Peacock Imitation

Going out to dinner with my mom and decided to have a bit of fun with my makeup.  Why not, right?  I have it all here anyway, may as well play around just a tad 🙂

The arsenal today consisted of Diorshow mascara, Bourjois shadow in Marron Glace all over lids,  L’oreal HIP duo in Rioutous and in Showy with Stila Kajal Liner in onyx.   As you can tell by the colors and the title, I wanted a peacock vibe!  With no further ado, here are the photos of the look for today:

3 Responses to “Peacock Imitation”

  1. BeautyXchange Says:

    Very pretty! I should experiment more with shadows. I’m so simple when it comes to makeup.

  2. xtremelyperfect Says:

    i have both those loreal duos! will have to try this look! :o)

  3. Abbey! Says:

    Chica!! 😀 LURV the blog! Will defs be back to see what other awesome makeup advice you have 😀 See ya on Twitter 😉

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