Sexy Kim Kardashian Smoky Eye

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Miss Kim K looks AMAZING here with her smoky eye, so I wanted to emulate her look.  Laura of So Far, So Chic has been telling me to do a smoky eye for a while because she thinks that the look would be great for my eye shape and something different than the bright colors that I generally do, so with inspiration like the above showing off a perfectly smoldering sexy look, how could I resist the challenge??

Makeup artist Kandee from youtube was gracious enough to go through a very easy to follow step by step tutorial of Kim’s exact steps to a divine smoky eye.

Products that I used to achieve the look:

Revlon PhotoReady foundation in 011 Cappucino -This disappears into my skin and feels really good!  My first time using it and I really wanted a good new liquid foundation.  It doesn’t show up as a silly ashy color in photos, feels super light, was easy to blend, and provides just enough coverage.  I have to give this product an A!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Dark as a finishing powder.

Nars blush in Taos

Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy face illuminator in Candlelit

-Revlon Colorstay Brow Enhancer in Blackened Brown/Taupe

-Too Faced Shadow Insurance

-Santee Color Intense Eyeshadow- This little palette was some super cheap $3 thing I bought at a beauty supply store because I liked the colors.  I figured with some primer on the colors might have a hope of showing up on me.  It actually worked out okay for doing this look, since I was layering on colors like in the video.  Used a metallic taupe color and a chocolate brown from the compact.

MAC Mulch Eyeshadow

-Smashbox Eyeshadow in Champagne

-Stila Onyx Kajal Liner

Diorshow Mascara in Black

-Victoria’s Secret Lipstick in Dusk

I followed Kandee’s easy steps for the pretty smoky eye for my Kim K. inspired look.  First I applied the Revlon foundation well with an Eco Tools foundation brush.  Then the blush and illuminator were applied followed by the eye makeup steps done in the video: champagne first in the corners, metallic taupe from palette, darker brown from palette, black eyeshadow by Mary Kay, Mulch by MAC, Stila liner, mascara then voila!  Great smoky eye.  I wanted mine softer than Kim did, but you can pile on a dark kajal liner to get a very similar effect to hers!  Have fun with it.

We went out for a night on the town, hitting up 2 clubs and 3 bars, garnering lots of attention at every single one.  My eyes were quite bewitching, apparently 😉

Do you like to rock smoky eyes?  What products do you generally use?

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21 Responses to “Sexy Kim Kardashian Smoky Eye”

  1. sharifa Says:

    Very cute! A Black eye liner is a must for my smokey eye. Or choco brown!

  2. LaNeshe Says:

    Your eyes came out cute! I like the smokey eye.

  3. Danielle Says:

    Love Kim!! Great look!

  4. farah jones Says:

    That looks so pretty on you! I might have to try that look..

  5. lifejourneytobenatural Says:

    You look flawless love! The smoky eye is certainly your signature look!! I too enjoy wearing the smoky eye but I tend to use Urban Decay, Zero, from my Shadow Box pallete or Tarte black shadow from my Dark-To-Night Eye Palette plus I have a Lorac smoky eye pallete that I used from as well. The Urban Decay and Tarte get used preferably these days. I really want a MAC liquid liner. If I don’t do a full over the eyelid with just black, I would do the area right above my eyelashes and below my bottom eyelashes which will still give boldness to your eyes.

    Looking at your smoky eye, it makes your brown eyes POP girl!! So I would use the look often. Plus it softens your face and give a glow. I like that your lip appears nude. Urban Decay has a lovely pallette, the NAKED. I bought a few weeks ago. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. So many natural shades to give you those sensuous eyes and we want for me to stop dead in their tracks at one eye glance at us. 😉

    I use the Eco Brushes as well from Target to apply the shadow. It’s so fun experimenting with eye looks. Smoky eye is my *upmost* favorite!!!

    • lifejourneytobenatural Says:

      I meant for “them” to stop dead in their tracks. 🙂 I wished they had an edited function key.

    • Socialite Dreams Says:

      Those eco brushes are the business and so cheap! They work really nicely 🙂

      thank you very much for the compliments, I will wear smoky eye looks more often because I think they do make the eyes pop while being very alluring. I love Urban Decay products, good choice there! I see that everyone loves the NAKED palette, but i so rarely do nude looks that I didn’t feel it’d be a good investment. Happy that you love it so much, I’ll have to give it a look in person. gotta love the “stop them in their tracks” type of looks 😉 get it girl!

