2011 Giveaway on Socialite Dreams

Check out the new blog for the cool giveaway to welcome in 2011!!!   http://www.socialitedreams.com/blog-posts/giveaway-socialite-approved-goodies.html

Mahogany Skye Body Scrubs

Meet Cherrelle of Mahogany Skye body scrubs! check out her feature here: http://www.socialitedreams.com/blog-posts/meet-cherrelle-of-mahogany-skye-featured-business.html

Nature’s Super Fruit: Olive Oil

Beauty regimens benefit greatly from using olive oil!  Check out more at the new blog: http://www.socialitedreams.com/blog-posts/beauty-uses-for-olive-oil.html

The Skin Exfoliation Guide

Find out about exfoliation 101 on the new blog!  Get those scrubs out for great skin this fall/winter:  http://www.socialitedreams.com/blog-posts/scrubba-dub-dub-exfoliation-101.html

Soft Hand Treatment

Got the most fabulous treatment done at Lush!  Check out all about it on the new blog home: http://www.socialitedreams.com/blog-posts/reach-out-and-touch-somebodys-hand.html

The Key to Soft Skin

I’ve found the perfect regimen for amazingly soft skin.  Check it out at the new blog home: http://www.socialitedreams.com/blog-posts/amazingly-soft-skin.html

Big Girl Cosmetics Spa Grand Opening

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