And that’s MISS ROSS to You

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What comes to mind when I think of the amazing Diana Ross is Icon, Diva, sassy, beautiful, and the embodiment of the word GLAMOROUS.

This magnanimous woman has had a career that spans 5 decades and includes musical success, both with The Supremes and as a solo artist, along with a movie career that gave her memorable roles and an Oscar nomination.  I’ve always thought of her first when Motown and glamor come to mind, but it wasn’t until my boo Michael Jackson died (they’d been such close friends and I felt that I wanted to know more about her) that I actually started researching into her career and life, thus leading me to read her biography: Diana Ross by J. Randy Taraborrelli When I say Miss Ross has LIVED, that’d be an understatement!  I HIGHLY recommend the book, it showcases her drive and hunger for success, gives a poignant look into the woman.

Why am I even mentioning any of this?  BECAUSE I’M FREAKING EXCITED, that’s why! 😛  Guess who’s going to see the diva in action?  The superstar will be on her “More Today Than Yesterday: The Greatest Hits Tour” performing in select cities and I am so thrilled to be going to check her out on September 14th in New York.

Now the hunt is on for a totally fun, glamorous, chic outfit that will be worthy of even being in the same ZIP CODE as Miss Ross.  And let’s not forget the MAKEUP that will have to be on point 😀  I need your help, what are some of your favorite online shops (or Chicago boutiques for any fellow Chicagoans)  for sparkly glam apparel?  Give me some ideas!  *Smooches*

16 Responses to “And that’s MISS ROSS to You”

  1. African Women Says:

    Diana Ross is the ultimate diva!

    • jack Says:

      You should read: “Diana Ross: A Legend In Focus” by Sharon Davis and “Diana Ross: The American Dreamgirl” by Tom Adrahtas (I’ve actually met Tom and he signed my copy) a good friend of mine here in Dallas knows Tom.

  2. kurtsupreme Says:

    If you really want to read the TRUTH about Diane, read “The Supremes, A Saga of Motown Dreams, Success, and BETRAYA” by Mark Ribowsky. After reading that, you won’t be so high on the old girl from Detroit……….she wasn’t a very nice person!

    • Socialite Dreams Says:

      Frankly, nice girls are the ones that history forgets. I LIKE Diana because she’s a bossy cutthroat diva, the proof is in the pudding. She’s the superstar, the sweet mild-mannered ladies of Motown aren’t. Anne Boleyn, Cleopatra, etc were bad ass women who got things DONE, not running to be the sweetest person to ever exist. GET IT DIANA 🙂

    • missbirdsong Says:

      Kurt Supreme is at it again throwing mud on Ross for the past 40 years! Ross is a phenom. She cannot be the same person Kurt knows through gossip and rumors he heard via the Bluebelles and Mary and Cindy. Ignore him. Long live the Supremes and La Ross!

  3. ML Says:

    “kurtsupreme” has been trolling around the internet and on youtube leaving hate filled messages as fast as his fingers can type. Almost every comment I’ve seen his name on in the last 2 years ends up being blanked out by popular request. Anyone that would recommend any book by Mark Ribowsky needs to look in the mirror and question their taste.

  4. graham Says:

    miss ross the legend,icon,empress of pop,megastar supreme,the garbo of our time,she will live on for ever through her work,to all the haters get a life,yes shes tough and maybe even ruthless and i love her all the more for it,as for the ribowskey rubbish,is he mary wilson in drag,miss ross you are always supreme and i will love and defend you forevor,graham.

  5. ken greensmith Says:

    diana ross is and allways will be the best.the people who keep slagging her of were quite happy to reap the benifits. certain people would not be were they are today if not for diana.

  6. Live In Concert Says:

    Great post! Can’t wait to hear about the concert. Definately think “sparkle glam” is in order!

  7. Goal Oriented « Socialite Dreams's Weblog Says:

    […] — Socialite Dreams Now that I have a fabulous trip to NYC planned and tickets to the see the glorious Diana Ross (that’s MISS ROSS to you) the hunt is on for the perfect dress.  As I was browsing through site upon site of glam, sparkly, […]

  8. JD Says:

    I love your collage of choice Diana Ross images and your fine tribute in words!

    You are going to LOVE her performance – I saw her perform about five years ago in Sydney Australia and the audience wanted to give her dozens of standing ovations not out of respect but for her incredible performace. You lucky one – I know you are gonna have a ball!

    She is a strong woman – men in the industry can be ruthless with no tags attached to them….even white women who are difficult don’t get the same treatment – so go Diana you stand in the lineage of Billie Holiday, Lena Horne, Pearl Bailey and Josephine Baker – strong, dignified black women who were supremely confident, beautiful and talented and made the who whole take notice of them.

    • Socialite Dreams Says:

      bravo! thank you for commenting, love what you had to say 😀 they HAD to make the world stand up and take notice, otherwise would be shuffled out of the way for blondes. It’s incredible to think of the success that they had in a day where black was considered anything but beautiful and talented. Get it, ladies!

      They had to be aggressive while remaining feminine. Get earned the title diva/b*tch? sure sometimes, but the proof is in the pudding, they are superstars/icons.

  9. Bill Says:

    You will love her concert. Was in attendance in Detroit a few weeks ago and Diana was the best I have seen her in a long, long time! Don’t let those who slander Miss Ross ever sway your admiration for her. As time goes by, the world is beginning to see that she is not the “dark diva” that many have made her out to be. I believe that now more than ever, Diana Ross is being celebrated for what she has given the world over the last forty plus years! Good luck in finding the glam – and enjoy the concert in September!

    • Socialite Dreams Says:

      You all are making me SO excited with your wonderful rave reviews 😀 I’ve heard so many good things about the current tour, I am buzzing with excitement! Thank you for the comment

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