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Socialite Adventures Pt 2

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This weekend was the birthday weekend of my fellow socialite cousin, Ashlee. ¬†As you know from the last post about her sister’s birthday, we like to glam it up and go out on the town diva style ūüėÄ ¬†This outing took us to the Butterfly Sushi Lounge on Grand Avenue in Chicago and then Vibe nightclub. ¬†Fun was definitely had by all and here’s the photo proof:

The birthday girl

now for the rest:

Happy 23rd birthday baby girl!!!


Socialite Adventures

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My cousin Amanda turned 22 this weekend and of course we had to all get dolled up for pretty fun out in Chicago, live the Socialite Dream! ¬†Dinner was at the fabulous Zocalo, a snazzy Mexican restaurant downtown on Ontario, where much tequila was consumed in the form of shots and margaritas ūüėÄ

The birthday girl in a fabulous white dress from Asos

Amazing elotes, or corn covered in cotija cheese, mayonnaise, and chile piquin.

Spicy green enchiladas covered in sour cream….yum!


From Fat to Chic

To be positively cliche, today is the first day of the rest of my life.  Why?  This marks the beginning of my weightloss journey, a quest to be a tighter, toned, healthier, sexier me.

My weight story: warning, novel size post ahead! ¬†this is the first entry of the weight chronicles, so I’m piling it all in, but future posts about this won’t be so long ūüėõ ¬†Bear with me

I’ve never been a skinny girl, but that’s mainly due to my own bad eating habits which includes a massive love of sweets and pasta while having an aversion to salads. ¬†I come from a family where my grandma was the good ole southern type, making huge chicken and dressing sunday dinners, ¬†smothered pork chops during the week, sweet potato pies just for me because she knew they were my favorites, piled on plates suitable for a grown man and the¬†admonishment that I better clean my plate before I left the table. ¬†So that pretty much meant that I’ve been quite thick then chubby then fat from the time I was 9. ¬†God rest her fiesty soul (RIP grandma, love you!) but that didn’t set me up for good eating habits ¬†and that carried on later in life, then came lots and lots and lots of pizza in college so that freshman 20 added on to what was already a chunky shape. ¬† Through high school I was ¬†solidly a size 9/10, maybe with bouts of being an 11/12 and got down to a 7/8 for prom my junior year because I’d had mouth surgery and couldn’t eat for two weeks much more than smoothies. ¬† Went right up to an 11/12 once I could eat again.

In college I was an 11/12 and then picked up weight to become a 14/16 because of said pizza consumption and no desire to workout even though I WORKED at the gym. ¬†Now how silly was that? ¬†Here I was in the place to be healthy and fit, and I paid it no mind. ¬†Other than sometimes doing a kick-boxing class and hopping on the elliptical every now and again, I was being very lazy with my lifestyle habits. ¬†THEN I met a boy…oh this tall fine basketball player whom I wanted to impress. ¬†With THAT heart pounding crush came the desire to get smaller by ANY means necessary and I’m sad to say that it wasn’t healthy means. ¬†I refused to eat over 700 calories a day, worked out on that elliptical like it was going out of style, and even threw up when I felt that I had let myself down with bad foods. ¬†NOT good. ¬†This equaled 25 lbs gone, cutely curvy thick shape, but it wasn’t sustainable. ¬†As soon as I started eating regularly again that 25 lbs came back plus about 15 which threw me into sadness. ¬†Combine that with graduating college and being stressed over not having some stellar career mapped out and no plans, working freelance from home for a magazine and therefore not getting out and DOING things like walking around work, and I ended up being the biggest I’ve ever been and quite unhappy which didn’t spark energy to DO anything about it. ¬† And here we are with the present size 14/16. ¬†Certainly not whale proportions, the average American woman is a 12/14, but for my family history of diabetes (my other grandma died from that) and the fact that I have a really small frame (I’m only 5’1), then I know that I must get it together to live the best life that I can.

