Goal Oriented

Now that I have a fabulous trip to NYC planned and tickets to the see the glorious Diana Ross (that’s MISS ROSS to you) the hunt is on for the perfect dress.  As I was browsing through site upon site of glam, sparkly, chic dresses cool enough to be worn in Miss Ross’ presence, I thought about the fact that I’d look even better with major weight gone so that I can fit the more sexy numbers.  I’m already on a weight-loss mission that I’ve talked about here, here, and here, with 15 lbs gone since June 7th and practically no exercise.  Imagine what I could do if I weren’t being such a lazy bum?  So now the race is on, no excuses about not wanting to work out, so that I can possibly lose 30 lbs by the trip in September.  I’ve found the dress that will be my inspiration, the super cute little number that I’d love to get my body into shape for:

TFNC Scatter Sequin Open Back Dress

Now of course I know that I won’t be HER size, nor do I want to be, but I feel that I could probably knock down some major inches in two months if I put my mind to it.   Maybe get to a size 8 (I’m a 12/14 now).  Do you find that you have to have concrete goals in mind to get anything accomplished or are you disciplined  enough to say that you are going to go for something and then get it done?  What’s your crutch when it comes to losing weight?

body inspiration: Gabrielle Union

Spring, Incoming

With Spring rapidly approaching, I am getting excited about the idea of shopping for new items that are popping with colors.  New girly dresses, sexy going out wear, nice jeans, cute flats, pretty jackets, oh my!  I already gushed about some Spring Coach must haves in this post, but of course a girl can’t build an entire wardrobe on handbags (trust me, I’ve tried).

I feel like I haven’t shopped in ages, but I was checking out http://www.youngfatandfabulous.com/ for the first time and it just got me craving the sweet sensation of money flowing from my account and bags piling up on my bed.  The fact that she looks great and isn’t a stick was also nice to see 😀  I’ve been perusing forever21.com , nyandcompany, and payless for possible purchases, as well as wishing that H & M would get an online presence for the US.  Here are some spring items that struck my fancy:

For going out, this dress would be oh so fun!  Paired with a cute silver clutch (who am I kidding, I don’t do clutches because I’d leave it there the second that I got a drink in me), it would be so pretty and fab:

This lovely flower shirt is soft and feminine, and I’d like it for my meager t-shirt collection:

For a warm pop of color, this coral dress would be light and simple:

This dress would be totally cute for work:

Sexy/fun forever 21 skirts:  click on the pics below to go to purchase pages

Gold pocket jeans

Now for shoes!


Happy Spring Shopping!!  I’ll update with photos if I get any of the items.  What are some your spring must haves??

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