Tried and True Beauty Finds

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Today I want to showcase the tried and true beauty items that I’ve found to work consistently and can therefore highly recommend!


Big Girl Cosmetics Dual Foundation in #45 – I’ve used this foundation all summer because it’s light enough to not make me sweat or feel bogged down like liquid foundation during these HIGH temperatures, yet provides good coverage for my dark spots/skin imperfections.  Generally I use it dry straight out of the compact, but you can wet an applicator and apply it like that for a more dewy look, hence why it’s a “dual” foundation.   It comes in a wide variety of shades so check them out.

Covergirl Lash Blast – I’ve tried a bajillion mascaras out, from Dior Show to Rimmel Bold Curves and many more in between, but I have settled on loving Lash Blast.  When I first started using it, I was underwhelmed, but I noticed the amazing lashes that my best friend had and she swore by Lash Blast.  I’ve figured out to just keep applying and the lashes will POP.  I love the brush, that was a selling point because I feel that it separates the lashes so that they don’t clump.

Make Up For Ever Lipstick – I can not sing the praises of their lipsticks enough!  The Blue Red 205 color is one of my favorites ever because it is a rich red that makes your teeth look whiter with the blue undertones (doesn’t look blue on, it’s just a more rich red than say an orange red).  I’ve just ordered more of their lipstick and know that I will love that too!  It’s highly pigmented, smooth and creamy, long lasting….can’t ask for more than that!

Big Girl Cosmetics Diva Gloss – I love these because they don’t need chap stick or something under them because they are made with vitamins A and E for moisture.  They also don’t give that nasty looking gloopy string between the lips while talking, HATE that!  My favorite color is the Bling Diva, Diva’s Peach is fun too.  All of the colors can be sheer with a touch of color or build up for more color.  Good for everyday type looks to school or the office.


Naturally Victoria’s Secret body polish – I love the smell of this product and it leaves my skin silky smooth and soft!  When I wash my hair, while I’m letting the conditioner soak in, I’ll do a body polish and the results are fabulous.

Sabon Body Oil in “Musk” – I love to spray an oil on after a hot shower, letting it sink into my skin and making it touchably lush.  Well this is the oil for the job!  It has a sexy warm scent, feels good, smells good, win win win!  The bottles look like they belong on Marilyn Monroe’s vanity or something, so chic!

Musk Body Oil

Big Girl Cosmetics Ginger Almond Body Butter – If you can’t tell, I like reallllly silky skin!  This body butter is my favorite because it smooths on easily, leaves me smelling DELICIOUS, and has everyone rubbing on my arms, lol.  If you don’t mind being accosted by all of your friends, then I’d suggest slathering this on, especially since fall is coming and the skin tends to be dryer in colder months.

There ya have it folks, some of my faaaavorite beauty items!!  What are some of yours?


16 Responses to “Tried and True Beauty Finds”

  1. Vida Starr Says:

    Yeah I like Lash Blast. I’m not even big on make up. I need to buy some more… thanks for reminding me lol.

  2. happybrowngirl Says:

    Oooo, i’m going to try some of your faves!

    Umm, let’s see! I LIVE for:

    Lipstick: Dior Addict Ultra-Shine 720!! They discontinued it here and so now I have to get it on Ebay…from Dubai, it seems, lol.

    Glosses: Aveda’s lip shines and Guerlain’s terra cotta lip gloss..or well, anyone who has a nice non-sticky shine

    Lotion: Nivea body

    Mascara: Cover Girl Lash Exact and/or Vincent Longo

    Perfume: Halloween by J. Del Pozo. We won’t talk about how I STILL have some Carol’s Daughter scents circa LATE 90S/EARLY 2000s, LOL

    Foundation: Bobbi Brown — which I RARELY wear, to be honest

  3. SkinALicious Says:

    I am such a fan of Sabon products. Musk is even my favorite scent in the oil and their other bath stuff. None of their stuff has let me down.

  4. Danyell Menifee Says:

    I Use The Lash Blast Too! Love It!

  5. FaceFab Says:

    Hi there!

    May I ask how familiar are you with the dual foundation shade selection?
    The swatch renderings leave things a bit ambiguous.
    Looking at them, I thought perhaps I may fall in the #45, but seeing that it fits you, I’m thinking perhaps #42 would be a better option for me.

    If it helps some, there’s a pic of me at my link.
    Thanks so much for sharing the news on this line & your help!

    • Socialite Dreams Says:

      Hi, how are you? Thanks for the comment and question. I’d say that you’d be a 42, because for some reason the colors seem different online. The only reason I knew to get 45 (because I thought I’d need a darker one too) was because I was color matched in person, otherwise I too would have ordered the wrong shade. So yes, seeing that you are a lighter than me, I’d suggest the 42, will be much more your tone in person. I hope it works out for you!

  6. FaceFab Says:

    oops I forgot to say the pic will be under the “about me” tab.

  7. noskinnywomen Says:

    Hey thanks for visiting and leaving the comment. I agree with you!

  8. MJ Says:

    I have never tried Big Girl Cosmetics. Where can I get it? I like the idea of the dual foundation! And I’m totally with you on the lash blast!

    My beauty favs are:
    Mary Kay tinted moisturizer (my summer staple!)
    Cover Girl Press Powder
    Avon Extra Lasting Lip Gloss (this stuff really does have staying power!)
    Too Faced Full Frontal Eyeshadow (great for day looks)
    Neutrogena Make up Remover/Cleanser (the fragrance is awesome!)

  9. FaceFab Says:

    Omg girly,

    Guess what…I put the order in my cart on Sun night & was in the process of checking out then got distracted so I went to do it yesterday morning (the item was still in the cart).
    Well, the site would never fwd to paypal & I was getting ready to use my cc, when I noticed that the $ went up $10 smacks overnight!
    I guess that’s why the cart didn’t fwd to PP.
    *le sigh*

    Hope you’re having a great one!

  10. Beauty Tips ~ Get The Most From Your Products | Says:

    […] Tried and True Beauty Finds « Socialite Dreams […]

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