So no more excuses. ¬†My weight isn’t genetic nor caused by any disease, it is just pure laziness and a willing mouth to gobble down any cookies that come my way. My cousins on my dad’s side are mostly slim with either cute round butts or nice boobs (lol, they can’t seem to have both, always either or) and my mom’s side had really slim ladies while younger so I know that I am not predisposed to being big. ¬†I hit the jackpot from both sides of the family of having great boobs AND a round butt, so it really irks me that I’ve allowed myself to have so much fat piled around those assets and not show them off to their best potential. ¬†Well, that’s going to change. ¬†Come with me on this journey and if you are losing weight, let’s do it together! ¬†If in chicago, email me at and we can talk about maybe meeting up and motivating one another ūüôā

Starting stats:


Starting Weight: 186 lbs

Goal Weight (GW): 125 lbs

Starting Measurements: 38-32-43

Goal Measurements:  34-25-36 (or 38)

I am not doing this to be skinny, I love my curves and don’t want the boobs or most of my butt to go ANYWHERE, but the chub on my back and waist and thighs LEADING to the boobs and butt can surely go away and be toned up ūüôā Around a size 6 would be great for me, maybe even a 4 but I’m playing it by ear on what looks right and feels right.

The plan:

My aunt recently lost 65 lbs by a set up that her doctor gave her of taking a B12 shot for energy and daily phentermine pills in a 30 mg dosage, so I too am starting with that: (if you are in the Chicagoland area and would be interested in doing that program, please check it out and say that Javonne Stewart sent you and we BOTH get a discount!  Total win).

In addition to taking those, with the new energy from the pills I will work out 4-5 times a week if not more, at least 30 mins a day, eat WAY better and cut down the sweets/pasta/pizza/fats, and up the water intake. ¬†I hope that I can find a workout regimen that keeps me interested and some foods that don’t make me feel totally deprived, that is the key to everything. ¬†Portion control and allowing myself treats sometimes just not any time that I want it will also be important. ¬†Here we go!

Body shape inspiration: Salma Hayek (we both are curvy and short, actually a pretty feasible goal body for me)

2nd Natural Hair Meetup – Chicago

This past Saturday Leila of hosted the second Chicago natural hair meetup and it was so much fun! ¬†The first meetup was more a meet and chat type event, where we sat and shared hair tips/stories/questions while munching on muffins and goodies. ¬†THIS meetup was a vendors paradise however because there were about 11 vendors and all of the wonderful natural hair girlies showed up to buy things and get information. ¬†The turnout was much larger this time too; there were about 30 people last time and I’d say over 100 this time! ¬†Great fun ūüėÄ

I was selling makeup and we did well. ¬†You all KNOW that I love me some makeup so it was enjoyable to describe it and do makeovers on people or color match them. ¬†Congrats to my boss, the owner of the line, Kiley Russell because Big Girl Cosmetics just got picked up by 20 Macy’s stores! ¬†And the new retail location should be opening in Hyde Park Chicago this summer like July. ¬†Maybe Michelle Obama will come home and let me do her makeup ūüėõ

What really made the event so fun is getting to know my fellow beautiful naturals. ¬†So laid back and easy going with sharing information! ¬†And just genuinely happy to see each other succeed, talk about sisterhood¬†camaraderie! ¬†Everyone was buying up makeup and jewelry, squealing over each other’s hairstyles and asking tips, complimenting, and just joking around while having fun ūüėÄ ¬†I loved it! ¬†There is supposed to be another one at the beginning of July and needless to say I’ll be there bright and early.

Fabulous chicas mingled with at the event:

Bree of Shop Boutique Unique She’s funny and cool, I love hanging with her at the meetups! ¬†I seriously wanted to buy up ALL of her jewelry, it’s so beautiful and she even handpaints and makes so much of it. ¬†Just GORGEOUS things, check out her store by clicking the link. ¬†Aren’t these pretty?

