Workouts and Seeing Progress

SW: 186 NW: 178

Down 14 pounds since I first started trying to lose weight on June 7th and 8 lbs down since taking the phentermine pills and starting the weight loss journey via the blog here on June 12th. ¬† Very happy about that, as you can imagine ūüôā ¬†14 down, about 55 more to go, lol!

I’ve been taking the phentermine every morning and because of that my appetite has been suppressed. What has become an issue is making sure to eat enough calories because I guess a side effect of the pills is that I never really have a specific taste for anything anymore and by the time I figure out what I want to eat sometimes I just DON’T eat because I’m no longer hungry. ¬†Perhaps creating an eating schedule would be ideal so that it’s something to stick to and makes sure that I get at least 1200 calories. ¬†Something to ponder!

The workout of choice today was 40 minutes on the elliptical and then lots of jump rope fun! ¬†Jumping rope is considered one of the best cardio workouts that can be done because it works on toning the legs, arms, butt, and it gets the heart pumping (hence it being CARDIO ūüėõ ) ¬†so try to incorporate that in any future workouts! ¬†Best to jump rope every other day, so that your muscles can relax in between days, do something more low key to the muscles such as the elliptical on in between days. ¬†I watched this video for jumping rope techniques:

michelle obama jumping rope

After the jump rope and elliptical, I utilized the techniques from my Hip Hop Abs: Hips, Buns, and Thighs workout dvd for the booty exercises at the end of the video.  That workout is intense for the booty, will tone it up but beware, your butt WILL be sore!  Lol, you definitely feel the burn and I love it, watch that section here:

The only downside to working out and losing weight is the problem of clothes not fitting. ¬†New things that I just bought a month ago no longer fit because my waist has gone down 2 inches since I ¬†bought them. ¬† Tailoring? ¬†I guess it’s much easier to tailor things down than to have to let out, lol, so no complaining! ¬†And of course, that can mean shopping ūüėČ

body inspiration: beyonce bikini body

Creamy Lips

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The hunt was on for a perfect creamy beige lipstick, after being inspired by my friend and fellow blogger at when she posted this photo:

I’d never been able to find a great color that would work on me because most seemed to just look ashy and being the twin of crackhead Tyrone Biggums was NOT a goal of mine.

Mac was my first stop because I’d seen many beautiful looking colors on their website for lipsticks that may be able to fit the bill. ¬† Problem was, I couldn’t just go ordering any ole thing off of the website without trying it on, expecting to NOT have the same problem of ashy looking lips that I’d been previously having. ¬†Why is it that things in person never look like they do in photos/online? ¬†Colors that I’d written down the names of turned out to be the totally wrong choice once I was at the Mac counter, so it’s certainly a good thing that I tried it on first instead of blindly ordering and hoping!

After trying on no less than 15 lipsticks/cremes/lipglasses I came across a smooth and rich duo that fit my bill perfectly!  Welcome to my makeup family, Mac Fresh Brew and Viva Glam V lipglass!

Here’s photos with it on:

It’s rich and luscious on the lips, feels good because it’s a part of their lustre line. The lipglass has a good shine, which I can appreciate. ¬†What I really love is that because it’s part of the Viva Glam line, then the full proceeds go to Aids research/support via the !!! ¬†Giving back and getting glam, win win!

The rest of the makeup is my Big Girl Cosmetic’s dual foundation compact in #45 , Cover Girl Lash Blast for the mascara, Revlon brow enhancer for the eyebrows (loooooving this stuff! ¬†it makes perfectly filled in, neat eyebrows a reality), and Jordana Easy liner in seagreen on the lower lash line.

Loving Beyonce’s makeup and nude lip here:

By the way, hair is getting big ūüėÄ ¬†Check out the fierceness:

Unintentionally on Trend

Lush red and playful coral lips seem to be the trend for this spring and wouldn’t you know it, those were the colors that I stocked up on without nary a glance at a runway, magazine, nor web trend alert page. ¬†It tickled my fancy, because this isn’t the first time that it occurred, could I perhaps be a trend-psychic?? ¬†Le gasp ūüėČ

zoe saldana

Check out this wonderful Mac Cosmetics video for steps on applying a perfect red lip:

My holy grail lipstick as of late is the wonderful Make Up For Ever brand, especially the blue red that I talked about here. ¬†That color is so rich in person and definitely will draw hot male attention (okay, ugly males too, but let’s not focus on them). ¬†I want to try out their full color glosses, because if the lipstick can be so divine, the gloss has to be cloud 9 to the ultimate power!

Rihanna's glowing complexion is on trend

Creamy, pigmented pouts are all the rage, with shimmering glowing complexions and fluttery long eyelashes.  To incorporate glow into your routine, Smashbox Artificial Light and Nars the Multiple could be used.

Both would add that certain je ne sais quoi quality to the wearer, making for longing glances of envy and compliments galore. ¬†I use Victoria’s Secret shimmer powder, because honestly, who doesn’t want to look, smell, walk, wear a bikini like, live the life of a Victoria’s Secret Angel? ¬†Marketing, you have snared yourself a willing victim! ¬†I too want to be Adriana Lima hot. ¬†Check out their shimmer-ful products by clicking the highlighted blue link.

