Knots and locks

I keep finding single strand, or fairy, knots in my hair which is super annoying.  I’d done a wash and go for my ‘fro a couple of days ago, because I simply didn’t feel like twisting it after washing and am coming to the conclusion that my hair out so much is no good for my ends.  Even when I do a twist out, I still get some single strand knots, probably from when I sleep and my hair may move with me under my satin cap.  Oh what to do?

Last night to keep my hair from doing that, I did dry twists with my new Amla and Olive Heavy Cream.  Can I say, this stuff is like caviar for the hair, soooo rich and luxurious 😀  AND I got it on sale for 20% off.  It’s amazing, so creamy and delicious, smells and looks like my coconut lime body butter from bath and body works, just a lighter scent.  I smoothed some on my dry hair on each twist before I twisted, brushed through slowly with a denman-esque brush (worked well, didn’t have to tug at my hair and only like 2 strands came out in the brush. Yay for tangle free hair!) and twisted medium and small twists throughout.  The cream made it soft and smooth while brushing, so I highly recommend and give the product an A+.   I look like a reject cast member from Bebe’s Kids, but if it’ll keep my hair healthy I’ll do it!  Not like I planned on going on some hot date with it like this anyway, lol.  I suppose it can stay in these twists for a couple of days while I try to finagle someone into cornrowing my hair 😉

What have you done to minimize single strand knots?  Any suggestions?  I’ve just come across a great post on about how a mother grew her type 4 child’s hair down to her waist, simple regime and emphasis on LOW MAINTENANCE, so I’ll have to adapt that by learning how to braid and twist much smaller twists so that they can last.

hair hero: beyonce’s afro (i know it’s not natural, but it’s damn cute!)

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