Bourgie Buys

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So in a previous post you guys commented and tweeted about your favorite low-cost yet effective drugstore finds.  This time around, with noses in the air, let’s get bourgie!  By that I mean, what are your snobby must have purchases, the designer skincare/makeup/hair products that you REFUSE to deviate to a lower cost item for?

For me, it’s perfumes.  I may have a body splash every now and again from Bath and Body Works, but best believe that the perfume game is on and proper 🙂  When I’m feeling happy and the sun is shining, I’ll break out with DKNY Red Delicious (smells of ripe sweet red apples, as you’d imagine by looking at it) or maybe Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue (clean fragrance with a touch of tartness). To exude quiet sophistication and femininity, I adore Prada Infusion d’Iris (a soft, light floral that begs to be worn on Park Avenue as a lady who lunches).   For pure sex appeal and feeling undeniably ravishing, I am a fiend for Dior Addict, truly addicted.  I was hipped to that scent by my girl JayBendy and have been hooked since first sniff.  Those are a couple of the many perfumes loitering my vanity.

So do tell, what are your snobby buys?  What MUST be designer, must be high end, MUST be top notch?  OR what are some high end items that you are just dying to have?  We’re waiting to hear, darling.



9 Responses to “Bourgie Buys”

  1. reeree Says:

    I’m with you on the perfume thing…I’m a michael kors fiend! Along w john varvatos, juicy couture and just about anything chanel.

    I think the only other thing I’m like that with are handbags….

  2. Embraceurcrazy Says:

    I must have all NARS makeup. I also love handbags. I feel you on the perfume though. The Prada perfume is luxury.

    • Socialite Dreams Says:

      Love love love nars makeup as well 😀 both you and reeree mention handbags, totally my thing too, moreso than shoes which every girl raves about. Give me a luxe handbag and I’m way more happy 🙂

  3. Piper Page Says:

    Ditto on the perfume. I don’t have a lot of them but what I buy has to be a real treat…and I don’t play around with skincare. I buy the best I can afford because we can have a million bags but a girl has only one face. 😉

    • Socialite Dreams Says:

      lol, great quote! “we can have a million bags but a girl has only one face. ” hear hear! do you have a clarisonic face brush? I find that’s such a treat for the face 🙂 NOTHING cleans away makeup as well as that thing

  4. mizChartreuse Says:

    Hmm. I guess I can’t say that I go all bourgie on any one specific thing.

    In regard to makeup, I am very loyal to my drugstore brands of Maybelline and L’Oreal, with the occassional Iman purchase here and there from my local Target.

    I’m a budgeted fashionista, so I find purses, shoes, accessories and clothes at ridiculous prices (partly because I really enjoy telling people that my fabulous dress cost me less than 9 bucks…) but I do understand splurging on a great fragrance. Body splashes only take you so far…

  5. delina Says:

    oeh love this perfume, so nice x

  6. Kennedy Says:

    I know Victoria’s Secret isn’t that expensive but dammit I whether wear buy anything from them, even if its not on sale over a quick buy from walmart. I was wearing the wrong color bra one day so I stopped in quickly to switcharoo, big mistake, it itched and the underwire was pokey. I just don’t remember when I became so bougie about underwear but that was the day I realized it, lol. Never again!!!

  7. OneChele Says:

    Perfume is a must. It’s a sensory memory that lingers when you’re gone. Vera Wang’s Truly Pink smells like fresh cut roses. The Body Shop has a Vitamin E facial mist that locks in your make-up for the day or if you’re not wearing any it just gives your face the fresh/hydrated look. I also used to be all Estee Lauder all the time but truthfully, Avon Mineral Makeup and Anew face products are just as good at half the price.

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