Biotin Supplements

I’ve decided to start taking a biotin supplement in order to help my hair continue to thrive.  Any of you ladies take biotin and if so, what dosage?  The pills that I’ve acquired are 600 mcg, which I figured was a good number.  They had 1000mcg and 5000mcg, but that seems a bit high to start off, right?  When choosing new supplements, it is always good to start low and WORK up to a higher dosage than to start high and feel sick or have an adverse reaction.  They are Solgar Biotin tablets that I will take once daily and maybe double if I find that they work well and that I have no side effects.  Biotin is said to aid hair and nail growth, so the results should be quite interesting in the beauty realm of things.  Article on biotin found here. Please be sure to leave some comments about your experiences with the supplement!  I’m curious 🙂  Jenell of kinkycurlycoilyme has been raving about it and I’d heard good things before, so please share your experiences with it as well!

It is suggested that a good multivitamin also be consumed with the biotin and I’d run out of my multivitamin anyway, so I purchased Rainbow Light multivitamin/mineral daily pill with probiotics.  I’m bad with my nutrition, so having a good supplement for it is always a plus.  I know that it’s just that, a SUPPLEMENT aka addition to proper diet, but will work on improving my food diet.  This one is supposed to support digestive health, has nourishing hormone balancing herbs for women, and contains vegetable juice complex.  Sounds like win all around!

Washed the hair with Trader Joe’s Tingle Tree Shampoo for the second time tomorrow and must say that I find the tingly scalp feeling after the wash to be highly invigorating.  I’d allowed some lady to put a pomade on the side of my hair while at the Proud Lady Beauty and Hair show and it turned white and felt ENTIRELY too gummy, so I needed more than a cowash to insure that my hair would be clean and healthy.  This shampoo did the trick!  Felt clean and smelled deliciously of peppermint 🙂  I give the product an A and ingredients include rosemary, peppermint oil, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil for clean smelling yummy hair.  I could see this feeling DIVINE in the summer after a hot/humid day because it’s so cooling and tingly, like a minty mojito for the scalp 😀

To follow up the shampoo, I used a moisture replenishing combination of the new rich and thick Suave Almond and Shea conditioner.  For the low price of about $3, you get a HUGE 32oz bottle of creamy goodness.  It felt nourishing on its own, but i added olive oil while in the shower so that I could make sure to impart enough moisture into my hair since I washed with shampoo and didn’t just cowash.  The conditioner contains no ‘cones and has ingredients like Shea butter, jojoba oil, rosemary oil, and sweet almond oil.  Nom nom!  I’ll update when I do a cowash with it so that you know how it fairs on its own 🙂

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8 Responses to “Biotin Supplements”

  1. Moni Says:

    I haven’t tried biotin and probably never will because so many people say that it causes them to break out. I’ve been battling acne on and off for over a decade and finally have it under control thanks to my Clarisonic. I refuse to risk that just for hair growth, especially since I’ve already had tremendous growth in the 2 years that I’ve been natural. I’ve heard great things about biotin, other than the acne part, so I look forward to hearing your results!

  2. JenellyBean Says:

    I’m happy to hear that you are taking Biotin, you are just gonna love the results.

    Its great that you are taking a multivitamin with it as well and drink lots of water to add moisture to your hair.

    Moni, You are right that Biotin can cause breakouts, but after researching the supplement, I’ve found that it primarily happens when folks take more then 1000mg in a single pill.

    I’ve been taking 1000mg for 6 weeks and my hair has grown 2 inches and no breakouts directly related to Biotin. I always breakout around the time of my menstrual cycle, so that occured and it wasnt abnormal in any way.

    My cousin is also taking 1000mg of Biotin and she hasnt had any issues. I should add that my cousin has very very sensitive skin and usually breaks out in rashes, hives, pimples– you name it–when anything touches her skin!

  3. Can you take prenatal vitamins and Biotin at the same time? Says:

    […] Biotin Supplements « Socialite Dreams's Weblog […]

  4. Treen Says:

    I’ve been taking Biotin for quite some time now and experienced only positive results. I started with a lower dosage and worked my way up. I also take the Rainbow Light multivitamins.

  5. Zabeth Says:

    I’ve been taking Biotin supplements for the past 2 months and have been pretty happy with the results.

  6. Velouroyale Says:

    I just started taking Biotin about 3 weeks ago. I started with the 5,000 mcg dosage. I haven’t had any noticeable side effects yet.

    My hair is about shoulder blade length. I’m aiming for mid-back. My real reason for taking it, though, is that my nails won’t grow.

  7. Velouroyale Says:

    My update on the Biotin experience…I’ve been taking 5000 mcg of Biotin for a few months now and the only side effect I’ve experienced is rapid body hair growth, which kind of sucks. Other than that, I like it. My hair is growing fast. Also, for the first time in my life, my nails are strong and growing.

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