      • lifejourneytobenatural Says:

        I am all about good brushes but the headliner brushes like MAC, Sephora’s line of brushes, are just way *too* expensive! So like you, I was happy to find and try these brushes out. They work a charm and quite affordable. Ladies out there, *hint hint*, you don’t have to run to higher line for quality. Save your money girl. 🙂

        You’re certainly welcome. I have been noticing latey that you’ve had some awesome posts. I’ve been too lazy to comment and work on my own hair blog. I had to check in and give my respect on your try of the smokey eyes. So gorgeous! I am all about finding good shades to bring out the color of the brown in my eyes as well. I find the smokey eye does it every time. Sometimes I will blend other tones like golds, yellows like Urban Decay Honey, to add an extra pop in it!

        Girl the Naked Palette is hitting by storm. I went for a good week or so to Sephoras locally and “all sold out” including the Ulta store. I ended up finding it at Macy’s. 😉 They just got shipment in that day. I love the naturals because I like the softness of the shades and makes you look gorgeous naturally. Don’t get me wrong I like bold shades too, but I like for my look to appear very natural. 😉 Yeah if you rarely do it, I would not buy it. It’s like $43 for this palette. But I am happy as a bunny. haha

        You keep rocking your style and looks girl, you will get em every time. 😉 Good work on your blog. Quite interesting topics on style, fashion, and MEN! 🙂 😉

  6. Nickie Frye Says:

    Oh man! The photos don’t show up for me. And I need some make up tips, badly! :-/

  7. Christelyn Karazin Says:

    I’ve got to start coming onto this site! I don’t usually wear make-up…thus the need…

    Anyhoo, any recommendations on mascara? They guy who did my photos just a fancy mascara that makes your eyelashes look longer. Any recommendations?

    • Socialite Dreams Says:

      Yes, come by lots 😉 Always glad to have you around.

      A mascara that really makes your eyelashes dark and sexy would be Diorshow, this inky mascara will have you looking smouldering. One that is great for length would be one that has a primer with fibers such as Maybelline XXL. I love the covergirl lash blast as well for separated lashes that pop beautifully!

  8. Socialite Dreams Says:


    Lol, this wednesday’s hump day hotties eye candy will be SMOKING HOT, I want to post it NOW lol! Glad that you like the new feature 😉 You’ll love this post, yowza.

    You are seriously making me blush, I’m very very very glad that you are enjoying the blog! It’s always great to get feedback, because while I can see that people read it by the hits, I don’t know if they are liking anything in particular or what have you, so thanks very much for coming out of lurk mode and leaving some feedback 🙂

    I was wondering where you disappeared to on your blog! Every time that I checked back it still had the same post on there and i wanted to see moooore 😛

    • lifejourneytobenatural Says:

      I cannot wait for you to unroll the red carpet to show us some more hot men!! Eye candy is a MUST. It’s fun to see you’re excited about this new feature. Do you have a good lineup already even after this Wednesday?

      Yes feedback is truly important because the idea and gift is to about sharing, communication, and being able to ask about anything to us on our blogs. It’s what makes writing and blogging so exciting. 😉 hehe Even if I lurk, I am thinking and will come back to you eventually. So be aware.

      Thank you for checking in on me. I am sorry to disappoint anyone who has been reading and watching my blogs. I should leave a short message if I will be away for a bit. For a good two months I went quiet because I had my hair straight. I was not sure if natural beauties wanted to hear my straight hair rants. haha I will include some fashion and makeup and other sort of thoughts if I do not have anything about hair to include. I love all these topics.

  9. Monique Says:

    Your makeup looks fabulous. Love it!

  10. FaceFab Says:

    Looks great girly!
    How did you find the texture of the santee? I too have seen these around, but was like…meh, lol.

    However I did purchase a couple of the super cheap amuse palettes. They are pretty pigmented, but quite dusty. =P
    Anywhoo, I want to see more of that animal goodness you’re rockin’! Is it a dress or a top-share please, lol!

  11. Pink Bronzed Makeup « Socialite Dreams Says:

    […] getting youtube inspiration for the Kim Kardashian look, I remembered to check out The Makeup Republic because she has such awesome makeup tutorials.  On […]

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