8 Signs You Might Be a Product Junkie

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Hello my name is Vonnie and I am a product junkie *hello Vonnie!*.  There, I said it!  Nothing gets me more excited than dipping my fingers into a new product, caressing a new makeup compact, sniffing a yummy new lotion, puckering up for a new lipstick, or fluffing my hair with a new moisturizer.  Do you get that same rush, that same thrill of the purchase?  Shopaholic, product junkie, clotheshound, whatever you want to call it, have you been felled by the shopping bug?  Let’s find out:

8 Signs That You Might Be a Product Junkie

1. The employees at the mall know you by name, know your life story, know your favorite choices/brands, and are bringing out things they know you’ll like before you fully walk into the door.  Don’t go there for more than a week and suddenly they are asking, “Omg is everything okay?  Where have you been?  We were worried!”

2. You find yourself online shopping because you’ve received one of your bajillion email sales ads and end up buying $100 worth of stuff just so that you can get the free mini lip gloss or mascara with purchase or for the free shipping, even though you “planned to buy nothing, just going to look”.

3. You have more than 4 store specific credit cards (like a Victoria’s Secret Angel card) and all maintain a balance.  You’re a part of all your favorite stores VIP buyers clubs and somehow (SOMEHOW) always have a “You’ve spent $250 and so you get a $10 gift card” waiting for you in the mail every other month.

4. Whenever you are bored, you somehow find yourself on the Sephora.com website with items magically in your cart.  But you aren’t going to buy anything, they are just in your cart….just in case….just to remind you later….why does it say shipping confirmation?

5. You’ve ever not eaten, haven’t gone out, or otherwise put your life on hold so that you could save for a beauty or fashion product.  Or you’ve carelessly swiped your credit card without caring where the pay for the item would be coming from, you just NEED that new item in your life.

6. Every single time that you walk into the mall or a drugstore you leave with something beauty related.  Nail polish, mascara, hair product, you simply CAN’T walk into a store that sells any type of beauty product without purchasing something.  It’s a compulsion.

7. You have to hide new purchases from the ones that you live with.  Receipts? Burned in the fireplace, no evidence.  Hey, if there’s no proof of it happening, it didn’t happen right??  Right?? *tucks new conditioner into overflowing tray of other conditioners, hidden from view*

8. Shopping is your high.  It feels better than kissing, drinking (well, maybe not better than Sangria.  Seriously, who DOESN’T like sangria?), eating, partying, the warm cuddle of a cute puppy, better than everything!  Who needs drugs when you can get that russssh.

How did you measure up?  Are you a product junkie?  What other tell-tale signs of junkism can you think of?  See my favorite products

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13 Responses to “8 Signs You Might Be a Product Junkie”

  1. Alisha Says:

    LOL! I’m not a junkie, but it’s good to know the signs. And I love this blog. 🙂

  2. Eclechick Says:

    Too cute! I don’t think I have it that bad! But sometimes, I dream of clothes, shoes & bags!! 🙂

  3. Kristen Says:

    I am everything but 3 LOL. OMG I have 3 sites where stuff is just in my cart, and Ive been sent emails reminding me that I have stuff in my cart.

    • Socialite Dreams Says:

      lol, you have it so bad! I love that, haven’t set up to remind myself about things in my cart, thats hilarious. I just sometimes log into a site and have a surprise waiting like oh wait, i put this stuff in the cart?? may as well buy it! 😉

  4. Carmella Says:

    I’m just an all around shopping junkie! Make up shopping, clothes shopping, even food shopping.

  5. Arushi Khosla Says:

    I don’t know, I’ve always been more obsessed with shoes or clothes or bags than products. Hair products are another story but that’s because I’m obsessed with having tousled, just rolled out of bed hair!

  6. CultureChoc2010 Says:

    So true. I am a product junkie!

  7. lifejourneytobenatural Says:

    I can clearly say I am a product junkie from hair care to accessories some clothing. #2, 4, 5, and 7 has some of me in it. Surely I need a huge walk-in closet. LOL For me I LOVE a good deal. I am a bargain shopper. I try not to pout if I don’t have the $ to purchase. If it is on a clearance, I do pout a little. I know it will be gone!!

    Other ways you are product junkie:

    -If you go visit a friend, instead of sitting down and talking to her about her latest gossip, dating, and going out, you find yourself rambling through her closet, drawers, makeup, etc. (I’ve never done that, but I have looked to see what she is interested in).

    -You let the retail consultants talk you into trying on the makeup item and talk you into buying 2 additional items to use for everyday purposes. You had your mind to ONLY one item if you MUST, but leave with extra items.

    -Create a whole year wish list on hand in case your family or friends are thinking about buying you a gift. Instead of a few selected gifts, you have over a hundred at multiple locations.

    -Asking for a gift card to your favorite place to shop is a BIG ONE. You know if you have the $ you are going to use that card to its full advantage, and your own $ added.

    -Begging your spouse or significant other and/or family member to “loan” you some money and “lie” about what it’s for. LMAO

  8. kellee89 Says:

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