I’d Have Kissed Her

I’ve been rocking out to the album “One of the Boys” by the coyishly cool Katy Perry.

I’m really feeling her fun style, and find myself in songs like “If You Can Afford Me”, which boasts such lyrics as:

If you want me, it takes more than a wink,
And more than a drink and more than you think.
If you want me you’re gonna have to break the bank, tonight.
Cuz some don’t have the patience, some call me high-maintenance
But you pay the bill, cuz, that’s the deal.

If you want me, then stop begging I don’t put out for charity
If you want me there’s no discount price tonight

Come on, those lyrics are AWESOME, and would have been my theme song in South Beach Miami if she’d come out 4 years ago. Then there are the more love songs of “Mannequin” where she wants the guy to feel how she feels and stop being so uptight and cold to her, and the great song “I Think I’m Ready” where she feels the need to grow up and get out of “friend” territory with the bad boys and into being appreciated and loved by a good man. I really really like that song.

I’m used to opening my own doors and splitting the checks
He introduced me, was always just a friend
I bought a new dress, he never noticed
Always falling for these bad boys, such a challenge

You were such a surprise
An unexpected gift
Told myself I don’t deserve you
And this is just a phase
Could I get used to being loved the right way?
I wanna argue, but there is nothing to say

Okay, I can’t write a post about Katy Perry and not mention everyone’s favorite song, “I Kissed a Girl”. That song is pretty badass, I like the beat and sound so much. May even get ring tone status 😉 And look at her, if i were in an experimental phase, I’d kiss her too!

also, the song “Thinking of You”  has been on repeat and a ringtone for me.  The video is truly spectacular and underrated in my opinion.  The clothing, the men, the sad storyline, the acting….lord, it’s a breathtaking video that even makes me cry.  A 2 hr romantic drama tragedy condensed into 4 minutes…LOVE IT

Papi Intimates Fashion Show


I promised to update once I went to some of the Ocean Drive fashion week events, so voila!  I went to the Papi Intimates fashion show with two of my buddies, Nani and Curt.  It was held at the hotel Victor and I must say, I like that hotel.  There were mostly hot gay guys there, and because my friend Nani is such a boyish looking girl, she was the belle of the ball because they didn’t know she was a girl!!! LMAO….not only is she a girl, but a girl who likes girls, so they were TOTALLY barking up the wrong tree….what a night……I had fun….waited in line forever because Nani was late, but we made it in and had a groovy time, dancing and laughing at the drunk folks who couldn’t hold a rhythm if their mama was Beyonce and their daddy was James Brown.  Shame shame, I tell ya!


Makeup is Nars Taj Mahal on cheeks, purple liner on the bottom, smashbox champagne on lids, maybelline lash stylist mascara

I may be going to another event tomorrow, I’ll have to see how I feel after the game and everything.

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