Workouts and Seeing Progress

SW: 186 NW: 178

Down 14 pounds since I first started trying to lose weight on June 7th and 8 lbs down since taking the phentermine pills and starting the weight loss journey via the blog here on June 12th.   Very happy about that, as you can imagine 🙂  14 down, about 55 more to go, lol!

I’ve been taking the phentermine every morning and because of that my appetite has been suppressed. What has become an issue is making sure to eat enough calories because I guess a side effect of the pills is that I never really have a specific taste for anything anymore and by the time I figure out what I want to eat sometimes I just DON’T eat because I’m no longer hungry.  Perhaps creating an eating schedule would be ideal so that it’s something to stick to and makes sure that I get at least 1200 calories.  Something to ponder!

The workout of choice today was 40 minutes on the elliptical and then lots of jump rope fun!  Jumping rope is considered one of the best cardio workouts that can be done because it works on toning the legs, arms, butt, and it gets the heart pumping (hence it being CARDIO 😛 )  so try to incorporate that in any future workouts!  Best to jump rope every other day, so that your muscles can relax in between days, do something more low key to the muscles such as the elliptical on in between days.  I watched this video for jumping rope techniques:

michelle obama jumping rope

After the jump rope and elliptical, I utilized the techniques from my Hip Hop Abs: Hips, Buns, and Thighs workout dvd for the booty exercises at the end of the video.  That workout is intense for the booty, will tone it up but beware, your butt WILL be sore!  Lol, you definitely feel the burn and I love it, watch that section here:

The only downside to working out and losing weight is the problem of clothes not fitting.  New things that I just bought a month ago no longer fit because my waist has gone down 2 inches since I  bought them.   Tailoring?  I guess it’s much easier to tailor things down than to have to let out, lol, so no complaining!  And of course, that can mean shopping 😉

body inspiration: beyonce bikini body

And so it begins…

🙂  I knew it would happen….as soon as I got my check, I couldn’t wait a full hour before going to that health store I was talking about in my previous post.  Not a FULL hour later!   Lord, I knew it

I will note that I only bought one product.  Pure Life soap co. Aloe 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner I don’t know why, but it drew me in.  It smells super fresh, clean, so nice!  Made of organic products, completely cruelty free and vegan for those who care about that too!  Made with aloe vera gel, sesame oil, and soy.  It’s not even one of the products that I wanted to buy at the store, I passed up the Qhemet, Jane Carter, Aubrey Organics….for something totally random…go figure, I always do that!  I hope that I like it, lol.  I’ll be back there for Qhemet and all of the others, just wanted something right then.  I’ll need a deep conditioner now, maybe a very rich moisturizer.  Qhemet will be good for the moisture I hear. 🙂   And I put lots of hair stuff on my christmas wishlist, so didn’t want to buy things and then it’s also given as a gift!

Anyone used this, especially natural hair black girls or curly chicks?  I want to see how it works out

Now I plan to go to Walmart, I want some skin stuff and a new satin bonnet for my hair.  Okay, so my skin is weird and WONKY….Sometimes bumpy, acne scar spots, just all around things that are NAT cute.  So I want to try some skin dark spot fading creams/washes.  Ambi is supposed to be good and I used to have some, but I don’t remember it doing much for me 😦  I also have some random stuff I found at beauty supply store, but nope, not doing much either.   I’ve been hearing good stuff about Black Opal’s system and it’s not too expensive, anyone have experience with it? I want to pick up the cleanser and the advanced dual complex fade gel….SOMETHING to work with this skin…any suggestions on products that you love?

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