Unintentionally on Trend

Lush red and playful coral lips seem to be the trend for this spring and wouldn’t you know it, those were the colors that I stocked up on without nary a glance at a runway, magazine, nor web trend alert page.  It tickled my fancy, because this isn’t the first time that it occurred, could I perhaps be a trend-psychic??  Le gasp 😉

zoe saldana

Check out this wonderful Mac Cosmetics video for steps on applying a perfect red lip:

My holy grail lipstick as of late is the wonderful Make Up For Ever brand, especially the blue red that I talked about here.  That color is so rich in person and definitely will draw hot male attention (okay, ugly males too, but let’s not focus on them).  I want to try out their full color glosses, because if the lipstick can be so divine, the gloss has to be cloud 9 to the ultimate power!

Rihanna's glowing complexion is on trend

Creamy, pigmented pouts are all the rage, with shimmering glowing complexions and fluttery long eyelashes.  To incorporate glow into your routine, Smashbox Artificial Light and Nars the Multiple could be used.

Both would add that certain je ne sais quoi quality to the wearer, making for longing glances of envy and compliments galore.  I use Victoria’s Secret shimmer powder, because honestly, who doesn’t want to look, smell, walk, wear a bikini like, live the life of a Victoria’s Secret Angel?  Marketing, you have snared yourself a willing victim!  I too want to be Adriana Lima hot.  Check out their shimmer-ful products by clicking the highlighted blue link.

For the aforementioned fluttery eyelashes, a healthy coating of Dior Show never hurt anyone.  Bold dark lashes full of volume and sex appeal, surely can’t go wrong there!  Adding a couple of falsies first also can help fellow stumpy eyelash club members such as myself.  Get those eyelash curlers out, girls, and make those eyes irresistible.

Beyonce Lashes

Well that’s the beauty forecast, have fun!  I know I will, with plenty of pics along the way 😉  Besos!


4 Responses to “Unintentionally on Trend”

  1. foolproofdiva Says:

    I LOVE to wear red and coral lips! I just tried this POW coral lip combo… MAC Viva Glam Cindy with the Cran Apple liner… not for the faint at heart! Great post!

  2. cammiecam Says:

    I have the Smashbox Artificial Light, it’s pretty nice. A little goes a long way, but gives you a really healthy glow, me likey! And you KNOW I’m still loving my DiorShow, I wear it every day…

  3. une autre naturelle Says:

    you make me want to get out of my element and actually wear makeup!

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