Corinne Bailey Rae Hair Inspiration

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The lush, full, bouncy, beautiful curls of Corinne Bailey Rae are calling my name!  Her mane is  thick, lovely, and a perfect example of big hair, don’t care gorgeousness 🙂

As many of you know, because I incessantly talk about it here and on twitter, I will be going to New York to see the true diva Miss Diana Ross in concert next month.  Can’t go see her in action without looking perfectly coiffed! This will be the perfect reason to do something that I’ve never done and get a full head sew-in so that I can have some big bouncy hair as well 🙂  In my opinion, Corinne’s hair is something of a modern, more defined version of Diana Ross’ signature big hair.

I’ve had sew-in hairstyles before, just never a FULL HEAD sew-in.  Generally some hair was left out when I was relaxed, which made it blend in with the added weave/extensions.  What I am wondering now is how will a full head sew in look, since I don’t plan on having my hair out?  Any of you ever had a full sew in?  What did you think of it? I’m also curious on what hair to buy to achieve that fluffy soft style, any suggestions?   And if you are in Chicago and know of anyone who’s awesome at doing the style, PLEASE let me know 🙂

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14 Responses to “Corinne Bailey Rae Hair Inspiration”

  1. Danyell Says:



  2. TrendySocialite Says:

    That looks like a bantu knot out. I’m sure there is some hair that is similar in texture and curl. If not, you would get a curly or wavy hair and do a bantu knot out on it. Good luck!!!! I’m sure it will look great on you.

  3. Kristen Says:

    OMG Corinne’s hair!!! Its gorgeous!

  4. The SistahChick Says:

    Hi There, I style my daughters hair like that all the time (mostly in winter months). We do a flat twist on dry hair. Check It out!

    The SistahChick

  5. Arushi Khosla Says:

    Corinne is just stunning!

  6. Betty Chambers Says:

    Blow dry the hair, or flat iron it a bit after a deep condition wash. Then separate into medium sized two strand twists, or use flexirods, add a holding gel – like Aloe Vera and some oil. The two strands twist would need rollers, with wax paper, at the ends. Separate so that the parts don’t show.

    That should work.

  7. Purple Kiss « Socialite Dreams Says:

    […] the way home, because I wanted to find weave for my Corinne Bailey Rae look, I happened to stop at the beauty supply store and what did I see?  A GORGEOUS violet lipstick! […]

  8. Scott Says:

    Wow, Corrine Bailey Rae is a beautiful woman. I’ve heard her music, of course, but I had no idea she looked like that.


  9. Kamari Says:

    Corrine’s hair is DIVINE!!!

  10. Kamari Says:

    P.S. You actually look like her, especially when you look at your pic next to hers at the top of the page! Same face!

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