Meet the House of PlumRed

I’ve had the pleasure of being in communication with Michaella of the House of PlumRed, an online boutique that has stylish clothing at awesome prices which is oh so important for the budget fashionista who wants to look like she broke the bank without actually doing so.

Simply Ruffled

Michaella was lovely enough to send a crisp white ruffle-front blouse that adds a touch of posh secretary to my wardrobe.  The actual shirt is pictured above on a House of RedPlum model.  What I adore about this type of shirt is that it can be paired with skinny jeans, heels, a bag big enough to carry a small child, and bangles for an “I’m ENTIRELY too cool for the rest of you mere mortals” look, OR it could be worn with a sexy pencil skirt, red lips, winged tip eyeliner, shiny pumps, and a fierce clutch for va-va-va-voom sex appeal!

Lauren Conrad Ruffle Blouse Outfit

Oh so lucky readers, you too can own something totally cool from the House of PlumRed because we have teamed up to host a great giveaway!  HOWEVER that giveaway will start soon with all details in the next post, THIS post is an introduction to the company and the sweetly marvelous owner, Michaella.  Her customer service is TOP NOTCH because all orders are super speedy and she is amazingly personable and easy to get in contact with for any questions, suggestions, etc.  Let’s get to know her a bit, shall we?  Please enjoy the following interview:

– Tell us about the origins and idea for how the company came about:

I had been working in telecommunications after I had graduated from UC Santa Barbara.  Although the technology field really intrigued me, I had a secret passion for arts and fashion that never really went past my closet or backyard canvas.  As I spent more time being exposed to other entrepreneurs around me,  I think that is when I became compelled to write the business plan for the House of PlumRed.  My family is filled with business owners as well as very stylish fashionistas, and it only felt right to start an online boutique. I, myself, am a bargain shopper, so I knew I wanted to provide affordable fashion.  What I wanted to add was a personal touch and class to the clothing I sell.   Since then, we created the House of PlumRed which dresses the confident Plum-Red lipstick wearing fashionista…both feminine and bold. Who knew my shopping addiction could actually do more that take up space on my credit card!

-What’s your motto/philosophy?

As hard as it is to have a personal touch over the internet, that is what I like to bring to every customer.  Our customers are absolutely number 1 to our business, and our entire boutique is built of giving our followers the best quality and style under one site.  We carry very low quantities of every style to ensure CONSTANT change on our site.  All e-mails are responded to within minutes, and you can ask us about anything from prices to what you should be wearing for a Sunday night date to the park.

Our philosophy with our clothing collection really stands on the belief that confidence and fashion go hand in hand, and you shouldn’t have to break the bank to flaunt or grow your confidence. We want our customers to think FASHION first, without worrying about the price tag.

-What’s your favorite item that you have right now in the store?

Although this is an EXTREMELY hard question for me to answer 🙂 ….my favorite item in the store is this leather jacket!

Modern Sexy Zipper Jacket I think I have paired this with almost everything we have in the store.  I know its hot during the summer, but you best believe at night I love to pull this baby out :).

-Describe your style personally…classic? trendy? girly? fierce? etc..

Honestly, I don’t think I have a specific style that I wear everyday.  For me, it depends on my mood and the season really.  I love to be versatile and love expressing my feeling in the outfit I wear.  For example, one day I might feel relaxed and playful and wear a pair of classic buckle flats with high waisted pleated shorts and an off the shoulder top, and another day I might feel fierce and wear a full lace dress with booties.  🙂

-Do you have a signature piece that you are known for? perfume, article of clothing, piece of jewelry, etc

We have one dress that is currently in HOT demand…sold out but we are now taking orders for the batch that will arrive in a couple weeks. It is a one sleeve off the shoulder top.  It’s gorgeous, feminine, and completely versatile for the summer!

-What’s a bit of fashion advice you’d give?

My fashion advice to anyone would be wear what you feel.  As corny as it sounds, fashion really comes from within and you can’t be scared to express yourself!

-How important do you find makeup and accessories to be for an outfit?

Changing up or adding makeup or accessories I believe does more than completes the outfit.  Having a few pieces of jewelry to pick from and changing up your eye shadow can either dress your outfit down or dress it up.  That is the best thing about accessories!  A plain v-neck is the blank canvas, add a scarf with jeans for a picnic, or add some long heavy necklaces with a pencil skirt and you’ve got another chic look.

And there you have it!  Look out for the next post, which will be a giveaway/contest for something fun from the House of RedPlum!

7 Responses to “Meet the House of PlumRed”

  1. Tamara Says:

    Wow! I love the white top and the jacket. Super cute. I like the style– I am REALLY looking forward to this giveaway! *crosses fingers in advance*

    GO SD! doing big things!!

  2. karennicole Says:

    Really, really, liking the clothes! The Secretary blouse, the pink dress(!!) and the Zipper jacket (!!!) I must have! Great post, and good job on your blog, I love it!

  3. Ashleejay Says:

    I am in love with anything that can keep me stylish at affordable prices 🙂 I’m ubber excited for the giveaway! Socialite Dreams has become an important figure in my many fashion decisions! Ur a life saver!!!!!!!

  4. Kamari Says:

    I LOVE the leather jacket. Can that be the giveaway?? I love the clothes on the House of PlumRed site and really like that they carry very low quantities of every styles in order for their site to always be changing. Makes you feel like you own something special! 🙂

  5. House of PlumRed Giveaway! « Socialite Dreams's Weblog Says:

    […] sweater dress is that it can be dressed up or down, depending on the accessories and makeup, which House of Plum Red owner Michaella agrees with me on.  This will be a great addition to any lady’s wardrobe because fall is […]

  6. Rudy Arifin Says:

    Long Dresses Are Sexy Too
    There is a common belief that sexy, has a dress too short. A long, slim dress but can be just as much sex appeal as a shortcut, and add a refined sense of style. Long dresses are a great way for a colder night, or if you just want a little mystery to your look.
    Many women opt for short dresses, for her to show her legs. A dress does not mean your legs are hidden. In fact, the Sneak Peak of one leg replaced by a high slot even more alert and look even sexier than a dress, nothing is left to the imagination. A slot is a long gown end a bit different on the back of your legs and pull the eye upwards to see more.

    Showing your legs does not mean that a skin is visible at all! A long dress with a shiny, clinging fabric, wraps around the legs as you walk and silhouettes showing their shape and length in a different way. It is a little mystery and elegance and perfect for a sexy evening, where you want the sophistication while still looking sexy.
    The focus does not on its feet, and a dress the eye can prepare you details on how sexy neckline, arms and shoulders, sexy, creative, or abstracts that focus on the waist or hip. A long dress has to have more material to play and therefore more likely to look to creating a sexy and interesting accents.
    The effect is of a dress that you appear slimmer and higher, keeping the flow of material to saw something on his feet, which essentially can cut the leg in the middle and make it look shorter. With a solid line of weight, the leg all the way down and see your legs look longer. Make the outfit with a pair of sexy heels and your legs will look even better

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