The 5 Stages of a Natural Hair Journey

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Today we welcome a guest blogger to Socialite Dreams; let’s give a warm hello to Raven of She came up with the idea of breaking down the 5 stages of a natural hair journey and I found it to be quite interesting, hope that you do as well.  I cracked up at how spot on it was, like wow are we all that predictable?? LOL.  What step are you on if also a natural babe?  I’m a Naturalista Geek.


Writer Babe Raven


The 5 Stages of a Natural Hair Journey
Naturalista Newbie
You either did a big chop or you’re just not straightening your hair anymore.  Right now, you may be at conflict with the “un-straightness” of your locks. You feel liberated and at once shackled. You feel like you don’t “know” yourself without straight hair. Looking at other curly coifed chicks, you wonder if God cursed you with untamable kinks that know no bounds when it shrinkage, dryness or definition is involved.
Verdict: At this point, you are a complete stranger to the stuff growing out of your scalp.

Naturalista Novice
You’ve discovered Terri LaFlesh, BGLH, Curly Nikki or one of the other many online natural hair care communities. You are learning Naturalista lingo and lore like the “Curly Girl Method” or what co-washing is. You are busy categorizing your hair as 3a or 4a. You are in pursuit of the almighty perfect curl (or twist out). Lurking YouTube or voraciously consuming various beauty blogs is a 6-hour pastime. You have about 2 sets of satin pillow cases and nighttime routines for your hair are a hilarious spectacle to behold.
Verdict: Product junkie-ism has just begun

Naturalista Geek
You’ve seen your hair at its best and at its worst.  Your product junkie-ism has reached its apex.  Now, you’ve become obsessed with learning about specific hair care ingredients, techniques and whatever else you can learn. You dream of going to a Miss Jessie’s or Devachan salon. When you discuss hair, you damn near sound like a chemist. People suspect you have a lab somewhere in your basement stocked with beaker tubes and shea butter tubs. You’ve got a few routine styles under your belt.
Verdict: Essentially, you and your hair are like old friends who have the occasional fight.

Naturalista Pro
You are dedicated to a routine and very rarely stray from it.  You’re still looking for “holy grail” products, but you keep up with a set of stylers and conditioners that haven’t let you down. You understand what stylers to use (and when).  You are well-versed in understanding product ingredients, certain hair care techniques and methods.  You’ve given up fighting your curls and let your hair just “be.” However, you know with some coaxing, it can behave. At this point, you’ve set some goals to achieve with your hair (like certain length, strength, porosity, etc.). People who have never seen you with straight hair say they “like your hair better that way.”
Verdict: Your hair has developed character which enhances your own style and image.

Naturalista Goddess
black model Jordan Richardson wearing a natural curly black hair style
You’ve reached whatever goals you’ve set for your hair (and its health). Now, it’s just about proper and consistent maintenance. Holy Grail products are old jokes to you. They’ve been replaced with a set rotation of products and techniques that you know work after months of experimentation and (re)searching. This comes along with a night routine that doesn’t take 20 years or have you looking like a nut case. You are no longer hung up on having your curls look a certain way since your curls will look different everyday of the week. You’ve mastered a variety of styles and are even less of a product junkie than ever. You may have even become an inspiration to other women who want to become Naturalistas.
Verdict: The almighty curl is the one growing out of your head.

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Gotta be FIERCE

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The featured blogger today is M. Mcdermott of Interested in being featured as well? Check here for more information.

1. Who’s your celebrity inspiration for hair?  Makeup?  Fashion style? (can be different answers for each)
As crazy as it sounds, my celebrity inspiration for hair right now is Niki Minaj.  I love the fact that she takes risks with her hair (though not all of them are good! LOL)!  I sometimes think of my hair as an accessory too and she definitely has fun with hers!  For makeup, I look up to Queen Latifah because her looks are always effortless and flawless!  Fashion is tricky because I take inspiration for all celebs, as long as it fits me and my personality.

