Fall Desires: The Must Have List

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Who else can’t believe that it’s the middle of August? And therefore THAT much closer to fall? ¬†The good thing is that fall FASHIONS will now be more prevalent and this girl loves sweaters, jeans, boots, nice coats, and fall nail colors ūüėÄ ¬†Let’s check out some must have items of the upcoming season, feel free to add some of your own!

Asos 2-in-1 Knitted Lace Dress $70.77

This dress is so pretty and girly, great for a fall date wouldn’t you say? ¬†The touch of lace on the bottom does it for me, pair this with a long necklace and some boots, ¬†I’d be ready to conquer the day.

Chic Suedette Wedges $27.80

These boots are SUPER cute! ¬†They’d be great for work, weekend, a date, ANYTHING! Being a nice neutral grey helps in their versatility as well. ¬†Must have! (They come in taupe and black as well)

Navy Studded Crossbody Bag $26

Navy is such an awesome color for the colder months.  The gold studs/hardware are so up my alley because they provide an amazing POP of detail for the eyes to feast on.  Lovely, right?

Suedette Ankle Bootie $34.80


Look at these beauties!! The heel is something serious, isn’t it? ¬†Love them for a sexy fall date look or martinis with the girls after work. ¬†What do you think?

Draped Knit Dress (the lbd) $32


Blue Denim-Knit Jeggings with Military Buttons $18

These jeggings have a cute military detail at the bottom of the legs that I can appreciate and as I said in my previous post, picking some pants that will stay ON will be a plus, so jeggings and leggings are total win.

Over the Knee Black Boots $68

Warm legs, warm feet, what’s not to fancy about some over the knee flat boots? ¬†I could see these becoming a winter staple for sure! ¬†Slide them over jeans/jeggings and wowza.

Vila Faux Fur Coat $101.10

This jacket is my favorite thing on the list. ¬†I have wanted a cute fur/faux fur jacket for two winters now, must add one to the closet! ¬†The imitation chinchilla look with the inner sleeve detail is beyond hot! ¬†I’d rock that jacket so well *gazes adoringly*

This Tarte Palette has some amazing fall friendly colors, wouldn’t you say? $44 and LOOK at the chic purple case with the gold studs!!

Jessica Simpson “Fancy Nights” perfume because it’s supposed to be sexy and spicy, I love those types of fragrances for fall/winter! ¬†It’s composed of warm notes of bergamot and Egyptian papyrus blended with Indonesian patchouli, Bulgarian red rose and night-blooming jasmine.

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Pounds Gone…Pants Too??

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As many of you know, I’ve been on a weight loss mission, trying to get down to a size 4 or 6, whatever looks right on my frame. ¬†Well, so far about 20 lbs down since June 7th (go me!) and still working at many more being dropped. ¬†BUT there’s an unfortunate side effect….what is that you ask?

MY CLOTHES ARE ALL FALLING OFF!! ¬†What’s a girl to do when she’s trying to run to the train and must juggle a large laptop laden MJ tote bag, a handbag, in addition to now pulling up sagging pants? ¬†I swear, any moment now I’ll have a visit from this guy:

Don’t get me wrong, clothes being too big is a great sign of accomplishment. ¬†I could have WAY worse things to gripe about, right? ¬†But it’s no fun to not be able to wear any of my CURRENT clothes and know that I can’t buy new pants because it wouldn’t make a lick of sense if I’m still losing weight, which would result in having to ¬†then pull THOSE up in a couple of weeks as they make their descent to the ground. ¬†Waste of money, and goodness knows times aren’t ripe for that.

Fear not, there is a solution for those with steadily slimming waistlines. ¬†Leggings/jeggings, long tops, and dresses will be this girl’s best friend in the upcoming weeks. ¬†Leggings mold to the body and will not try to embarrass me with a ¬†pantsing in the middle of Michigan Avenue (can you IMAGINE the mortification? ¬†Oprah would kick me out of Chicago for that one). ¬†Flowy dresses can be comfortable and made more structural with the right belt. ¬†A cute tunic or sweater dress over the leggings will prove to be a staple. ¬†With those options, the fall wardrobe should be functional yet cute!

What are some of your fall must have items? ¬† ¬†If you’ve gone through any significant weight loss, what were your transitioning clothing solutions?


New purchases

In my former posts about wigs, I was saying how impressed I’d become with them.¬† Well, today, I went out and bought 2 more!¬† Woohoo, gotta love new, instant looks.¬† One, looks just like Halle Berry’s hair here, color and all.¬† I’ll take pics in it when I get a chance ūüėČ

Halle Berry Hair

The second wig is straight to my shoulders, swoop bangs, drk brown with streaks of a reddish brown.¬† Pics will be available soon.¬† It looks SOOO much like my real hair on a great day, I love that one ūüėČ

got some comfy new sweaters from new york and company in purple and pink (buy one, get one free!), a huge, pretty brown handbag, and a small caramel colored handbag.¬† Still getting new clothes for my new and improved brother, so we got him a cute sweater vest from Old Navy¬†and a lamb’s wool sweater from Express:

Merino V-Neck Sweater in cream for my bro

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