC which is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog dedicated to all things, well, chic!

1. What is the first beauty-related memory that you have? What drew you to
peel-off nail varnish, powder puffs and perfume. I also loved the sets of plastic
lipsticks you could get back in the day. The picture shows me, mum’s mascara
in-hand, having dragged a chair up to her chest of drawers in order to get my
paws on her makeup!
I always loved pretty ladies in frilly dresses and anything girlie. After seeing
flamenco dancers on holiday I asked my nan to make me a material flower to
wear in my hair. At Busch Gardens in Florida I wanted my picture taken with the
women wearing old-fashioned dresses as their costumes.
2. Name the celeb (dead or alive) that you would trade looks with and why.
There are loads of beautiful women who I admire. I love Joanna Lumley. Goldie
Hawn was absolutely gorgeous when she was young. I think Jessica Biel is
striking. Eva Mendes always looks amazing… But I wouldn’t want to trade looks
with anyone I don’t think – the thought scares me. Like plastic surgery that
makes you look like someone else! I’d rather just be me. I wouldn’t mind Jennifer
Aniston’s hot body though!
3. What’s your favorite makeup trend? Fashion trend?
I love black liquid liner flicked out in a chic cat’s eye. Sixties-inspired looks always
appeal to me, although pale lips rarely work in real life.
My favourite look to wear is a waisted dress with a skinny belt and heels. I’m
noticing a trend for retro-style sundresses at the moment, which is cool as I’ve
always loved that look. Eva Mendes always rocks a great retro frock! I
have a thing for narrow cropped-leg trousers and jeans. Very Audrey Hepburn.
4. What’s your least favorite makeup trend of all time? Least favorite fashion
I cannot understand why anyone would want a weirdly fake-tanned face. I just
don’t get it! I’ve no problem with fake tan but it needs to be subtle and enhancing,
not orange and ten shades darker than your normal skin colour! Orange faces
also seem to get paired with pale lips and frosted eyeshadows… Did I mention I
hate shimmery eyeshadow on the brow bone? Stop at the crease! Please stop at
the crease!
Fashion-wise, I can’t bear the recent batch of 80’s-inspired florals. I like proper
80’s prints on cotton dresses, but not these grim dusky pink patterns on
disgusting stretchy dresses and tops. They suit no-one! So unflattering.
(<–NOT Laura)
5. Quick, stuck with only one beauty item for the rest of your life, what would it
be? A specific lipstick, eyeshadow, liner, mascara, etc.
It would have to be mascara, because my lashes are so pale. I liked Clarins
Wonder Perfect Mascara until the tube went all clumpy on the outside. Clinique
mascaras are always good in my experience, also Dior Show, although it’s damn
expensive. I’ve never found a budget option that I’m happy with for thickening my
lashes. Answers on a postcard please…
7. What makeup brand is your favorite? What fashion brand is your favorite?
I like Laura Mercier for quality products and flattering colours. I use so many
other brands though, it’s difficult to just pick one.
The clothes I’d like to own aren’t really within my price range! Reiss always
has lovely pieces but it’s expensive. I like H&M for the surprise gems that
occasionally spring up in their shops.
8. Are you more a handbag girl? makeup girl? clothing?
All of the above! My absolute weakness has to be shoes though. I have so many
pairs and I cannot stop myself from buying more. There are always other pairs I
need for a particular look I’m envisaging! I used to ask mum if I could sleep with
new shoes next to my pillow and I still feel that kind of excitement when I get a
particularly fabulous pair.
9. What 3 words best describe your style?
Different every day.
*Read more of Laura’s daily fashion and beauty thoughts at SO FAR, SO CHIC


Spring Fever from Coach

The Coach Poppy collection is giving me serious spring fever.  I want the days of sunshine and flowers and girly dresses.  Sigh, it can’t get here soon enough and with Chicago’s erratic weather track record, spring probably won’t grace us until May.

Back to the collection, I ADORE the cutesy charm that they’ve utilized for the bags, clothing, and jewelry, with hearts and flowers and afro puff girlies looking ever so cute on all of the products.  A couple of must haves that caught my are:

the glam metallic leather poppy tote

I have a million totes, so really that wouldn’t be something that i NEED, but this one would certainly top all of my totes!  It looks to be a good size and it’s frigging LEATHER, so luxe and pretty with my favorite colors.  I give the tote an A+ for style and functionality, because it looks like I’d be able to carry my laptop and nintendo ds along with a book in there if I ever get a frigging JOB, so that when I have to ride the train I can look tres stylish doing so 🙂

The Poppy Pinky swing pack is the winner for me of the poppy afro puff girls collections, simply because it’s not a tote (i ADORE the other characters tote bags, but really, how many totes does one girl need?  And I’d pick the leather one above out of the collection if i were to get a tote)

It features a poppy pinky afro puff girl, who I find completely and utterly adorable!  I want all of the girls so that I may build a collection, but alas, I am not made of money.  Okay okay, I know that the hair is supposed to be poppy’s on the sides of their heads, but can anyone tell me that those don’t look like afro puffs?  Whatever they are, they are all CUTE!!  Here’s Pinky’s sisters:




and Pinky in Tote form

I wonder why they only made pinky into wristlet and swingpack form?  Curious, curious.  Anyway, all of them can be found here: http://www.coach.com/poppy-us/bags.html

I would so rock the t-shirt full of pretty afro puff cuties!

Gotta Look Good For LA

In fashion news, I am REALLY digging Jessica Simpson’s shoes/handbag lines!  I bought the most fab purse from her called the Limelight in color pine and it looks like it cost no less than $300.  It’s so luxe, I may have to rock that purse tonight to dinner with my girly Ashley.

it’s like this, but a deep teal color that is so chic for fall/winter and you know that jewel tones are in.

My daddy bought me a new ring/necklace set from Swarvoski that I wanted for months now.  It was a surprise and I am so in love with it and appreciative that he got it from me.  The thing is MAJOR blingage for my Hollywood life.

it’s called the Chic ring, and I must agree!  The necklace is small and has a couple of gems so as not to compete or overpower.  Ahh, I love it!  What do you think?

What I Covet This Summer

What are some things that you are craving for this summer?

Here’s a list of things that are topping my “must get” list for the summer:

NARS glow set: buy here

Nars body glow this duo gives a golden glow to any summer tan! I so want to try it, because I’m tired of glitter and all that messy stuff, i want a beautiful, built in glow.

this sexy, sassy dress from Bebe for when I hit up Miami so that I can party it up in VIP in style! Utilizes the trendy color blocking and the hot color that is Raspberry: buy here

bebe dress

a new Coach Wallet: buy here

coach wallet

Coach Earrings

coach earrings

This OH SO FABULOUS Marc Jacobs bag with the beautiful quilting and lovely periwinkle coloring: click here to view/purchase

Makeup Forever Lipstick in Orange Rust 217. This summery apricot orange should compliment many complexions, especially with the warm tan of the Nars Glow duo 😉 : Click here to buy

I would DIE if i had the new Louis Vuitton Watercolor Speedy…i think that it is absolutely gorgeous:

louis vuitton watercolor speedy

louis vuitton watercolor speedy

and last, but not least, the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Speedy for a classic: Click Here to Buy

louis vuitton handbag

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