Hump Day Hotties – Wednesday Eyecandy

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A new feature that I’ll be doing is Hump Day Hotties every Wednesday 😉  Just a lil something to get us through the rest of the week.  Feel FREE to chime in with some of your favorite eye candy candidates so that I can show them off in future weekly installments.  ENJOY!

This week I’m showing off three of my favorite hunks from my television line up, 2 guys from Leverage on TNT and one from White Collar on USA.  Must See Tv INDEED!

Matt Bomer – Neal Caffrey “White Collar

He is just so smooth, with his sexy self.  On the show, he is an expert thief and forger who oozes class and coolness.  Always in a tailored suit, this man is the definition of “hubba hubba”.  YES PLEASE, I’ll take some of THAT.

Aldis Hodge – Alec Hardison on “Leverage

This yummy dude is the “geek” of the show, providing them with all of the intel and hacks to pull of their cons.  There’s something very sexy about a “nerd” who looks anything but!  He’s buff, he’s cool, sarcastic, and looks damn fine cleaned up in a suit playing like he had a British accent for a con-job!  Yowza, why weren’t all geeks like that?

Christian Kane – Eliot Spencer “Leverage

He’s the tough bad ass of the crew, beats up anyone who gets in their way during a con.  Buff, brooding, yummy!  Did I mention that he can sing?  Loves it!

Who do YOU think belongs on the Hump Day Hotties list?

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14 Responses to “Hump Day Hotties – Wednesday Eyecandy”

  1. glossicious Says:

    Matt Bomer – Neal Caffrey “White Collar“ is such a hottie

  2. LaNeshe Says:

    I LOOOVE the Leverage Men!

  3. Kamari Says:

    I heart Christian Kane! 🙂

  4. Melany Says:

    I’m sooooo glad you included the deliciousness that is Matt Bomer. I remember seeing him in a commercial for “White Collar” & just swooning.

    * I would love to see Daniel Sunjata from “Rescue Me” as an eyecandy candidate!*

  5. Jasmyn Says:

    Eggs (also known as Mehcad Brooks) from True Blood is a sexy one too! Also, Lance Gross and David Oliver. Chocolately yumminess!!

  6. Kristen Says:

    Oh that Christian Kane! I have Thinking of You on my iPod and listen to it daily.

    Aldis is a hottie too, nothing like brains and looks 🙂

  7. Black in The Baystate Says:

    ***sigh*** caffrey and i have history. at least in my head we do lol this man look sooo good i sin just thinking about him hahaha

  8. interracialblackwomen Says:

    The first humpin’ hottie is very sexy. 😉


  9. Danyell Says:

    Yes My Future Husband! Matt Bomer

  10. The Sceners Says:

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