2. What 3 makeup items can’t you live without?
My Mary Kay Liquid foundation is definitely one of them.  It has been the only foundation to date that gives me the sheer coverage I need.  Another one would have to be my Avon Extra Lasting lip gloss in Constant Coral.  I love the color and it does last most of the day.  My third item is definitely my Too Faced Full Frontal eyeshadow.  It’s a brown color with a little shimmer and it always brings out my eyes for a great natural look.

3. How would you describe your style?
My style is definitely accessory driven!  I sometimes base my whole outfit on a particular accessory I want to wear!  Though I’ve been a tomboy most of my life and will still rock my jeans and Reeboks when the feeling moves me, I can be a girly girl too with cute dresses and bold colored tops.  Regardless of what I wear though, it has to be comfortable!

4. Do you have a signature look or item that you are known for?
My funky accessories, especially my earrings!  My family and friends know how much of a fanatic I am when it comes to super huge earrings! I have hoops you can put your hand through! My fashion jewelry is currently overflowing out of a two section jewelry box and shoe box!  It’s so addictive!

5. What’s your favorite makeup trend of all time? favorite fashion look?
My favorite makeup trend is the smoky eye because anyone can rock that and there are so many different ways to achieve the look.  My favorite fashion look is denim!   Jeans have and forever will be the most versatile piece of clothing to me and will never go out of style!

6. What upcoming fashion and beauty things are you most looking forward to for fall?

I’m looking forward to the shoes most of all!  I love boots and though I live in Florida and can’t rock the thigh highs like I want to, I can still get some ankle boots that are cute an still hot weather friendly!  I’m also ready to try my hand at the sequins trend!  I love the new designs coming out and would be a great way to amp up my wardrobe.

7. What drew you to blogging?  What blogs inspire you?
I actually started blogging when I entered a contest on Yahoo! Shine to be a Beauty Guru last year. I wanted to get back to my writing after my original life plan didn’t pan out and grabbed the opportunity.  Once I won that, I realized I can do this beauty blogging thing and it took off so fast, I’m just now catching up to everything!  So many blogs inspire me but to name of few of the ones I’m truly digging are Where Did U Get That (the photography and outfits are AMAZING!), grit and glamour (her personality and fashion sense is awesome!), and Yahoo! Shine (that’s my first blogging home and the community always inspires me!)
8. If you could trade looks with any celebrity, dead or alive, whom would it be?
It would have to be Alicia Keys.  She looks gorgeous in anything she wears while maintaining that urban swagger.  A tomboy-turned-girly-girl can truly appreciate that!

Be sure to check out for more on our featured blogger!

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The Kinky Hair Chick

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The featured blogger today is Lilly Ashe, also known as The Kinky Hair Chick. Interested in being featured as well? Check here for more information.

Lilly Ashe-

1. How long have you been a natural hair diva?

Being a natural hair diva, is something I can say I have been pretty much ever since high
school. I went through periods off and on after school where I wore my hair in a relaxed
state than back again than back again to being natural. I was on a yo-yo when it came to
my hair, then after the birth of my first son I decided that I wanted to get locks in my hair,
and ended up having those for about a period of two years. Then I took the
locks out  and I was able to grow my relaxed hair out to shoulder
When my family and I changed towns I ended up changing hair stylists and she over
pressed my hair, it started to break so I got cornrows by her again and then my hair
starting to come out on the edges due to her braids being to tight!! Still growing my edges
back to say the least.
That is when I decided to go back to doing what I do best and that was having my hair in
its natural state. However the only dilemma was that although I wanted to wear my hair
in its natural state, the only way that I had worn my hair natural was always in braids and
sew –ins. That continued all through high school and then some, and when I had it in a
locked state. So I never knew how to do my own natural hair, or even where to start. I did
not want any more relaxers at all; I wanted versatility by not having locks and the
freedom of not having to pay someone to do my hair for me.  That is why I created kinkyhairchick so that I could show everyone my natural hair care journey. But keep in mind it is not just limited to hair; it is all around about being a better you and living a natural lifestyle. Everything from hair, health, fitness, business will be

