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Sexy Kim Kardashian Smoky Eye

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Miss Kim K looks AMAZING here with her smoky eye, so I wanted to emulate her look.  Laura of So Far, So Chic has been telling me to do a smoky eye for a while because she thinks that the look would be great for my eye shape and something different than the bright colors that I generally do, so with inspiration like the above showing off a perfectly smoldering sexy look, how could I resist the challenge??

Makeup artist Kandee from youtube was gracious enough to go through a very easy to follow step by step tutorial of Kim’s exact steps to a divine smoky eye.

Products that I used to achieve the look:

Revlon PhotoReady foundation in 011 Cappucino -This disappears into my skin and feels really good!  My first time using it and I really wanted a good new liquid foundation.  It doesn’t show up as a silly ashy color in photos, feels super light, was easy to blend, and provides just enough coverage.  I have to give this product an A!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Dark as a finishing powder.

Nars blush in Taos

Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy face illuminator in Candlelit

-Revlon Colorstay Brow Enhancer in Blackened Brown/Taupe

-Too Faced Shadow Insurance

-Santee Color Intense Eyeshadow- This little palette was some super cheap $3 thing I bought at a beauty supply store because I liked the colors.  I figured with some primer on the colors might have a hope of showing up on me.  It actually worked out okay for doing this look, since I was layering on colors like in the video.  Used a metallic taupe color and a chocolate brown from the compact.

MAC Mulch Eyeshadow

-Smashbox Eyeshadow in Champagne

-Stila Onyx Kajal Liner

Diorshow Mascara in Black

-Victoria’s Secret Lipstick in Dusk

I followed Kandee’s easy steps for the pretty smoky eye for my Kim K. inspired look.  First I applied the Revlon foundation well with an Eco Tools foundation brush.  Then the blush and illuminator were applied followed by the eye makeup steps done in the video: champagne first in the corners, metallic taupe from palette, darker brown from palette, black eyeshadow by Mary Kay, Mulch by MAC, Stila liner, mascara then voila!  Great smoky eye.  I wanted mine softer than Kim did, but you can pile on a dark kajal liner to get a very similar effect to hers!  Have fun with it.

We went out for a night on the town, hitting up 2 clubs and 3 bars, garnering lots of attention at every single one.  My eyes were quite bewitching, apparently 😉

Do you like to rock smoky eyes?  What products do you generally use?

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Purple Kiss

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A couple of weeks ago I was going NUTS over the purple sexy lips in this photo:

So I went on a purple lipstick shopping spree like any good product junkie would for a violet pucker.

Make Up For Ever’s new line of lipstick called Rouge Artist Intense in color #14 (Pearly Dark Violet)

is a great color, but darker than I expected in real life.  I suppose that it’s like the color in the swatch they provided, but just isn’t the vibrant violet that I had in mind.  I consider it a deep blueberry.  Here are photos in natural light and then in artificial light.

To infuse some pizazz to it and not look TOTALLY goth, I added Black Radiance Illusions Lip Gloss in Posh Plum which is more of a prettttty violet that retails for $2.99!

I liked the color, but it still wasn’t particularly what I was looking for.  Since I had to go to Sephora anyway and return a Laura Geller phenomenal foundation that I absolutely HATED (gave me a terribly ashy look, blech!), I just returned the Dark Violet lipstick as well because it just wasn’t what I had in mind 😦   I liked the #15 Pearly Violet MUFE lipstick while there, but of COURSE they sold out of it so I had to walk away sad.

On the way home, because I wanted to find weave for my Corinne Bailey Rae look, I happened to stop at the beauty supply store and what did I see?  A GORGEOUS violet lipstick!  Since it was only $3.99, I figured what the hell, may as well try out the Milani brand and see if I could have the lips that have been haunting my dreams. I also purchased some random $.99 black lipstick just for the heck of it, I’ve never had a black lipstick.  With a haul for less than $6, can’t go wrong!

The Violet lipstick alone:

I was curious on how the lips would look with some black mixed into the violet, that way I could have a light violet look AND a dark one when the mood arises!

Well there you have it people, my purple lips saga!  So far, loving the Milani lipstick and the Black Radiance lip gloss.  Figures that the stuff for less than $10 total would be what I love!  Don’t get me wrong, Make Up For Ever still owns my heart when it comes to richly pigmented smooth lipsticks, but when a girl needs a fix, doesn’t hurt to check out a cheapie solution 😉


Winter Proof Skin

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Sunday I decided to go to Sephora and browse around a bit with the intent to purchase some skincare goods. Even with my holy grail items such as the Big Girl Cosmetics Ginger Almond Body Butter, I am a product junkie through and through, always on a mission to add more to my stash. I hope that I never end up on that show hoarders with all of the beauty products I have! Wouldn’t that be a sight? “Woman found mummified in her home filled to the brink with Lancome, Kinky Curly, Nars, and Urban Decay (no pun intended, har har). Story at 9.”

