Post Braids Healthy Hair Regimen

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A few days ago I took down the cornrows because they were a bit back heavy and giving me a headache.  No good, right?  Especially seeing as to how I started a new job (YAY!!) and needed to have my wits about me, not worrying about an aching head.

A good start that I followed so as not to have tangles from dead hair build up and dirt from the braids was to comb through with my fingers and then a wide tooth comb as I took down every braid.  This is VERY important to do BEFORE washing your hair post braids because let me tell you, it is NOT fun or a pretty sight to step into the shower and get the hair wet only to have it turn into massive dreadlock -type balls of tangled hair, dirt, and product build up.  My mother had braids for the first time a couple of months ago and she did not detangle well before getting in the shower (I wasn’t home to tell her this vital step, she thought she could just hop into the shower and wash her hair as normal) and let’s just say her thoughts about doing a big chop and going natural like me became a reality a LOT quicker than she’d imagined.  She emerged with matted clumps of hair that even her stylist couldn’t detangle, so chop chop and now my mama is officially a natural diva like yours truly.   It just so happened that she had a somewhat short haircut anyway, likes short hair and planned to chop at some point, but BE CAREFUL because there won’t be that silver lining for you if you had no plans to cut your hair and then NEED to.

Mama's new haircut

After detangling well, I deep conditioned to soften my hair by applying Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner, olive oil, and coconut oil for approximately 30 minutes.  This step is great because it pampers your hair after being tucked away for a while, moisturizes, and like I said, it makes it soft and lush for the washing aspect.  This was followed by Trader Joe’s Tingle Tree shampoo because I wanted to get my scalp all invigorated and clean.  I love the fact that it actually does make your skin tingle!  Wash well to get any residue from having those braids and then smooth lots of conditioner through the hair (I used a combination of Aubrey Organics GPB and Suave Almond and Shea Butter).  Let this work its magic while you shower as normal and maybe do a body polish/scrub.  Use a shower comb and gently comb through while the conditioner is in the hair to make sure that there are no matted or tangled bits (there shouldn’t be any if the other steps were followed correctly; my hair was so easy to handle by this point).

Voila, soft healthy hair post braids!  No need to chop off sections or cry because of the nightmare of trying to detangle a matted ball of curls. Just diligently work with it as you go and then there’ll be no horror movie ending for your tresses.  I then dried my hair some by plopping a t-shirt on my hair to soak up some of the water so that I could twist my hair while damp and not sopping wet.  Using Qhemet Biologics Olive and Honey balm, I made small twists all over my head as a protective style.  I left these in for a couple of days, pinning back the front in a cute style for work and then untwisted and fluffed for the weekend (I can wear my hair in a twist out for work, I just wasn’t going to untwist them that soon since it takes me a while to twist because I have bad shoulders).  Easy peasy, hair is healthy and growing.

Hopefully this is helpful for those who are thinking about getting braids!  These steps made the post-wash and detangle session a breeze.

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Cornrows for the Win

My best friend came over and gave me cornrows; I’m so grateful since I can’t do them myself!  They aren’t for style right now, just wanted a protective style and wearing wigs over them when I leave the house.  Next time that I do them, we’re going to practice with extensions, that should be an adventure, lol.  It doesn’t LOOK hard to do the cornrows with added hair, but we shall SEEEEEEE, verdad?

Cowashed with Organix shea butter conditioner and olive oil, then braided with the amla/olive cream and sprayed with my aloe concoction.  Yay for protective winter styles!  I’ll leave these in for a week or two I suppose, spraying every day with my aloe grow spray and maybe slathering on some coconut oil to seal.

below, pic of me wigging it out 🙂  Easy instant makeover:

Wigging it

Winter is certainly in full effect out here! I’m so over the cold, snow, ice, chilly winds.  Can it be spring already?  To get our minds off of the ferocious coldness, my friend and I were contemplating where we need to take a vacation for next year so that We can have time to save.  Top two trip contenders at the moment are Italy (Rome, Florence, etc)  and Brazil (not sure what city or anything).


Italy Trevi Fountain

I’ve been to Italy, which was amazingly beautiful and historical, great food too so I’ve always wanted to go back, but it’d be nice to try somewhere new right?  In that vein, Brazil would be amazing.  My mom has been there, but I have not, so it would be a fab experience I’d say.  Hell, either of the two beats cold Chicago right now!  Even if it’s cold there, it’d be a change of cold scenery, so good enough for me!  Have you been to either place?  What were your experiences?

hair hero:  watching This Is It movie and anytime I tear my eyes away from Michael I am admiring Judith Hill’s awesome hair

I’ve created a monster!

I can’t keep my hands out of my hair….I’m in love….:weeping:  I know that in order for it to be healthy and growing, I need to not have my fingers in it all day which can cause knots, I KNOW this, but if it’s not covered, i can’t help but play in the soft curls!  I want to pat and coil and play and rub…is that so bad?

Also, I need to learn how to DO my hair.  I did the finger coils myself and thats a cool idea (if i can ever 1. get to do my whole head without being tired, lol and 2. learn to do them tighter and smaller myself), but I want to learn how to braid and do twists, both flat to my head and individual all over.  I have my work cut out for me!  This is the girl who kept my weekly hair appointment and just let a stylist do whatever she wanted!  Until now I never really attempted to do anything to my own locks, other than flatironing sometimes or spiraling with curlers.  I suppose I’ll have to get my mom to teach me the art of braiding and twists! (guess I should have learned that a good 10 years ago).

