Creamy Lips

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The hunt was on for a perfect creamy beige lipstick, after being inspired by my friend and fellow blogger at when she posted this photo:

I’d never been able to find a great color that would work on me because most seemed to just look ashy and being the twin of crackhead Tyrone Biggums was NOT a goal of mine.

Mac was my first stop because I’d seen many beautiful looking colors on their website for lipsticks that may be able to fit the bill.   Problem was, I couldn’t just go ordering any ole thing off of the website without trying it on, expecting to NOT have the same problem of ashy looking lips that I’d been previously having.  Why is it that things in person never look like they do in photos/online?  Colors that I’d written down the names of turned out to be the totally wrong choice once I was at the Mac counter, so it’s certainly a good thing that I tried it on first instead of blindly ordering and hoping!

After trying on no less than 15 lipsticks/cremes/lipglasses I came across a smooth and rich duo that fit my bill perfectly!  Welcome to my makeup family, Mac Fresh Brew and Viva Glam V lipglass!

Here’s photos with it on:

It’s rich and luscious on the lips, feels good because it’s a part of their lustre line. The lipglass has a good shine, which I can appreciate.  What I really love is that because it’s part of the Viva Glam line, then the full proceeds go to Aids research/support via the !!!  Giving back and getting glam, win win!

The rest of the makeup is my Big Girl Cosmetic’s dual foundation compact in #45 , Cover Girl Lash Blast for the mascara, Revlon brow enhancer for the eyebrows (loooooving this stuff!  it makes perfectly filled in, neat eyebrows a reality), and Jordana Easy liner in seagreen on the lower lash line.

Loving Beyonce’s makeup and nude lip here:

By the way, hair is getting big 😀  Check out the fierceness:

12 Responses to “Creamy Lips”

  1. Abbey Says:

    chicaaaa (: just stopping by to say hi! loved this entry. i’m always looking for good lip glosses as well…will have to give MAC a try! ttyllll

  2. Shukura Says:

    omgosh i always thought that was impossible for us lool

    xx imma go get it

  3. Shukura Says:

    yeah she has that on but it so doesnt look good on her in realife trsut me lol

    but i knew that it would good in a photo…what ever looks bad in a pic looks gr8 on camera lol thats how i work lol

    and thankyou im glad u like my editing thanku for the feedback

    iknow the “colourism” you cant escape it

    i swill try out the lipstick when i buy it and get back to you

    shukura xxx

  4. Lucy Dazilma Says:

    OMG! You’re gonna make me feed into my MAC lipstick obsession! I have the browner based nude color by MAC. It’s called Touch. My lips are way darker than yours so I felt I had to cover that up. But I’m definitely going to try these two at my next MAC visit! Presh!

    • Socialite Dreams Says:

      😀 get it Lucy! My top lip is darker than my bottom and this worked on evening them out. Have fun trying on things and i look forward to seeing a post or some pics about them

  5. karennicole Says:

    omgosh I have to try this. I’ve been looking for ways to wear a nude/creamy lip. The closest I’ve come is the Plum lipliner by MAC and lipglass in chai (a light mocha color) for a nice nude summer look. But im open to trying more things!

  6. Danyell Menifee Says:

    I Want Mac Fresh Brew NOW! Its Pretty!

  7. Slim Says:

    Thanks, been looking for this lip look!

  8. Designer Era Says:

    These lip locks are with different shades and matching with the dresses, nice choice girl !

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