2. What’s your usual hair regimen?

In the first couple of months when I started to sport a twa, I washed my hair every three days with Aubrey’s organics honey suckle rose shampoo, and conditioned with their coconut honey suckle conditioner. My hair was extremely dry in the beginning I even think I had some of that scab hair, yikes! That shampoo helped to smooth it out some and I used a leave in conditioner from Karens body beautiful their hair milk, and then finished it off with some curly qs curly jealousy. I so love that stuff!!!

Those three things really helped quenched my hairs thirst, from the shock that it was taking. Now that it has been about 4 ½ months in, my hair has grown 2 ½ inches and I now am able to do a little bit of styling, all though the main thing I like to do is rock my fro and leave it alone. I no longer wash every three days but once a week, with karens body beautiful conditioning shampoo, I do a deep conditioner with karens body beautiful hair mask. Followed by the leave in above and the sometimes Karens body beautiful hair nectar it comes in any scent that you like.

3. Who’s your celebrity inspiration for hair?  Makeup?  Fashion style?

My favorite hair inspiration right now is Lela James and Ya,Ya, formerly known as the Americas next top model that lost next to Eve, although I think that she should have won. I think they both embrace elegance and a pride of expressing their culture. I don’t really have anyone that I look to for fashion since I pull ideas and bits from here and there. Never really one person, but when it comes to make-up I like to see what Tyra Banks comes out with. I learned makeup from her book when I was younger and have used all her tips ever since.

4. What 3 makeup items can’t you live without?

Three makeup items that I can not live with out is Mac’s compact to powder foundation, Mac Eye Plush Thickening Mascara and burt’s bees lip balm in any falvor.

5. How would you describe your style?

My style is somewhat on the everything side, I have a very eclectic earthy sort of look with, a dash of conservative. I love everything natural from food to my hair and it shows in the style that I have. I wear a lot of peace signs, classy silver earrings, because I can’t wear anything else besides sterling. I love pants and tees and always one to buy shoes no one else would dare buy.  One thing I am known for are my funky looking head scarves, and my roman shoes sandals especially stylish ones are things that I love!

7. What made you go natural with your hair?

I went natural to stop being on a yo-yo hair kick when it came to my hair. I have very high standards for my hair and when the last person (stylist) could not get it right I decided to go solo, doing it all my self…. As you can see, I love being natural inside and out and would not have it any other way!!

To know more about Lilly Ashe please visit


SO FAR, SO CHIC – Miss Laura Wheat

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Let’s meet the fabulously fun Laura Wheat, the brains behind SO FAR, SO CHIC which is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog dedicated to all things, well, chic!

