New Spray

I made the concoction that I talked about in the previous post.  I put it into the empty 8 oz spray bottle that my marula oil came in:

I poured in about a 1/3rd water, 2/3rd 99.7% aloe vera juice from the organic health food store, then dripped in rosemary oil, peppermint oil, olive oil, and tea tree oil with lavender extract.   Shook it up to mix together then spritz spritz!  Smells good, pretty much like peppermint with a little herb scent too.  Was cool and refreshing since the water I added was some Dasani from the refrigerator so nice and cold!  The peppermint tingles on the scalp some.   So I’ll let you know after using it for a while how it goes!  Pics will always be up to watch hair growing progress!

I’ve been watching some youtube videos today and think that I’ll try this technique  with my fantasia gel in order to get my curlies to POP like popcorn…okay, damn that was corny, please don’t judge me 😉    She and I have the same texture looks like, so hopefully it’ll work.  I’ll post pics, fail or triumph!!  I’ll probably do it on Monday, when I’ll have time to sit around and do hair.

hair hero: the prettiest model to me, Wakeema Hollis

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