The next time that I wash my hair (couple of days, trying to let the rodded curls last but i keep PLAYING in them!), i may attempt to twist my hair…yikes, we’ll see!

hair heros:

New Products, New Year Plans

Bought more products :blush:   I know I know, like I don’t have enough products already!  I have more products than hair, lol.  Today I stopped back at the health store and was saddened to see that the Qhemet amla and olive heavy cream hadn’t been replenished, so I couldn’t get cream that I wanted AND the Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose was out too, which I really really wanted since everyone raves about it in the natural community and my hair idol, Chime, swears by it 😦    Oh well, they should restock in the next week or so, and I’ll be back for both products.  It’s literally 5 minutes from my house, so not out of the way or anything (unfortunately, for my wallet, lol)

You know I didn’t walk out empty handed though, that just would not be right!  😉  I ended up with some Qhemet anyway, decided to purchase the  Karkady tea mist since my beloved Frank Juice only has a 1/3rd left to the bottle and I wanted to try out Qhemet anyway.  But I’ll be buying some more Oyin juices, will try out the Greg and Juices and Berries since I love the Frank juice so much.  Also bought two new conditioners, BWC Moisture plus conditioner and Aubrey Organics GPB conditioner so that I can deep condition for some protein.  I bought the tiny bottle just so that I can test it out and know that my hair isn’t against protein, if it likes, I’ll buy the bigger bottle!  If I like the moisture plus BWC conditioner, I’ll want to try the  Rosemary-tea tree-mint conditioner, that sounds like great ingredients.

Was just reading the back of my Organix conditioners, the coconut and the shea butter ones, and they have cones in them 😦  (silicones)  I didn’t know that at first and hear that cones aren’t good….I’ll have to do my hair without using either of those and see if I notice any difference.  I love the smell but if silicones aren’t so good for our hair then I won’t keep them around for fragrance alone!  But if my hair isn’t having adverse affects from them, then I’ll use anyway, because what’s bad for one person may not be bad for someone else, right?  We’ll see and I’ll keep you updated!

After January 1st, I want to get cornrows so that I can have a nice protective style in this winter wonderland also known as Chicago that I reside in.  So cold and snowy and windy lately, and the last thing that I want is for my hair to break off or dry out from indoor heating and icy cold outdoors.  I’ve been pampering it and keeping it moisturized so that I can try and counteract the effects, like spraying my frank juice, using marula oil spray, olive oil mix, patting on my coco light .  Hopefully my precious hair can hold on to moisture until I get it into some cornrows.

hair hero of the day:   I adore her hair!  I want mine like that

Got My Hair Done

Pampered my hair today and it felt oh so soft!  I cowashed with my Organix shea butter conditioner, detangled, then sectioned my hair into four and saturated it with olive and coconut oil, just poured lots in my hands and then smoothed onto my hair, root to tip.  Then I covered in two shower caps and my sleep bonnet.  While that was warm and feeling good on my head, I massaged my scalp periodically throughout the day.  I planned to do that in the morning and just rinse out and cowash again when my friend came to do my hair, so that’s what I did, and I ended up leaving that oil concoction on for about 6 hours while baking Christmas cookies and watching movies.

Once she came to do my hair, I cowashed with the Organix coconut conditioner (such a heavenly scent!  oh man, what a pleasure) and applied some Kinky Curly Knot Today as my leave-in.  Hair still wet, she put the back in rollers with blended beauty curl styling butter (I’ll give a review of this tomorrow when I take down the rollers, haven’t used it before, but thought that might be a good way to utilize it…hope so!)  and she braided the front with the Joie shea butter superlite that I talked about in my previous post.  So we’ll see how this all looks tomorrow!  here’s pics of the hair tonight:

Holiday hair plans

Christmas is only two days away and that means holiday hair!  What are your plans to be pretty and festive for the upcoming parties, family dinners, etc?

I’m going to start preparing tonight by coating my hair in extra virgin olive oil and virgin coconut oil and sleeping with that under a shower cap and my bonnet.  That should infuse some good moisture, and I’ll massage my scalp well to stimulate it.   Then tomorrow, Christmas Eve, my friend is going to come over and help me flat twist or braid the front and then roller set the back.  It should be a totally adorable little hairstyle, something I used to wear a lot back in the day in high school.   Just now I’ll be doing it at home with natural hair instead of at the beauty salon with relaxed hair for $35-50 😀

I’ll be sure to post pics of it after all complete.  So what’s your hair plans?  Let’s hear all about it!

hair inspiration:

Kinky Twists

I’m digging my kinky twists, they still look good even though it’s been almost 2 months.  I spray them every day with Oyin Frank Juice , which i absolutely LOVE.  It’s so cool and refreshing on my scalp.  Wonderful way to get moisture and I’ll be buying more bottles of that, along with Oyin Juices and Berries.

I plan on doing the technique found on , braids for two months, out for two months, braids two months, etc as I work towards getting some length.  Try out tree braids, get cornrows again, other medium sized braids.  Then when I have MY hair out, do finger coils/coil outs, twists/twist outs…should be fun!  I’m excited to play around with different ideas.

My hair is growing very nicely, all soft and stuff!  Yay!  This style agrees with me, definitely.  I just spray and then put on my satin bonnet for bed.  Easy peasy indeed.  When I first did the BC I bought this hair type 4A kit from curlmart: just because I thought I should and I had NO knowledge or products for natural hair.  I’m glad that it included the Frank juice, definitely my favorite part of the kit so far.  That and the wide tooth comb = WIN

I’m really glad that even though I hadn’t looked into ANYTHING before I did the chop, I still was doing the right stuff.  Conditioner, cholesterol, my curly kit, protective styling, etc.  Who knew, maybe I am kinda smart 😀

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