Pounds Gone…Pants Too??

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As many of you know, I’ve been on a weight loss mission, trying to get down to a size 4 or 6, whatever looks right on my frame.  Well, so far about 20 lbs down since June 7th (go me!) and still working at many more being dropped.  BUT there’s an unfortunate side effect….what is that you ask?

MY CLOTHES ARE ALL FALLING OFF!!  What’s a girl to do when she’s trying to run to the train and must juggle a large laptop laden MJ tote bag, a handbag, in addition to now pulling up sagging pants?  I swear, any moment now I’ll have a visit from this guy:

Don’t get me wrong, clothes being too big is a great sign of accomplishment.  I could have WAY worse things to gripe about, right?  But it’s no fun to not be able to wear any of my CURRENT clothes and know that I can’t buy new pants because it wouldn’t make a lick of sense if I’m still losing weight, which would result in having to  then pull THOSE up in a couple of weeks as they make their descent to the ground.  Waste of money, and goodness knows times aren’t ripe for that.

Fear not, there is a solution for those with steadily slimming waistlines.  Leggings/jeggings, long tops, and dresses will be this girl’s best friend in the upcoming weeks.  Leggings mold to the body and will not try to embarrass me with a  pantsing in the middle of Michigan Avenue (can you IMAGINE the mortification?  Oprah would kick me out of Chicago for that one).  Flowy dresses can be comfortable and made more structural with the right belt.  A cute tunic or sweater dress over the leggings will prove to be a staple.  With those options, the fall wardrobe should be functional yet cute!

What are some of your fall must have items?    If you’ve gone through any significant weight loss, what were your transitioning clothing solutions?


13 Responses to “Pounds Gone…Pants Too??”

  1. farah jones Says:

    Congrats girlie! How exciting…I am right there with you on the weight loss journey and leggings and dresses are a good idea ;0)

  2. Queeny Says:

    Congrats on the weight loss!!!! Q

  3. Nicole Says:

    Congrats! What a great reason for our panrs to be on the ground!

  4. Monique Says:

    Congrats on the weight loss. I definitely think going with leggings and any stretchy material is good. Skirts, dresses, shorts with the elastic in the waist are good too.

  5. Kennedy Says:

    So excited for your recent weight loss. These are great ideas, even for ppl who find their waistbands tightening temporarily instead of loosening, lol. I gotta start working out like you.

  6. kim.momimpact Says:

    Great meeting you and congrats on getting fit! I had such a good time at #NotBlogHer Chicago and I’m so glad you joined in. Also, I had never seen that video clip, though I have seen many references to it!

  7. diamondlucia Says:

    Congrats!!! I’m in the same boat…..and I’m a big fan of leggings. Luv ’em.

  8. MJ Says:

    I so feel you!!! I’ve been losing weight over the past year and I’m soo inbetween sizes its not even funny!! That’s why elastic bands are my best friends right now!

    Great blog by the way! I’m glad I found it! 🙂

  9. Natural Nina Says:

    It always feels good to drop a few pounds. Thanks for the motivation! I still have a few pounds to drop from having my twins. I’m having breakfast, then it’s off to a good two hour workout!

  10. Fall Desires: The Must Have List « Socialite Dreams Says:

    […] have a cute military detail at the bottom of the legs that I can appreciate and as I said in my previous post, picking some pants that will stay ON will be a plus, so jeggings and leggings are total […]

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