Summer Cornrows

The ultimate bane of my hair’s existence seems to be single strand knots.  These tiny “fairy knots” are when curly hair tangles on itself and creates almost impossibly small knots along the hair shaft.  For me, it’s partially because I have “hands in hair” syndrome, lol, where I can’t stop patting and playing in my soft curls.  So to overcome that, which leads to me popping off hair strands with the knots, I’ve decided to get cornrows for a while.  Cornrows are a protective style that hides the hair’s natural ends and therefore lets it grow without tangles.

While in the cornrows, I will be spritzing everyday with my aloe grow concoction to stimulate my scalp.   What are some of your favorite protective styles??

4 Responses to “Summer Cornrows”

  1. JenellyBean Says:


    I have Hand in Hair syndrome too!

    I currently don’t have a favorite protective style because I have a very small afro, but I wore mini twists this week, so there was no (very little) manipulation.

  2. budgetbourgeois Says:

    My personal go to is a good bantu knot-out. When done on damp hair, they’re extra curly and when done on straightened hair, they leave a nice wave. They also, in my opinion, look better with age.

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