The Signature Piece

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There is beauty in being remembered for a certain quality, such as having a signature fragrance that entices the senses and instantly brings you to mind when someone smells the aroma.  A signature could also be something like always wearing a scarf as an accent piece to an outfit, a hair color choice that becomes synonymous with you (platinum blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe), a penchant for a certain color (always have something red on) a certain style of dress (chic pencil skirts a staple in your wardrobe), maybe some makeup look that you are known for.

My signature pieces have changed over the years but have included Gucci Envy Me as a signature fragrance for a while and at another point one big ring like my swarovski Chic ring.

The question is do you have a signature piece, something that instantly makes others think of you when they see it?  A signature fragrance, a signature style, etc….please share in the comments!  I’m curious as to what makes you feel special when you put it on 🙂

Marilyn Monroe and her signature blonde waves


12 Responses to “The Signature Piece”

  1. Onyx Rose Says:

    Very interesting post! Now that I think about it, I don’t really have a signature piece, but I do wear pearl earrings a lot. I like them because they go with just about anything and always look good on me. That’s the best example I could think of, lol.

  2. Kamari Says:

    Hmmm, what do you think my signature piece is?? I definitely feel like sexy short dresses are part of it 🙂 What about my hair always being parted down the middle? Ha!

  3. Farah Jones Says:

    I would have to say MAC Ruby Woo red lipstick is becoming my signature. I love it and wear it everytime I go out! cant go wrong with a red lip ;0)

  4. mizChartreuse Says:

    Mine is a flower in the hair. And if I don’t have a hair flower (which is RARE), I’ll be wearing a giant flower ring or a vintage/costume-looking flower-patterned necklace. FLOWER POWER.

  5. Meredithjamesfashion Says:

    My signature piece is a sterling silver bracelet with a dangling frog as well as 2 small pearl bracelets given to me by mother. I wear this combo almost everyday on my right wrist. The slight jingle that the bracelets make when I walk and work is noticeable but not annoying.

  6. limonali Says:

    People say my signature *thing* is my hair, wavy-curly & blond, as you know 🙂 Other than that I ALWAYS wear earrings (but not always the same). I guess I don’t really have a signature piece. Or maybe that would be my smile? 😛

    • Socialite Dreams Says:

      a great smile is a lovely thing to be known for 😀 and yup, the wavy curly blonde hair can be your signature, it’s what I associate you with as well my curly blondie boo

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