And that’s MISS ROSS to You

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What comes to mind when I think of the amazing Diana Ross is Icon, Diva, sassy, beautiful, and the embodiment of the word GLAMOROUS.

This magnanimous woman has had a career that spans 5 decades and includes musical success, both with The Supremes and as a solo artist, along with a movie career that gave her memorable roles and an Oscar nomination.  I’ve always thought of her first when Motown and glamor come to mind, but it wasn’t until my boo Michael Jackson died (they’d been such close friends and I felt that I wanted to know more about her) that I actually started researching into her career and life, thus leading me to read her biography: Diana Ross by J. Randy Taraborrelli When I say Miss Ross has LIVED, that’d be an understatement!  I HIGHLY recommend the book, it showcases her drive and hunger for success, gives a poignant look into the woman.

Why am I even mentioning any of this?  BECAUSE I’M FREAKING EXCITED, that’s why! 😛  Guess who’s going to see the diva in action?  The superstar will be on her “More Today Than Yesterday: The Greatest Hits Tour” performing in select cities and I am so thrilled to be going to check her out on September 14th in New York.

Now the hunt is on for a totally fun, glamorous, chic outfit that will be worthy of even being in the same ZIP CODE as Miss Ross.  And let’s not forget the MAKEUP that will have to be on point 😀  I need your help, what are some of your favorite online shops (or Chicago boutiques for any fellow Chicagoans)  for sparkly glam apparel?  Give me some ideas!  *Smooches*

Hair Envy…in Church…BLASPHEMY

*edit: We have a new home!

I was at church today and I was filled with SO much hair envy…that has to be a sin, right?    :weeping:

There was this woman in the choir with her hair in a headband and big beautiful fluffy curly hair that was so awesome.  She had hair just like KCurly from newly natural.


KCurly of Newly Natural


As if it wasn’t enough to be staring at HER hair the whole service, there was a girl who walked past me when she was leaving and she had a perfect head of hair.  She probably thought I was a crazy freak, staring at her, lol, but omg the hair was PERFECT!  Jet black, big, mid back length, boucy, TOTALLY Diana Ross.


Diana Ross Big Hair


I so can’t wait until I invoke feelings of massive hair envy *crosses fingers* I’ll be ON it with moisture, conditioning, NO HEAT, protective styling.  I mean, I should right?  All of this blog stalking can’t be for naught.  Santa, baby, i’ve been a good girl this year, can I have a beautiful head of hair?

Hair Hero of the day will be Diana Ross, I’ve already posted some of her awesomeness, here’s a few more pics of her being FIERCE


Totally FIERCE



Diana Ross Rawr


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