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Curly Girl

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The 5 Stages of a Natural Hair Journey

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Today we welcome a guest blogger to Socialite Dreams; let’s give a warm hello to Raven of She came up with the idea of breaking down the 5 stages of a natural hair journey and I found it to be quite interesting, hope that you do as well.  I cracked up at how spot on it was, like wow are we all that predictable?? LOL.  What step are you on if also a natural babe?  I’m a Naturalista Geek.


Writer Babe Raven


The 5 Stages of a Natural Hair Journey
Naturalista Newbie
You either did a big chop or you’re just not straightening your hair anymore.  Right now, you may be at conflict with the “un-straightness” of your locks. You feel liberated and at once shackled. You feel like you don’t “know” yourself without straight hair. Looking at other curly coifed chicks, you wonder if God cursed you with untamable kinks that know no bounds when it shrinkage, dryness or definition is involved.
Verdict: At this point, you are a complete stranger to the stuff growing out of your scalp.

Naturalista Novice
You’ve discovered Terri LaFlesh, BGLH, Curly Nikki or one of the other many online natural hair care communities. You are learning Naturalista lingo and lore like the “Curly Girl Method” or what co-washing is. You are busy categorizing your hair as 3a or 4a. You are in pursuit of the almighty perfect curl (or twist out). Lurking YouTube or voraciously consuming various beauty blogs is a 6-hour pastime. You have about 2 sets of satin pillow cases and nighttime routines for your hair are a hilarious spectacle to behold.
Verdict: Product junkie-ism has just begun

Naturalista Geek
You’ve seen your hair at its best and at its worst.  Your product junkie-ism has reached its apex.  Now, you’ve become obsessed with learning about specific hair care ingredients, techniques and whatever else you can learn. You dream of going to a Miss Jessie’s or Devachan salon. When you discuss hair, you damn near sound like a chemist. People suspect you have a lab somewhere in your basement stocked with beaker tubes and shea butter tubs. You’ve got a few routine styles under your belt.
Verdict: Essentially, you and your hair are like old friends who have the occasional fight.

Naturalista Pro
You are dedicated to a routine and very rarely stray from it.  You’re still looking for “holy grail” products, but you keep up with a set of stylers and conditioners that haven’t let you down. You understand what stylers to use (and when).  You are well-versed in understanding product ingredients, certain hair care techniques and methods.  You’ve given up fighting your curls and let your hair just “be.” However, you know with some coaxing, it can behave. At this point, you’ve set some goals to achieve with your hair (like certain length, strength, porosity, etc.). People who have never seen you with straight hair say they “like your hair better that way.”
Verdict: Your hair has developed character which enhances your own style and image.

Naturalista Goddess
black model Jordan Richardson wearing a natural curly black hair style
You’ve reached whatever goals you’ve set for your hair (and its health). Now, it’s just about proper and consistent maintenance. Holy Grail products are old jokes to you. They’ve been replaced with a set rotation of products and techniques that you know work after months of experimentation and (re)searching. This comes along with a night routine that doesn’t take 20 years or have you looking like a nut case. You are no longer hung up on having your curls look a certain way since your curls will look different everyday of the week. You’ve mastered a variety of styles and are even less of a product junkie than ever. You may have even become an inspiration to other women who want to become Naturalistas.
Verdict: The almighty curl is the one growing out of your head.

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Corinne Bailey Rae Hair Inspiration

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The lush, full, bouncy, beautiful curls of Corinne Bailey Rae are calling my name!  Her mane is  thick, lovely, and a perfect example of big hair, don’t care gorgeousness 🙂

As many of you know, because I incessantly talk about it here and on twitter, I will be going to New York to see the true diva Miss Diana Ross in concert next month.  Can’t go see her in action without looking perfectly coiffed! This will be the perfect reason to do something that I’ve never done and get a full head sew-in so that I can have some big bouncy hair as well 🙂  In my opinion, Corinne’s hair is something of a modern, more defined version of Diana Ross’ signature big hair.

I’ve had sew-in hairstyles before, just never a FULL HEAD sew-in.  Generally some hair was left out when I was relaxed, which made it blend in with the added weave/extensions.  What I am wondering now is how will a full head sew in look, since I don’t plan on having my hair out?  Any of you ever had a full sew in?  What did you think of it? I’m also curious on what hair to buy to achieve that fluffy soft style, any suggestions?   And if you are in Chicago and know of anyone who’s awesome at doing the style, PLEASE let me know 🙂

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