1. What is the first beauty-related memory that you have? What drew you to
peel-off nail varnish, powder puffs and perfume. I also loved the sets of plastic
lipsticks you could get back in the day. The picture shows me, mum’s mascara
in-hand, having dragged a chair up to her chest of drawers in order to get my
paws on her makeup!
I always loved pretty ladies in frilly dresses and anything girlie. After seeing
flamenco dancers on holiday I asked my nan to make me a material flower to
wear in my hair. At Busch Gardens in Florida I wanted my picture taken with the
women wearing old-fashioned dresses as their costumes.
2. Name the celeb (dead or alive) that you would trade looks with and why.
There are loads of beautiful women who I admire. I love Joanna Lumley. Goldie
Hawn was absolutely gorgeous when she was young. I think Jessica Biel is
striking. Eva Mendes always looks amazing… But I wouldn’t want to trade looks
with anyone I don’t think – the thought scares me. Like plastic surgery that
makes you look like someone else! I’d rather just be me. I wouldn’t mind Jennifer
Aniston’s hot body though!
3. What’s your favorite makeup trend? Fashion trend?
I love black liquid liner flicked out in a chic cat’s eye. Sixties-inspired looks always
appeal to me, although pale lips rarely work in real life.
My favourite look to wear is a waisted dress with a skinny belt and heels. I’m
noticing a trend for retro-style sundresses at the moment, which is cool as I’ve
always loved that look. Eva Mendes always rocks a great retro frock! I
have a thing for narrow cropped-leg trousers and jeans. Very Audrey Hepburn.
4. What’s your least favorite makeup trend of all time? Least favorite fashion
I cannot understand why anyone would want a weirdly fake-tanned face. I just
don’t get it! I’ve no problem with fake tan but it needs to be subtle and enhancing,
not orange and ten shades darker than your normal skin colour! Orange faces
also seem to get paired with pale lips and frosted eyeshadows… Did I mention I
hate shimmery eyeshadow on the brow bone? Stop at the crease! Please stop at
the crease!
Fashion-wise, I can’t bear the recent batch of 80’s-inspired florals. I like proper
80’s prints on cotton dresses, but not these grim dusky pink patterns on
disgusting stretchy dresses and tops. They suit no-one! So unflattering.
(<–NOT Laura)
5. Quick, stuck with only one beauty item for the rest of your life, what would it
be? A specific lipstick, eyeshadow, liner, mascara, etc.
It would have to be mascara, because my lashes are so pale. I liked Clarins
Wonder Perfect Mascara until the tube went all clumpy on the outside. Clinique
mascaras are always good in my experience, also Dior Show, although it’s damn
expensive. I’ve never found a budget option that I’m happy with for thickening my
lashes. Answers on a postcard please…
7. What makeup brand is your favorite? What fashion brand is your favorite?
I like Laura Mercier for quality products and flattering colours. I use so many
other brands though, it’s difficult to just pick one.
The clothes I’d like to own aren’t really within my price range! Reiss always
has lovely pieces but it’s expensive. I like H&M for the surprise gems that
occasionally spring up in their shops.
8. Are you more a handbag girl? makeup girl? clothing?
All of the above! My absolute weakness has to be shoes though. I have so many
pairs and I cannot stop myself from buying more. There are always other pairs I
need for a particular look I’m envisaging! I used to ask mum if I could sleep with
new shoes next to my pillow and I still feel that kind of excitement when I get a
particularly fabulous pair.
9. What 3 words best describe your style?
Different every day.
*Read more of Laura’s daily fashion and beauty thoughts at SO FAR, SO CHIC


New “Be Featured” Opportunities

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I am now doing features/showcases on this blog to highlight other bloggers, entrepreneurs, beauty gurus, fashion mavens, etc.  What do you think about that, sound interesting?  I figure that it should be a fun way to get to know about people that you may otherwise not have known about.

So here’s how it shall go: email contact –

-Makeup, fashion, hair, beauty bloggers feel free to contact me if you’d like to be featured!  I’ll send back a questionnaire and information to go from there.

-Companies with products to have reviewed or featured on the blog need to email me for my contact details so that items can be sent.  Also, please forward along information about your company.

-I’m not leaving out the normal readers who don’t have a blog!  Have an awesome makeup look that you want to show off?  Great hair day that needs to be seen?  Fashion look that is oh so haute?  Hit me up with photos, what products were used, and maybe a tutorial of the cool look that you want to display!

So that’s that, feel free to email me at and I look forward to hearing from you!


Meet the House of PlumRed

I’ve had the pleasure of being in communication with Michaella of the House of PlumRed, an online boutique that has stylish clothing at awesome prices which is oh so important for the budget fashionista who wants to look like she broke the bank without actually doing so.

Simply Ruffled

Michaella was lovely enough to send a crisp white ruffle-front blouse that adds a touch of posh secretary to my wardrobe.  The actual shirt is pictured above on a House of RedPlum model.  What I adore about this type of shirt is that it can be paired with skinny jeans, heels, a bag big enough to carry a small child, and bangles for an “I’m ENTIRELY too cool for the rest of you mere mortals” look, OR it could be worn with a sexy pencil skirt, red lips, winged tip eyeliner, shiny pumps, and a fierce clutch for va-va-va-voom sex appeal!

