You Stay Classy, M.A.C. and Rodarte

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The beauty blogosphere is all abuzz with anger over the new collection that MAC cosmetics. has created with fashion line Rodarte, and for good reason.  Truly, they have both taken the fashion world’s love of shock value to absolutely tasteless low depths.

Rodarte created a fall line inspired by the “ethereal landscape” they witnessed on a roadtrip in Texas, wanting to give ode to the border town that is Ciudad Juarez.  Fine, you took a nice trip and found some inspiration; nothing bad about that, surely?  Except…Juarez is known as the Murder Capital of the World, a title pumped up by the fact that more than 5,000 women have been kidnapped, raped, and killed as they make their way to work at the factories for the right to earn the oh so posh wage of roughly $4 a week.  These “femicides”, to add insult to injury, are largely going unpunished and barely causing a bit of concern from the authorities and government.  NOW, on top of everything, a fashion line and a beauty powerhouse decide that the misery and anguish of these poor women would make a FABULOUSLY CHIC idea for a clothing line and coordinating lipstick….oh wait, fashion wasn’t your first thought when you just read those facts about the devastating lives those women lead?  DISGUSTING

“But wait, Socialite Dreams, maybe they are doing this to raise awareness!  The funds could help out the citizens there.”  Dear reader, if you thought that, then you are CLEARLY light years above Rodarte or M.A.C. when it comes to basic humanity and ethics.  Only now that there has been controversy sparked over the lines has there been ANY thought to give “a portion” of the proceeds towards the atrocious crimes being committed there.  That’s right, a portion.  Even Viva Glam has ALL of it’s proceeds given to AIDS research, but maybe that’s because it happens to affect rich white people as well.  Mexican women being tortured, raped, kidnapped, mutilated, murdered?  PFFT, that’d make a hauntingly romantic idea for a line of makeup with products such as “Sleepless” “Ghost Town” “Juarez” in tribute to the women drifting to work like sleepwalkers so that they can be raped and killed along the way to their $4 paycheck.  Would make me a bit sleepless too, I’d imagine.  Oh, did I mention that the actual makeup looks like it is streaked in blood? No? Forgot to mention that macabre fact?  My bad.

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you.  Someone (well a bunch of someones honestly) thought that’d be a good idea.  So we have a deadly-for-women city that inspired some other freaking clueless privileged women into creating a fall fashion line that then paired them up with a beauty powerhouse that caters to women that in turn decided to create a mockery of their suffering.  Honestly, if they would NOT have created a “Special Edition 9/11 collection” with gorgeous colors like “Bodies on Fire” red lipstick, “Smoke Inhalation” grey eyeshadow, etc then they shouldn’t make a line about the suffering of these women.  Oh, I’m sorry, they are just some Mexican women, not white citizens of America or Europe, clearly don’t count as PEOPLE with loved ones who miss them.  Nope, just an inspiration for some makeup colors!  They were oh so INSPIRED by what they saw, but not INSPIRED enough to help by actually making the collection in order to raise awareness and money for the women of Juarez…mmkay!  You stay classy, M.A.C. and Rodarte.

I can’t even….There’s so much wrong with this, I just can’t…..if you’d like more information, please check out these other blogs who laid out the facts much more eloquently than I can even begin to do:


12 Responses to “You Stay Classy, M.A.C. and Rodarte”

  1. Kamari Says:

    That makes me so sick. They have a perfect opportunity to bring awareness, raise funds and help change the lives of women in Ciudad Juárez, instead they capitalize on it the good old American way. It makes me sick.

  2. Narsha Says:

    I’m not even going to get angry. A makeup company I once trekked my teenage butt to N.Y. just to get a glimpse and a $14 lip gloss from has disappointed me. I will do some more reading about this but so far…this is bull shit. Are those Rodarte sisters dense? I get the image of two idiots with no sense of cultural sensitivity.

  3. catherine Says:

    hi good post im glad we are all getting involved in this, you can read my view here:

    and the response from mac here:


  4. Shia Says:

    Sometimes, I don’t even know why I get surprised at these sorts of things. Those companies are truly disgusting.

  5. Tamara Says:

    Preach. PREACH. But now I wonder, how long will it take for everyone who is outraged right now to forget about the women of Jaurez as well as this line? I suspect in a few months this will be forgotten and MAC and Rodarte won’t even remember the wounds from this PR nightmare for them.

    I bet people will still buy the next line from both brands.

  6. Nicole J. Butler Says:

    Wow. Very insensitive. Had they released these products along with a campaign to draw attention to the plight of the women in Juarez, and sent proceeds to assist in efforts to find the killers, then MAYBE they could get a pass. Maybe. Still, who wants to think of putting blood-streaked blush on when they’re trying to beautify? MAC is usually so much more conscious than this (with regard to AIDS research, anyway), but Estee Lauder owns it now, so maybe things are different.

    This is disgusting. How did it get past all of the “suits” and focus groups??

    • Socialite Dreams Says:

      That’s what I want to know, HOW did this get past a whole committee of people? This isn’t some basement operation with ONE person making a dickheaded decision. Totally inappropriate and they had NO initiative to donate and are only now doing so because of the noise that we made about it. A whole $100,000 to the cause….They make more than that at one store in a week. Eff them

  7. Kennedy Says:

    Whaaa while they’re at it they should make a lingerie line in candy colors inspired by child brides and a self-tanner inspired by Elisabeth Fritzl (the woman locked in her basement for decades by her father)… you know you want to have that golden tan, even in the dark. I know that personally I will no longer use their products. Jeez I really liked that foundation, but this is despicable and unforgivable.

  8. finance software Says:

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