Image of Branch Earrings

Patrice of Afrobella She is beyond sweet and down to earth, even though she’s a big time blogger for VOGUE black now!! ¬†Couldn’t have happened to a better person ūüôā ¬†I wish her luck on her blogger journey, doing it big girl! ¬†Keep it up ūüėÄ

Chris-Tia, author of “Thank God I’m Natural” This lady is a total class act. ¬†Super nice and just BEAUTIFUL, I loved her hair. ¬†I meant to ask where she got it done because it was comprised of intricate twists, but probably not done in Chicago ūüė¶ ¬†She signed books for me and my boss, just a total doll ūüėÄ

Photos from the event:

Big Girl Cosmetics Table

the fabulous Bree of Shop Boutique Unique

Me and Chris-Tia author of "Thank God I'm Natural"

Chicago Natural Hair Meetup Part 2

Saturday May 15th from 11am – 2pm there will be another natural hair meetup in Chicago at The Little Black Pearl, hosted by Leila of again!! ¬†I can’t wait to see my fellow naturals ūüôā ¬†If you read my previous post about the first meetup, you guys know that it was a good time and I hope that anyone in the Chicago area will come to join us to share hair care info, beauty products, hair products and much more ūüôā ¬†Check us out!

I’ll be there selling wonderful products by such as diva gloss, mineral eye shadows, body butter and more ūüėÄ ¬†The owner is a fellow Chicago natural sporting gorgeous Locs, so we have to support our peeps! ¬†Bree of will also be in attendance and she always has fly jewelry, so have those wallets ready for everything! ¬†I’m sure there’ll be goodies all around.

Chicago Natural Hair Meet Up

Today I went to my first natural hair meetup and it was super fun, even though I was running on CP time and got there pretty late ūüė¶ ¬†Still got to mingle and isn’t that what it’s all about? ¬†Having fun, chit chatting, exchanging information = ALWAYS WIN!

It’s quite nice to put a real in person face to the web personas that you are used to admiring, tweeting with, or reading the blogs of. ¬†Lovely Leila Noelliste of Black Girl Long Hair put on the event and it was held at the Little Black Pearl of Chicago. ¬†People brought products to trade and some jewelry was on sale, which allowed me to meet my buddy Bree of Boutique Unique and buy a gorgeous cranberry colored bracelet which I will rock the heck out of in NYC this week.

She’s so sweet and pretty, check out her boutique for great priced jewelry and shirts

Bree and Socialitedreams

Shout outs to her and Tori from A Kinky Hair Monologue whom I got to meet. ¬†Last but not least, it was a pleasure to meet Patrice, Ms. Afrobella herself! ¬†She was oh so cute with her big pretty hair! ¬†Quite the bella indeed ūüôā

Socialitedreams and Afrobella

The weather decided to pull a Chicago and go from 65 degrees Friday to 30 degrees and snowing Saturday, but we all came out and had fun!  It was a great meetup and I look forward to any future ones!

Chicago Restaurant Week

This week, my wonderful city of Chicago is having Restaurant Week!  Being the total foodie that I am, this pleases me to no end.  For $22 at lunchtime or $32 at dinner, patrons can experience 3 courses of  fine dining at places they may have otherwise not been able to afford, especially in this shady economy.

I’ve been dining like royalty, munching on crab legs at Joe’s Stone Crab accompanied by sweet potato fries, rich bisque, ¬†cheese and spinach covered tomatoes, and a latte alongside my banana foster’s pie. ¬†The ambiance is so cool there, seems like Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. would feel at home in the restaurant, knocking back dirty martinis and winking at classy ladies. ¬†Overall Grade: A

A different day, we ventured over to N9ne Steakhouse, a fabulously cool restaurant with the best coconut cream pie and macaroons this side of heaven. ¬†And the carrot cake, when they have it on the menu, is good enough to make you sell trade secrets to secure some. ¬†I am appalled that at this moment it is not on the menu, and will be HEAVILY disappointed if they do not return it there at least during the summer, which is when I first tried it. ¬†*Shakes finger disapprovingly at the N9ne* ¬† Anyway, the lobster risotto is succulent and bright, a creamy delicacy with lobster pieces, sweet corn, truffle oil, and pops of sweet pea for color. ¬†I could have honestly just eaten that as my whole meal, just keep it coming please! ¬†As well, I managed to polish off a couple pieces of my mom’s rock shrimp with a spicy sweet dipping chili sauce, hanger steak accompanied by garlic fries (do NOT eat those on a date unless making out is not on the agenda….or at least carry those convenient wisp toothbrushes), bisque again (hey, i like bisque! ¬†Don’t judge me!), and a dessert of brownie bread pudding that had no bread and no pudding so pretty much ended up as a brownie with a slightly fancier if not confusing name. ¬†I give the restaurant and service an A+