For the aforementioned fluttery eyelashes, a healthy coating of Dior Show never hurt anyone. ¬†Bold dark lashes full of volume and sex appeal, surely can’t go wrong there! ¬†Adding a couple of falsies first also can help fellow stumpy eyelash club members such as myself. ¬†Get those eyelash curlers out, girls, and make those eyes¬†irresistible.

Beyonce Lashes

Well that’s the beauty forecast, have fun! ¬†I know I will, with plenty of pics along the way ūüėČ ¬†Besos!

Knots and locks

I keep finding single strand, or fairy, knots in my hair which is super annoying. ¬†I’d done a wash and go for my ‘fro a couple of days ago, because I simply didn’t feel like twisting it after washing and am coming to the conclusion that my hair out so much is no good for my ends. ¬†Even when I do a twist out, I still get some single strand knots, probably from when I sleep and my hair may move with me under my satin cap. ¬†Oh what to do?

Last night to keep my hair from doing that, I did dry twists with my new Amla and Olive Heavy Cream. ¬†Can I say, this stuff is like caviar for the hair, soooo rich and luxurious ūüėÄ ¬†AND I got it on sale for 20% off. ¬†It’s amazing, so creamy and delicious, smells and looks like my coconut lime body butter from bath and body works, just a lighter scent. ¬†I smoothed some on my dry hair on each twist before I twisted, brushed through slowly with a denman-esque brush (worked well, didn’t have to tug at my hair and only like 2 strands came out in the brush. Yay for tangle free hair!) and twisted medium and small twists throughout. ¬†The cream made it soft and smooth while brushing, so I highly recommend and give the product an A+. ¬† I look like a reject cast member from Bebe’s Kids, but if it’ll keep my hair healthy I’ll do it! ¬†Not like I planned on going on some hot date with it like this anyway, lol. ¬†I suppose it can stay in these twists for a couple of days while I try to finagle someone into cornrowing my hair ūüėČ

What have you done to minimize single strand knots? ¬†Any suggestions? ¬†I’ve just come across a great post on about how a mother grew her type 4 child’s hair down to her waist, simple regime and emphasis on LOW MAINTENANCE, so I’ll have to adapt that by learning how to braid and twist much smaller twists so that they can last.

hair hero: beyonce’s afro (i know it’s not natural, but it’s damn cute!)

summer in Chicago

the lazy days of summer are in full effect and I am loving it. New brilliant shade of lipstick from MAC called Girl About Town, which will be my staple. It’s like a rich fuschia raspberry, and makes my lips wonderfully kissable! I loves it, check it out next time that you hit up a MAC counter or the online store.

Beyonce in \beyonce with “Girl About Town” lipstick..i don’t use gloss on top of it, I’m not trying to have ultra-glow-in-the-dark lips, but that’s the color

Went to the taste of Chicago for the first time in like 3 years. I get tired of the crowd and this year was no different (granted, we always go on the 3rd, which is the BUSIEST day there) The watermelon at the Dominicks counter was to die for, it was so sweet and delish. That made the whole day worth it!

Bought cute new clothes at Forever 21, you all should check out the sales! Loads of comfy, stylish summer dresses. I plan on building my whole wardrobe this summer with dresses because they are so easy. Throw on, it’s a done deal!

forever21 dress got this dress in green and purple, for $13.50! Also scored a divine sweater at Filene’s Basement that was originally $108 and I got it for $15 and it fits like a dream! I never even go in that store, but it must have been meant to be because it was the only one open. What a stroke of luck!!

Happy shopping, girls!

All Things Beautiful

I’m at my happiest when I am standing at a makeup counter, perusing the assorted products and knowing that with a couple swipes of said products, I can be transformed.

There is no better feeling than being dolled up and feeling GORGEOUS. With that said, here are some of my favorite beauty products that help lead towards that feeling of ultimate confidence for me:

All things Beautiful

1. Too Faced Magic Wand Illuminating foundation. This stuff blends well, disappears into my skin, and leaves me with an flawless skin that does not show I have on foundation. Woot Woot!

2. This year, I’m new to blushes and I could kick myself for not tapping into their glowy goodness years ago. I love the warm light that Nars’ Taj Mahal gives me as well as the everday look of MAC Format. MAC Breadth of Plum is cool for something different.

3. Too Faced Lash Injection works AWESOME wonders on my lashes. They look thick and black by the time I am done, which is definitely a plush. Almost look like false lashes with enough coats!

4. Murad Pure skin supplement. While this is not a makeup product, it contributes greatly to glowing, healthy skin. I’ve always been prone to breakouts and this stuff is one of the only things that has helped me to clear up.

Some beauty icons of mine when it comes to makeup are:

1. Pat Mcgrath. This lady can work magic with a product…sweet goodness, she transforms people like no other with her intricate makeup looks. I worship her!

2. Beyonce’s makeup. She works different colors and makeup looks, so I tip my hat off to her. Nothing is more boring to me than someone who wears the “natural” look EVERY FRIGGING DAY

3. Eve’s makeup. Miss lady is not at all afraid to work the bright and bold looks. I love her style!

4.Cleopatra. This original was a trendsetter. I mean really, do I have to say why she is an icon? loves it!

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