Lauren Conrad Ruffle Blouse Outfit

Oh so lucky readers, you too can own something totally cool from the House of PlumRed because we have teamed up to host a great giveaway!  HOWEVER that giveaway will start soon with all details in the next post, THIS post is an introduction to the company and the sweetly marvelous owner, Michaella.  Her customer service is TOP NOTCH because all orders are super speedy and she is amazingly personable and easy to get in contact with for any questions, suggestions, etc.  Let’s get to know her a bit, shall we?  Please enjoy the following interview:

– Tell us about the origins and idea for how the company came about:

I had been working in telecommunications after I had graduated from UC Santa Barbara.  Although the technology field really intrigued me, I had a secret passion for arts and fashion that never really went past my closet or backyard canvas.  As I spent more time being exposed to other entrepreneurs around me,  I think that is when I became compelled to write the business plan for the House of PlumRed.  My family is filled with business owners as well as very stylish fashionistas, and it only felt right to start an online boutique. I, myself, am a bargain shopper, so I knew I wanted to provide affordable fashion.  What I wanted to add was a personal touch and class to the clothing I sell.   Since then, we created the House of PlumRed which dresses the confident Plum-Red lipstick wearing fashionista…both feminine and bold. Who knew my shopping addiction could actually do more that take up space on my credit card!

-What’s your motto/philosophy?

As hard as it is to have a personal touch over the internet, that is what I like to bring to every customer.  Our customers are absolutely number 1 to our business, and our entire boutique is built of giving our followers the best quality and style under one site.  We carry very low quantities of every style to ensure CONSTANT change on our site.  All e-mails are responded to within minutes, and you can ask us about anything from prices to what you should be wearing for a Sunday night date to the park.

Our philosophy with our clothing collection really stands on the belief that confidence and fashion go hand in hand, and you shouldn’t have to break the bank to flaunt or grow your confidence. We want our customers to think FASHION first, without worrying about the price tag.

-What’s your favorite item that you have right now in the store?

Although this is an EXTREMELY hard question for me to answer 🙂 ….my favorite item in the store is this leather jacket!

Modern Sexy Zipper Jacket I think I have paired this with almost everything we have in the store.  I know its hot during the summer, but you best believe at night I love to pull this baby out :).

-Describe your style personally…classic? trendy? girly? fierce? etc..

Honestly, I don’t think I have a specific style that I wear everyday.  For me, it depends on my mood and the season really.  I love to be versatile and love expressing my feeling in the outfit I wear.  For example, one day I might feel relaxed and playful and wear a pair of classic buckle flats with high waisted pleated shorts and an off the shoulder top, and another day I might feel fierce and wear a full lace dress with booties.  🙂

-Do you have a signature piece that you are known for? perfume, article of clothing, piece of jewelry, etc

We have one dress that is currently in HOT demand…sold out but we are now taking orders for the batch that will arrive in a couple weeks. It is a one sleeve off the shoulder top.  It’s gorgeous, feminine, and completely versatile for the summer!

-What’s a bit of fashion advice you’d give?

My fashion advice to anyone would be wear what you feel.  As corny as it sounds, fashion really comes from within and you can’t be scared to express yourself!

-How important do you find makeup and accessories to be for an outfit?

Changing up or adding makeup or accessories I believe does more than completes the outfit.  Having a few pieces of jewelry to pick from and changing up your eye shadow can either dress your outfit down or dress it up.  That is the best thing about accessories!  A plain v-neck is the blank canvas, add a scarf with jeans for a picnic, or add some long heavy necklaces with a pencil skirt and you’ve got another chic look.

And there you have it!  Look out for the next post, which will be a giveaway/contest for something fun from the House of RedPlum!

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