African Black Soap

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Dear readers, I have discovered the magnificent powers of African Black Soap!  This wonderful product is often created in Ghana and contains plantain skins (rich in iron, vitamin A, vitamin E), palm oil, roasted cocoa pods, shea butter, and water.

Although called African BLACK soap, the authentic good stuff should be beige and brown with flecks of black in it, not actually a bar of black soap.  If you are using the bars of black African Black Soap, then you are using a commercially manufactured variety that is loaded with dyes.  I wouldn’t suggest that one, try switching to the truly made in Ghana authentic variety for the true effects to kick in.  This soap is said to aid in healing acne, oily skin, eczema, and psoriasis.  I have been using it for a week and a half and already my skin is 90% bump free.  Also gets rid of makeup on my face and suds up like no ones business.  Feel so fresh and so clean after!

I am loving it!  It comes in a large bar that I slice smaller sections of soap from and I purchased from Butters-n-Bars.  Amazingly good deal at $3.99 for a bar that will last for months since I cut off individual servings of it.  In addition to the bar of soap, I also purchased their body wash, which comes in a variety of fragrances such as mango peach (the one that I have), baby powder, white tea and ginger, honey almond, and more!  Seriously, check out their body washes as well.

My skin is known for being quite wonky, so anything that helps to eleviate any of its issues is GREAT by me!  I know that many of you have sensitive skin, so don’t hesitate to give it a go.  There are many places to purchase it, but I stand by the quality of the one that I received from Butters-n-Bars, so it is the company that I would recommend as it is the brand that I have actually tried 🙂  Here’s to healthy beautiful skin!

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8 Responses to “African Black Soap”

  1. Lady Kinnks Says:

    The commercial stuff truly has not worked for me — thanks for the links so I can actually buy the real stuff! ~Lady Kinnks

  2. Jasmin Says:

    I love African black soap. I’ve been using it since last Dec. and nothing works better. It definitely made my skin clearer and smoother.

  3. Jules Says:

    I like it too, but have you figured out what the gritty stuff is? I have just discovered the beauty of coconut oil ( organic, extra-virgin), you need to get on that if you are not already.. I use it for skin and hair.

    • Socialite Dreams Says:

      That’s so interesting, another friend mentioned it being gritty, but I cut mine into blocks and suds up, no grit for me. I wonder why you both were experiencing that :-/

      Oh yes, I love coconut oil for my skin after a shower! feels luxe and leaves you nice and soft, right?? Gives hair a good shine too. Thanks for stopping by Jules 🙂

  4. Winter Proof Skin « Socialite Dreams Says:

    […] that made sense for a cold weather approach!  I used it last night after washing my face with the African Black Soap and this stuff is AMAZING!!  With a tiny pea size, it covered my whole face, making it hydrated […]

  5. Roni Dorris Says:

    It is scented with both tea tree essential oil and litsea essential oil. This bar soap is great for oily, acne prone skin. It can be used as a face soap or as a body soap.

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