Purple Kiss

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A couple of weeks ago I was going NUTS over the purple sexy lips in this photo:

So I went on a purple lipstick shopping spree like any good product junkie would for a violet pucker.

Make Up For Ever’s new line of lipstick called Rouge Artist Intense in color #14 (Pearly Dark Violet)

is a great color, but darker than I expected in real life.  I suppose that it’s like the color in the swatch they provided, but just isn’t the vibrant violet that I had in mind.  I consider it a deep blueberry.  Here are photos in natural light and then in artificial light.

To infuse some pizazz to it and not look TOTALLY goth, I added Black Radiance Illusions Lip Gloss in Posh Plum which is more of a prettttty violet that retails for $2.99!

I liked the color, but it still wasn’t particularly what I was looking for.  Since I had to go to Sephora anyway and return a Laura Geller phenomenal foundation that I absolutely HATED (gave me a terribly ashy look, blech!), I just returned the Dark Violet lipstick as well because it just wasn’t what I had in mind 😦   I liked the #15 Pearly Violet MUFE lipstick while there, but of COURSE they sold out of it so I had to walk away sad.

On the way home, because I wanted to find weave for my Corinne Bailey Rae look, I happened to stop at the beauty supply store and what did I see?  A GORGEOUS violet lipstick!  Since it was only $3.99, I figured what the hell, may as well try out the Milani brand and see if I could have the lips that have been haunting my dreams. I also purchased some random $.99 black lipstick just for the heck of it, I’ve never had a black lipstick.  With a haul for less than $6, can’t go wrong!

The Violet lipstick alone:

I was curious on how the lips would look with some black mixed into the violet, that way I could have a light violet look AND a dark one when the mood arises!

Well there you have it people, my purple lips saga!  So far, loving the Milani lipstick and the Black Radiance lip gloss.  Figures that the stuff for less than $10 total would be what I love!  Don’t get me wrong, Make Up For Ever still owns my heart when it comes to richly pigmented smooth lipsticks, but when a girl needs a fix, doesn’t hurt to check out a cheapie solution 😉


7 Responses to “Purple Kiss”

  1. Ranada Says:

    I was eager to see how it would look on brown skin and I love these! I’m going to have to try the combo at the end. That’s hot!

  2. Kristen Says:

    This color looks gorgeous on you!

  3. Ty Says:

    Not really feeling the purple too much! But you’re still fab!

  4. Black in The Baystate Says:

    wow, this is cool. i’ve yet to have the guts to be that riske with my make up. i’m still in my ‘earthly natural’ look. i’ve done pink lip gloss as the most edgy and have tried black eyeshadow as a smokey eyes look. but i havent been more adventurous than that.

  5. Danyell Says:

    Super Nice Purples For Fall! Now I Must Head Out And Get A Purple Lip Color!

  6. shyquietfaith Says:

    I don’t wear makeup because combination skin and lack of practice, but I think colorful makeup is so pretty. That purple Milani lipstick by itself is gorgeous!

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