Winter Proof Skin

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Sunday I decided to go to Sephora and browse around a bit with the intent to purchase some skincare goods. Even with my holy grail items such as the Big Girl Cosmetics Ginger Almond Body Butter, I am a product junkie through and through, always on a mission to add more to my stash. I hope that I never end up on that show hoarders with all of the beauty products I have! Wouldn’t that be a sight? “Woman found mummified in her home filled to the brink with Lancome, Kinky Curly, Nars, and Urban Decay (no pun intended, har har). Story at 9.”

With fall and then winter approaching, why not weather proof my skin?  First on the list was Carol’s Daughter Body Jelly.  After a long warm shower, I rubbed this on and mmph mmph mmph, I am loving the way that my skin feels!  I can tell that this body jelly will do wonders against flaky dry skin in the harsher cold months, so it is a worthy buy for those who suffer from that!  The ingredients are natural, such as Sweet Almond, Soy, and Jojoba Oils for smooth, glowing skin.

For the face, I was drawn to the Korres line of moisturizers.  I went in with the intention of getting the Yogurt Moisturizer and found myself drawn to the Thyme Honey Moisturizer instead because it said “real Thyme Honey acts as a hydro-regulating agent, ensuring optimal hydration levels all day” so that made sense for a cold weather approach!  I used it last night after washing my face with the African Black Soap and this stuff is AMAZING!!  With a tiny pea size, it covered my whole face, making it hydrated for 24 hours!  Smooth, soft, moisturized skin. I am in HEAVEN and can’t recommend that as a face cream enough 🙂

What’s your colder weather skincare routine?   Of course, it’s not winter YET (can’t believe it’s going to be fall soon) but a girl can never be too prepared!  Have to give our skin a fight chance, don’t you say?


6 Responses to “Winter Proof Skin”

  1. Farah Jones Says:

    During the winter I have really cracked and dry hands. I have used so many lotions and potions but I have found that nothing works better than good ol’ fashioned Shea Butter. It makes my hands smooth and soft. I would have to say that’s definitely one of my cold weather staples…

  2. InfoWeb360 Says:

    How do you feel about rose water for your skin? I only recently found out that you can mix up some with witch hazel and something else to help the skin. I haven’t tried it yet, but I was checking to see if anyone else had done somthing like that.

  3. Avital Says:

    I use the day and night face creams by Ahava, I do believe they sell their products at Sephora! Their day cream is the best out there in my opinion.. Also, I have found that putting a small amount of wheat-germ oil on your face at night makes your face look amazing in the morning (but I do suggest this only if you have dry skin like me!)

    Thank you for your lovely comment, I want to wish you an amazing trip to NYC! We are both so lucky to get to go 🙂


  4. Arushi Khosla Says:

    Korres for the fucking win.

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