With fall and then winter approaching, why not weather proof my skin?  First on the list was Carol’s Daughter Body Jelly.  After a long warm shower, I rubbed this on and mmph mmph mmph, I am loving the way that my skin feels!  I can tell that this body jelly will do wonders against flaky dry skin in the harsher cold months, so it is a worthy buy for those who suffer from that!  The ingredients are natural, such as Sweet Almond, Soy, and Jojoba Oils for smooth, glowing skin.

For the face, I was drawn to the Korres line of moisturizers.  I went in with the intention of getting the Yogurt Moisturizer and found myself drawn to the Thyme Honey Moisturizer instead because it said “real Thyme Honey acts as a hydro-regulating agent, ensuring optimal hydration levels all day” so that made sense for a cold weather approach!  I used it last night after washing my face with the African Black Soap and this stuff is AMAZING!!  With a tiny pea size, it covered my whole face, making it hydrated for 24 hours!  Smooth, soft, moisturized skin. I am in HEAVEN and can’t recommend that as a face cream enough 🙂

What’s your colder weather skincare routine?   Of course, it’s not winter YET (can’t believe it’s going to be fall soon) but a girl can never be too prepared!  Have to give our skin a fight chance, don’t you say?


Tried and True Beauty Finds

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Today I want to showcase the tried and true beauty items that I’ve found to work consistently and can therefore highly recommend!


Big Girl Cosmetics Dual Foundation in #45 – I’ve used this foundation all summer because it’s light enough to not make me sweat or feel bogged down like liquid foundation during these HIGH temperatures, yet provides good coverage for my dark spots/skin imperfections.  Generally I use it dry straight out of the compact, but you can wet an applicator and apply it like that for a more dewy look, hence why it’s a “dual” foundation.   It comes in a wide variety of shades so check them out.

Covergirl Lash Blast – I’ve tried a bajillion mascaras out, from Dior Show to Rimmel Bold Curves and many more in between, but I have settled on loving Lash Blast.  When I first started using it, I was underwhelmed, but I noticed the amazing lashes that my best friend had and she swore by Lash Blast.  I’ve figured out to just keep applying and the lashes will POP.  I love the brush, that was a selling point because I feel that it separates the lashes so that they don’t clump.

Make Up For Ever Lipstick – I can not sing the praises of their lipsticks enough!  The Blue Red 205 color is one of my favorites ever because it is a rich red that makes your teeth look whiter with the blue undertones (doesn’t look blue on, it’s just a more rich red than say an orange red).  I’ve just ordered more of their lipstick and know that I will love that too!  It’s highly pigmented, smooth and creamy, long lasting….can’t ask for more than that!

Big Girl Cosmetics Diva Gloss – I love these because they don’t need chap stick or something under them because they are made with vitamins A and E for moisture.  They also don’t give that nasty looking gloopy string between the lips while talking, HATE that!  My favorite color is the Bling Diva, Diva’s Peach is fun too.  All of the colors can be sheer with a touch of color or build up for more color.  Good for everyday type looks to school or the office.


Naturally Victoria’s Secret body polish – I love the smell of this product and it leaves my skin silky smooth and soft!  When I wash my hair, while I’m letting the conditioner soak in, I’ll do a body polish and the results are fabulous.

Sabon Body Oil in “Musk” – I love to spray an oil on after a hot shower, letting it sink into my skin and making it touchably lush.  Well this is the oil for the job!  It has a sexy warm scent, feels good, smells good, win win win!  The bottles look like they belong on Marilyn Monroe’s vanity or something, so chic!

Musk Body Oil

Big Girl Cosmetics Ginger Almond Body Butter – If you can’t tell, I like reallllly silky skin!  This body butter is my favorite because it smooths on easily, leaves me smelling DELICIOUS, and has everyone rubbing on my arms, lol.  If you don’t mind being accosted by all of your friends, then I’d suggest slathering this on, especially since fall is coming and the skin tends to be dryer in colder months.

There ya have it folks, some of my faaaavorite beauty items!!  What are some of yours?


New “Be Featured” Opportunities

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I am now doing features/showcases on this blog to highlight other bloggers, entrepreneurs, beauty gurus, fashion mavens, etc.  What do you think about that, sound interesting?  I figure that it should be a fun way to get to know about people that you may otherwise not have known about.

So here’s how it shall go: email contact –

-Makeup, fashion, hair, beauty bloggers feel free to contact me if you’d like to be featured!  I’ll send back a questionnaire and information to go from there.

-Companies with products to have reviewed or featured on the blog need to email me for my contact details so that items can be sent.  Also, please forward along information about your company.

-I’m not leaving out the normal readers who don’t have a blog!  Have an awesome makeup look that you want to show off?  Great hair day that needs to be seen?  Fashion look that is oh so haute?  Hit me up with photos, what products were used, and maybe a tutorial of the cool look that you want to display!

So that’s that, feel free to email me at and I look forward to hearing from you!


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