For a full listing of restaurant week participants, please check out this list: Restaurant Week Chicago I look forward to checking out more restaurants and grading them on my blog, look out for that ūüôā

Good start to new year

This new year is starting smashingly ūüôā ¬†Went to dinner on new years eve at Spiaggia and it was AMAZING. ¬†So yummy! ¬†Appetizer course was¬†mozzarella¬†drizzled in a honey type sauce with some type of fruit (kumquat?) chopped next to it and amazing prosciutto. ¬†I felt like the movie Ratatouille where the mouse had the flavors exploding in his mouth in bursts of jazz and colors! ¬†It was THAT good. ¬†Pasta course was a butternut squash filled pasta with fried sage and amaretto sauce, also incredibly delish and my mom’s favorite part of the meal. ¬†Steak ¬†with morel mushrooms and smashed potatoes followed, finished by the creamiest tiramisu ever put together. ¬†WHAT a dinner to start off the night’s activities! ¬†I was already incredibly happy with my makeup and hair, felt good in my outfit, and had on my fly headpiece, lol. ¬†EVERYONE was stopping me and saying that it was gorgeous and that they wanted to party with me because I must be fun, lol. ¬†That was so cool.

Then went to the Signature Room at the John Hancock building’s lounge. ¬†There was a hilarious lady there who was fun and an instant friend. ¬†She was crazy and cool, seated next to us. ¬†I heart her, we clowned hard and didn’t even know each other! ¬†Then there were gorgeous fireworks outside the window which overlooked gorgeous Navy Pier.

Next up, party at our hotel! ¬†We stayed at the Westin that night and finagled our way into the hotel party they were having there. ¬†THAT was pure hilarity, because they were SO wasted! ¬†Some chick fell under her table trying to reach for something, another fell through a sign at the elevator then tried to argue that she wasn’t drunk, barely able to keep her eyes open. ¬†I had too much fun there, cracking the eff up and dancing with my Phy-Phy. ¬†Great new years eve! ¬† ¬†Spent the next day shopping and lounging around the Four Seasons hotel where we stayed the next night. ¬†I’m all about luxe surroundings! ¬†Drinks in front of the lounge fireplace was oh so nice, even saw a HOT guy at the bar, but I looked all of 15 with my hello kitty jewelry and yellow sweater, so um yeah, not approaching him! haha. I promise next time to dress for the¬†occasion¬†so that I can have something better to update ūüėČ

I had to do another cowash and twist out when I got home last night because feathers and glitter were in my hair, cramping my style ya know ūüėČ ¬†Woke up today, took it down and WHOA, best twist out ever! ¬†Okay, well I went a little happy with the marula oil spray the night before so it was a tad oily, but other than that? ¬†Your girl was FLY. ¬†It was moisturized, super curly, fun! ¬†My cousins even complimented me on it and they are SO not about natural hair ūüôā

snapped on my new lace bow clips and sashayed my happy self out the door to church where I played with my cutie pie god daughter. ¬†She is LEAVING me ūüė¶ ¬†Her mom is moving them back to Alabama, I am heartbroken. ¬†I love that lil chocolate drop, she’s so sweet and fun with her fat cheeks. ¬†NEVER cries, just a doll.


I hope you all stay safe and well bringing in this 2010!

My first twist out turned out really cute! ¬†I’m very happy with it. ¬†Moisturized, curly, really good style that I will do all of the time ūüôā

jazzed up and did my makeup. ¬†Yellow on inner corners, pink on crease, royal blue shimmer over whole lid. ¬† Too faced magic wand foundation, lash blast mascara, l’oreal H.I.P. shimmer powder, NYX yellow shadow, covergirl pink in crease.

Anyway, hope you guys have an amazing New Year!  Let me know what you do!

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