Needed Tools of the Trade

What are some beauty must haves you want for this summer? I want to rehaul all of my makeup, I really do. Not that I don’t like my stuff, just that I want to buy more things and wherever would I put it? Lol. And I need the right tools to boost perfect skin and perfect makeup let’s do it

To start, I need a fab makeup case:

this thing should house my stuff and keep it organized. And it’s a cool metallic pink, fine by me!

I’m practically chomping at the bit to have this Clarisonic skincare brush set. Not only is it supposed to make skin tremendously improved, the proceeds from the pink set goes towards Breast Cancer Awareness. I can haz please?? Does anyone have one? I’d love to know opinions on it and the cleansers that come with it or what you’ve found to be the best cleansers to use with it. It can be bought at Sephora.

Anyone who loves makeup needs a good kit of brushes. I could use a new brush set and this one looks pretty cool. (everything in this post is pink…i did NOT try to do that, lol)

This Daisy by Marc Jacobs kit would be awesome too. Both would be handy additions to any girls repertoire. Includes a powder brush, blush brush, eyeshadow brush, brow brush and smudge brush.

This MAC 239 Brush was recommended as one of the best brushes to use for eyeshadow application and blending by Temptalia in her “how-to” post on eye makeup application. She always does a beautiful job, so I may have to check that brush out! Anyone have it? What do you think of it?

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